Weekly Q&A | Coffee for Fasting & Keto | Fat Burners | Vitamin D & Gut Health

Weekly Q&A | Coffee for Fasting & Keto | Fat Burners | Vitamin D & Gut Health

Weekly Q&A | Coffee for Fasting & Keto | Fat Burners | Vitamin D & Gut Health

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all right it’s that time of the week again where I mean I the answering your questions that you’ve been compiling on different videos throughout the course of the week if you’re new to my channel here’s what I do I’d go through last week’s videos and I take a look at all the comments and what myself and my team do is we filter through the comments to see which ones are really interesting and thought-provoking which ones would be good to answer in a public video so that’s where we are right now I’ve got your questions right here on my laptop and I’m going to go through them and answer them and give you a quick breakdown in the video at that you’re tuned into the Internet’s leading performance nutrition and fat loss channel there’s new videos every single Tuesday Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific time so make sure you’re keeping it locked in here but let’s go ahead and let’s dive right into the fun stuff so the first video I want to reference is the video that was called he’s vitamin C for the immune system a total lie I wanted to use a little bit of a provocative title because I wanted people to think like oh wait a minute haven’t been lied to you this whole time it’s vitamin C really bad Ottoman C is good for the immune system that’s the short answer with that video I recommend you go through and watch it because it’s really interesting and it’s a lot more you know deep than what people think as far as vitamin C it does a lot of interesting things and you really should go watch it so the first question comes from John Tyrone he says important video again Thanks can you take a vitamin C tablet while your intermittent fasting or do you take it after you break the fast take it after you break the fast vitamin C while you are fasting will actually nullify a lot of the positive effects of the fast antioxidants during a fast kill the stress response that is good for the fast in the first place I have a whole video on this coming out diana o says so wait it doesn’t matter how we take it should be incorporating foods with natural vitamin C more so for us newbies to keto I know you mentioned some of your videos that the ones the fat adapted for a long time can eat other foods to stay in ketosis but what about us they’re just starting this journey should I take the supplement version supplemental vitamin C is great totally go for it and you don’t have to be getting it from a diet but your veggies are gonna have plenty of vitamin C too so you should be just fine John Smith says every time you say vitamin C what are you talking about sorbic acid or the whole vitamin C as or B acid an isolated nutrient that is part of vitamin C but not the whole vitamin C very good point use like a so roll a cherry or ass a roll of fruit anything like that is going to be really powerful when it comes down to a whole food vitamin C alright then next video is why my bad phone habits make me eat more this was all about dopamine response and how are getting so addicted to our phones we’re constantly searching for a dopamine hit so what’s happening when we’re constantly looking at our phones and searching for that reward and that that just that factor that we get from our phones we’re creating a habit loop in our brains that’s making us want to eat too we want to satisfy that dopamine itch all the time or just becoming impulsive people so it’s I don’t know it’s interesting a different psychological twist mateo groot says what do you think of the food combination diet it’s separating protein and starches and vegetables is it better for digestion I don’t think there’s a lot of evidence to back that up I think our bodies have enough enzymes in it that they can break them all down at the same time I think you actually might do yourself a disservice because I’m sure there’s different enzymes in our body that work on both foo and Li says could this be helpful for someone who have trouble balking can’t consume enough food no appetite etc that’s an interesting way of looking at it like developing a habit to eat more by being on your phone more I have to lab I mean that’s a really interesting way of looking at I didn’t think about that it probably won’t work in that case I mean it might you might want to eat more but you’re gonna constantly be seeking like dopamine itches from things that are usually not the best things for you but you could be right I don’t know the next video was three at home smoothie recipes of fight inflammation only one of which was keto friendly I wanted to do this because I needed a video that went out and talked to other people outside of Aikido and fasting spectrum I got my start on YouTube talking about inflammation talking about my journey talking about my wife’s journey and I didn’t want to lose track of that so I wanted to be able to hit home with some anti-inflammatory things which actually yes have fructose in them they have fruit oh my gosh unsubscribe now Thomas talked about carbs oh my god okay but seriously it’s an interesting video that gives you some lower glycemic lower carb versions of smoothies that you can use so Kent Bernt says you avoid almond milk because of phytic acid yet you put in spinach which is full of oxalates I love when people challenge me phytic acid and oxalates are so two completely different things like that’s that just the phytic acid is all about digestion like phytates that’s about digestion and it’s anti-nutrients so you don’t absorb it oxalates are things that affect the overall breakdown of other minerals at like different points so basically deamination and all these other things so high oxalate foods like spinach aren’t always bad in fact to a degree a little bit of oxalate is actually a good thing because it’s allowing your body to overcome that you don’t want to be loading up on it and you don’t want to have spinach constantly but basically the worst that it can do is cause a little bit of stress in terms of basically the urine excretion causing the kidneys to work a little bit harder but you’d have to be consuming quite a bit of it so anyhow apples and oranges two completely different things oxalates yeah you should probably limit them a little bit but we’re talking a small amount of spinach here you’re having less spinach in this smoothie recipes and you an have it like a quarter of a normal bowl of salad Lu Milano says Thomas do you know of any foods or smoothies that actually cause inflammation for bedtime and if so can you share them please best regards lube Milano there’s a lot of foods that trigger inflammation honestly its weight I would say Dairy is probably one the worst things you would have before bed I’ll just leave it at that because there’s so many foods that are inflammatory I see says it’s really hard to find frozen beets what can beets work as its concentrated as frozen yeah it would work okay just make sure that you’re getting BPA free cans because the last thing you want is to have the beets soak up all the BPA so you just don’t want that frozen beets are great you just don’t use raw beets you want to roast them first cuz Rob beets obviously you would just probably break your blender okay and then El Principe Diez Allah says and pumpkin seeds don’t contain phytic acid so pumpkin seeds do still have phytic acid in them but not nearly as much as almonds almonds are known for high phytate content Leila Muhammad says at my place there’s no coconut cream can I place it with coconut oil you could but coconut cream is more about the creamy consistency coconut oil is an oil so I can almost guarantee you’ll be able to get regular coconut milk you can’t always find coconut cream but full fat coconut milk put it in the fridge for a little bit the fat will separate to the top and you’re good this next video is coffee is critical for fasting and keto this video was killer a lot of people love that it was talking about how coffee relates with keto how it relates with fasting how it plays a huge role in your success so make sure you check that out if you are doing keto or fasting and you like Phee marisa van eck says so given its coffee polyphenols to do this what about tea polyphenols yeah tea polyphenols are amazing two super powerful toffee stimulating not quite as powerful as the specific polyphenols and coffee but still rock-solid Jessie Gentry says our fat cells weaker than non fat cells if so then the fat cells through the keto protocol it makes sense well yeah Jessie I don’t know if they’re necessarily weaker fat cells are actually pretty hard to get rid of compared to some of the other cells so you have to go through a lot more hoops and barrels to get rid of fat cells and do other cells Lu Milano says serious question what about fasted cardio with coffee in a sauna on a stationary bike any unknown health benefits well that’s awesome if you have the ability to put a stationary bike in your sauna while drinking coffee I think that you win I think that you just win at life because that’s awesome like seriously if you are gonna go through the effort of putting a bike in a sauna and drink coffee while doing it you’re my hero that’s just super cool so and yeah you probably would get some awesome benefit heat shock proteins from the bike heat shock proteins from the sauna and polyphenols inducing on top of G from the coffee go for it gilina says is high blood glucose level dangerous after exercising while fasted no I mean it depends how high it is but of course high glucose is high glucose but you are gonna see it moderately high after a workout it’s just normal okay the next video was keto soup helping a good partner out the reason I put this video up was literally to help out kettle and fire who was running a Kickstarter campaign for their new keto soups basically it was like fall keto macros for a cold meal in a given soup and it was the first time I’ve ever done a video that was an outright plug like it wasn’t outright just being like hey go help these guys out on Kickstarter I was expecting a lot more negative backlash because I was transparent but I think people appreciate the transparency I have no issue with helping good partners out cattle and fire is an amazing sponsor this channel they make this videos possible so I had no problem just giving them a big shout out and a leg up by using my platform to promote a product that I truly do use so there were a couple of questions one in particular says nice so does this mean that it’s an electrolyte replenisher as well with a good source of sodium potassium and magnesium yes it is that’s what’s really awesome about it it’s got everything you would need in the next video was do fat burner supplements actually work it was talking about the breakdown of what is in most fat burners and if they really do work for you so if you’re questioning it go check that video out Joran says according to this it might be good to consume extra carnitine when you’re in Quito and doing a lot of workouts including hit yes because you only will utilize carnitine we were actually deficient in it and when you’re using it so if you’re working out a lot and you’re in Quito then yes it’ll be beneficial GVL one says if you don’t like coffee there’s a 200 milligram caffeine tablet work yes it does critter says some guys at my gym have already been taking about a car terrine supplement GW five oh one five one six is a fat burner that also helps preserve the lean muscle tissue what’s your take on that I’m not a big fan of it just yet it’s all too new honestly I’m anything like research cans stuff like that to use a lot of caution okay and also things that are designed to promote heavy igf-1 lr3 responses in the body those can be very dangerous if you’re not careful they can be dangerous because they can actually grow tumors if you already have an existing cancer cell so just be careful of stuff like that wait for a lot more research to come out okay the next one was I’m doing plant-based keto for two weeks want to join me holy moly I cannot believe people actually made videos about me saying that the grain industry was paying me off and the weed industry was paying me off that was beyond comical but I also get it when you have a large voice people are gonna say that kind of stuff so I was announcing that I’m doing a two-week vegan keto or plant-based keto challenge because I wanted to see if I could do it and I also wanted to prove that it can be done but of course there’s some questions that come up so here’s some answers ki delicious life says wouldn’t you need to go at least thirty days to really see what it does I’d imagine you could say that with any number I figure out two weeks all of a good idea Here I am at the time of recording this I’m five days in and I can get some pretty solid conclusive results I can tell you exactly how I feel I can tell you exactly what I think is going on in my body I can tell you where I have inflammation where I don’t and I can do some blood work after two weeks to get a good result but yeah 30 days would probably be a little bit more accurate 60 days would probably be even more accurate 90 days even more accurate so it’s all depends on how far you want to go right nub says guess that means no bone broth and that’s no collagen what are you taking for b12 and what about EPA and DHA EPA I’m not worried about b12 you know I’ve talked about in other videos I am one of the owners of pure thrive so I have a patent on a couple of different delivery mechanisms so one of our products is a liposomal micellar receptor cell meeting into psychosis driven b12 so I’m using that and then as far as DHA docosahexaenoic acid I’m using my curcumin gold so again company I own curcumin gold which is a combination of dhoka so hexanoic acid derived from algae and then curcumin and ginger oil all put in that my seller liposomal our CME driven patented forms so that’s how I’m using that Wilma’s warzone says hey Thomas I have a question I’m gonna try this vegan thing and there’s a vegan mayonnaise from an online store here in China they want to try its egg free and soy free which makes it vegan but the ingredients are however aquafaba sunflower oil and some spices coz this could approved as a keto mayo I’d have to look at the macros but I don’t see why not I mean honestly the sunflower oil should be good aquafaba should be good honestly I’m just using a lot of kite Hill products kite hills got a bunch of good stuff all right well that locks it down for today so thank you all very much for making sure that you’re always commenting I love to drive as much engagement on my videos as possible so never hesitate to post a question we do our best to reply or my team goes through the videos and replies be a text but we also try to get them into a video if there are good good questions so as always keep it locked in here and I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Weekly Q&A | Coffee for Fasting & Keto | Fat Burners | Vitamin D & Gut Health.
Weekly Q&A | Coffee for Fasting & Keto | Fat Burners | Vitamin D & Gut Health

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Weekly Q&A | Coffee for Fasting & Keto | Fat Burners | Vitamin D & Gut Health – Thomas DeLauer

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John Tirone

Important video again thanks.. can you take a vitamin c while you are intermittent fasting or do you take it after you break the fast? Thank you

Diana O

So wait, does it matter how we take it? Should we be incorporating foods with natural vitamin C? More so for us newbies to keto. I know u mention in some of ur videos that ones the body is fat adapted for a long time that u can eat other foods & still stay in ketosis. But what about us that are just starting this journey? Should I take the supplement version?

John Smith

Every time you say Vitamin C, what are you talking about? ascorbic acid only or the whole Vitamin C???? ascorbic acid is an isolated nutrient that is part of Vitamin C but it is not the whole Vitamin C. I want to take 1000 g a day but don’t know what to get. Got any suggestions?

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Mateo Groot

What do you think of the food combination diet? Is separating protein and starches/vegetables better for digestion? Thanks for all you do :)

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Thomas do you know of any foods or smoothies that actually cause inflamation for bedtime??? And if so can you share them please??? Best regards, lou milano


It’s really hard to find frozen beets, would canned beets work? Is it as concentrated as frozen? …..thanks for new smoothie ideas! 💪🖒

El principe Disla

And pumkin seeds dont contains phytic acid?

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So, given it’s coffee’s polyphenols that do this, what about tea polyphenols?

Jesse Gentry

Are the fat cell weaker than the non fat cells? If so then the fat cells, through Keto protocol makes since.

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Serious question thomas!!! What about fasted cardio with coffee in a sauna on a stationary bike!!! Any Unknown health benefits???


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Stone Ketone

Whoa! Put on the brakes! Does this insulin resistance from caffeine also interfere with muscle contraction-induced glucose uptake? I hope not. I am doing a TKD pre-workout of coffee + whey + dextrose (15mg) and I hope I am getting the best of both here. Resistance to putting glucose into adipose, and spared for muscle glycogen replenishment. What are your thoughts? I have been doing it for a short time, but I feel I am getting positive results.

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Nice!! So does this mean it’s an electrolyte replenisher as well? With a good source of sodium, potassium, magnesium?!

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Wouldn’t you need to go at least 30 days to really see what it does?


guess that means no bone broth and thus no collagen? and what are you taking for b12? and what about EPA and DHA?

Wilma’s Warzone

Hey Thomas. I have a question if I’m gonna try this vegan thaaaaang. There’s a vegan Mayonnaise from an online store here in China i want to try. It is egg free and soy free which makes it vegan, BUT, the ingredients are however Aquafaba, Sunflower oil and some spices. Does this get approved as a Keto Mayo?… :/ thanks in advance for the response…

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