We Bought Everything on the Chick-Fil-A Menu and Reviewed the Ingredients

We Bought Everything on the Chick-Fil-A Menu and Reviewed the Ingredients

We Bought Everything on the Chick-Fil-A Menu and Reviewed the Ingredients

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alright Thomas de Lauer and Bobbi parish from flame City first legged one check out his channel down below he does all kinds of like grocery haul things like that we’re at chick-fil-a and we’re gonna start investigating some of the keto options and the other options here we’re gonna order a few things then we’re gonna sit down the table and we’re gonna break them down and we’re gonna give you all the ingredient details we’re gonna give you all the things that you should do and do not do but because I do not hear probably it’s our first time here so I’m pretty excited because I hear the legends are real here yeah so many people have been asking for chick-fil-a breakdowns because I did that fast food video where I broke down so many didn’t eat at the fast food places and I touched on chick-fil-a and I said there’s a couple things you could get here but I want to break it down a little bit more and then we’re gonna do some investigation on the internet some PubMed stuff and really try to find the research so anyhow chick-fil-a breakdown healthy not just keto do’s and don’ts to earth let’s rock but I’ll see ya when I get in one of everything somebody do funny chick-fil-a chicken sue doesn’t deluxe let’s do a spicy chicken just an eight-count chick-fil-a Nuggets a four-count chicken strips go hit one superfood side salad grilled chicken sandwich grilled Nuggets do it the grilled chicken club as well let’s go ahead and do the grilled cool wrap as well let’s go ahead and just do a market salad yeah bill chicken yes we can’t Enterprise or anything you have sweet enterprise okay that’s it is that alright so we’re waiting for every one of everything on the menu while Bobby’s gonna look up a little bit of their ingredients I’m gonna go through some of these sauces also want to make sure that after you watch this video check out down below in the description something called the butcher box so what’s your box is a really interesting company so what they’ve done is they’ve made it so that you can get grass-fed grass-finished we deliver right to your doorstep cheaper than what you would get at the grocery store so you always want to go for grass-fed and grass finish because grass-finished means it’s gonna have a higher omega-3 profile and it means that the cows have always been on grass not just the last 30 days prior to going to market so anyway cheaper than the grocery store to get your grass-fed grass-finished plus you’re gonna save an additional amount by using my special link down below so go ahead and check them out and make sure you get their knowledge dropped first and watch this video let’s go okay sweet and spicy sriracha you’re idiot number one sugar modified corn starch red jalapeno mints okay oh wait you know what’s cool sugar is the first ingredient but things sugar is also a second another ingredient later on down the line I don’t know if there’s a typo or if it’s talking about so not only do we oak is that’s within the the proprietary chili sauce our spikes that’s in here but also soybean oil guys okay I think it’s easy to say right yeah I’m nervous here barbecue sauce a little bit better water tomato paste distilled vinegar sugar brown sugar corn syrup solids corn syrup pineapple juice concentrate anything concentrate like that be careful of 2% thanks man yeah driven back let’s finish up these sauces real quick first okay so that’s definitely not gonna work Polynesian sugar vegetable which is soybean and or canola oil okay one of the kids chick-fil-a sauce soybean oil number one ingredient that’s even worse than canola not only are we not getting the omega-3 is but we’re getting straight-up estrogenic stuff garden herb ranch soybean oil okay you know what okay so zesty buffalo we got distilled water vinegar sorry water aged cayenne pepper a little vegetable oil modified cuz so far this is the best one if you’re gonna keep a sauce no no I mean no surprise all these toxins basically the least amount at least oils that are here so this one’s good to go I’m not really good to go okay even their honey roasted barbecue first ingredient soybean oil I would have possibly kept it if it was vegetable oil but so I mean I don’t know if not happening honey mustard sugar water yellow mustard mustard Oh get a lot of weird things I can’t pronounce but there’s actually no oils in this so like if you weren’t doing keto I mean it’s still terrible but it’s like at least you’re not yeah okay so these are just not gonna fly so I’m just gonna go ahead and fit off to the side so this is the classic chicken sandwich right yes so what’s just before I look at the ingredients which I did already have my comb they’re scary we obviously know it’s a GMO foot chicken is probably a hen house chicken that never goes out of course of course it’s also a chicken breast that is pumped up with a sodium solution and it’s my favorite skill of course no we know it’s a high price right and it is Friday and it’s breaded and in it I know it is said right on the oh wow yeah my you’re brave okay so at least have it’s better than like if you go to so if you know McDonald’s and you take a bite you know how their chickens thick almost kind of nebulous looking it’s because it’s extruded okay the one thing I will say like chick-fil-a out of all the fast food places is pretty clean in terms of their chicken so normally if I go say go to a fast food place normally I will tell people hey get the beef instead of the chicken because it’s the lesser of the evils because at least the beef is it’s harder to mess up the beef chicken and they mass produce so much they go through an extrusion process where they mix it with ammonia and do all this stuff and basically it’s like 40% chicken beef you’re much likely to get much more likely to get me something higher-quality so chick-fil-a flips it on its head they don’t have beef items their chicken is better check it it is yeah it’s not something that we would cook with at home no that’s not better are the ingredients now your team’s gonna put this up on the screen for you guys look at the second ingredient that’s why my brain is excited okay so this is core so this is fun stuff so you ever notice like when you take some eat something that’s like from a fast-food place or a birthday all of a sudden you feel like wow I want to eat more of that it’s because it’s got monosodium glutamate in it a whole purpose of that is it lights the glutamate cycle of your brain up now what that does is that tells your body more more more MORE it’s it’s the anxiety-ridden just annoying part and you don’t want to do it it’s not that monosodium glutamate is unhealthy it it actually is quite harmless in the body but what it’s doing to your brain is just messed up and that has a long-term effect in terms of just you’re not gonna be able to sleep at night you’re gonna get you know you’re the opposite of what’s called the game um you know butyric acid scale so I hate when P used msg it’s like a lot of fast food places don’t so I’m kind of surprised that they greet and sometimes people give me flak or sing chemistry’s bad the manmade MSG is bed natural msg and roshan cheese and mushrooms of choice it’s a natural it’s really those are glutamates yeah yeah that exists using yellow number five polysorbate 80 and data just a horrible preservative so i mean the only good thing is now much has going for too much corn is that it has a decent quality chicken – it’s not extruder pressed besides that it’s really really griddle sodium aluminum literally getting medals in there it is tasty ice – my people love because it’s juicy and it’s breaded so yeah and so the breading obviously you’re gonna have to loot in there so even if you got it without the bun you’re still having gluten with anything / edit okay and also they’re gonna be cooking the bread in refined peanut oil in this case yeah so okay double whammy there okay so let’s get that one off the side was that that was the original chicken okay let’s go ahead much to do the deluxe with America it’s like that like I that cheese just like kind of thing jiggles when I open this thing like it’s like okay this is not even that’s surely I think I think we’re gonna be in the same category as last one huh the only difference is the cheese which is gonna be the process singles right big kudos though to chick-fil-a for actually in the stream angry yeah that has processed cheese product that we never want to eat otherwise it’s the same it would’ve been easier to do a video on what you can’t either would have been a lot cheaper yeah thanks for buying by the way I notice that and you know what’s funny is we got the same credit card like it looks the same so I like almost took it okay so I don’t know if you spend a lot of times yet do you want to take another bite I will try everything’s I am either trying everything else I want to see what the big hubbub is about we don’t have this trick on those of you that watch my channel regularly know that I was 280 pounds before and I lived in Texas and I ate a lot of chick-fil-a I was body by chick-fil-a so I know just about everything on the menu as far as taste so I appreciate you taking one for the team moving in today because I have spent years eating this stuff before so this is chicken strips okay I mean it’s gonna be the same stuff if you know the bread right yeah again breaded so no matter what like if you’re going low-carb this just needs to be out of the equation that breading is gonna add up and we have macros there I’ll check this one doesn’t have msg is a second ingredient that’s was really you think the MSG could be in the sauce it’s in the seasoning I there’s a seasoning coating on that sandwich that is almost like a spicy kind of like that would make sense or make sense so what’s interesting is people think okay I’m doing a low-carb diet I can have a little bit of this I can have a little bit of that breading right here’s what’s wild all it takes is a tiny tiny bit of that gluten to get into your system and trigger what’s called a TPO antibody so it triggers an antibody immune response so it’s called a TPO antibody which has thyroid peroxidase so what that does is it triggers antibodies that look similar to me antibodies that attack the thyroid and say like Hashimoto so this in effect believe it or not Bobby can mess up your thyroid so I’m just I just messed up my thyroid you’re done you’re done but I did it for the sake of you guys so Bobby oh oh what a risk man I will say this is cleaner way cleaner than the sandwich all three less ingredients doesn’t have that msg so if you want your chickens fix skip the sandwich and get the because it’s actually way cleaner yeah well weight cleaner that’s let’s take it a step further to something a little better so I think here we’ve got no that’s not the one I wanted they have do they not give them to us we’ve got put them back there’s grilled chicken olives we have grilled we ordered we ordered grilled chicken strips oh no we’re gonna get anybody in here oh is that them oh yeah these are the grilled chicken eyes so if you watch time yeah you know but seriously though this is if you watched my fast food video my Kido video this is what I listed okay this is what I’m listed as probably one of the only options that I would say is totally keto friendly it’s important to know that no matter who you are like this is not going to be a clean option okay nothing you get here is going to be clean and make you just proud of what you’re eating but the ingredients here okay actually not bad it is only skinless chicken breast water apple cider vinegar that’s the brian to make but still i mean they could have used a number at least we get the acetic acid there that it gets soybean soybean oil modified corn starch salt used actually it is cleaner so once again i say your best bed if you want the sandwich is the fried chicken strips no better way better option is that yeah it’s cool I’d actually I’m not gonna eat one I’m actually fasting again today so I’m it makes it really easy to do these videos those of you the watching my channel all the time know intermittent fasting is a big part of my life so since I’m fasting today it’s so easy for me to abstain sure yeah decent salty let’s put this in the good gotta gory yeah you have it on the menu that the fries are fried in canola oil GMO highly processed and refined everything else is cooked and refined peanut oil which is not GMO so high the process but it’s the lesser of two evils so interesting people like I asked the lady at the register I was like do you have sweet potato fries she said no normally people would go to a fast food place and they’re like wow I’m gonna get sweet potato fries instead of regular fries six in one hand half a dozen in the other to be completely honest because once you go through the frying process you’ve got glucose molecules that are bound together in starch right so you’ve got to start so if each one of my fingers is a glucose molecule right they’re bound together in a starch chain okay but what happens with anything when you heat it what happens to air when you heat it it expands right so what happens is you heat the starch and glucose molecules expand so you went from having a starch chain that your body when you digest has to break down individual glucose to something that disappears immediately so the second that you fry or bake a potato it’s high glycemic anyway whether it’s a sweet potato or a regular potato so you at that rate you might we’ll just go with what you like the taste of don’t go for sweet potatoes because they’re healthier yeah but they don’t have em here anyway so that I will say that I am a fan of the waffle and it’s really getting my brain excited yeah super interesting well I’m pretty sure that’s the glutamates but okay work out instead honestly so you still get that same kind of effect so these were I think these were just similar just with a different spice I think all these were were the strip’s in the nugget form those are the grilled Nuggets a 5 bucks 5 bucks for this come on like really spicy because that’s probably like I wouldn’t just on a shake I probably would’ve been like there’s a little not that I’m saying everyone wants to do this and could afford it but I mean really go across the street to Whole Foods and just get a precooked chicken restroom it’s gonna have express canola oil but it’s gonna be better net and you’re gonna spend five four dollars so yeah let’s see here just to double-check this one that yep kind of different huh ingredients well that’s gonna check address me unless you misty again you know what that msg is probably got it’s got to be in the reading it’s in the coding forget her for sure and then it’s almost as bad pretty much the same as the fried chicken sandwich without the bread yeah so it’s look she got done in one sec hold on wait over that next let’s go let’s go grilled tub with Colby club with Colby jack erasers interesting okay so bread goes without saying not good there bacon I’m sure we’re not gonna know much about their bacon for these because it has the bond has to make in the cheese products so yeah pretty scary stuff but it starts our because it’s grilled chicken it doesn’t up damaged she was there Brian but then it follows the same it’s the same exact ingredients as the grilled chicken nuggets I think you start adding the gluten right the bacons gonna be like like tucked in the cages never move GMO green yeah I mean this is insane okay it’s green it okay well a lot of this is the wheat though the bond yep say say moon in sulfur spring flower okay so with in so bun aside what about the Colby cheese Christine okay so Colby gene is pasteurized milk cheese cultures enzyme and I thought was fine Wow I’ve knock in his light he’ll treat real cheese hundred-percent much its where’s the other one that didn’t seem like no no no we’re gonna mighty smart so if I was I was kita I dunno so if i was i was kiddo i would be I’m not gonna manhandle this after you for you take a bite this is how I would eat it I would actually probably get rid of the bacon on yeah because bad bacon bad bad bacon it’s bad news it’s like one of the worse that you can so like you know meets you have different varieties red meats different readies but when you get down to the bacon land bacon low-quality bacon is really bad I treat to my dress I’d probably do this whole give one up for me okay so I leave that on for Bobby but this would be my meal but double that up yeah double that lettuce is all right so yeah okay now that I’ve gotten my you know thank you Wow guys there was an after flavor to that bacon that was atrocious I couldn’t swallow okay yeah that’s that’s enough okay so well keto friendly but not palette friend Lisa why do we have here okay same thing without the batter in the cheese yes yeah so I would knowing that they bake is terrible I would just get this double it up I would keep the lettuce and tomatoes on there I wonder if they’ll do it as a lettuce wrap here oh it doesn’t just make it messy right that’s tasty that’s not really salty not bad yet that’s a winner let’s move into the healthier options here so here we have like the Light & Fit kind of things that are like their lighter menu so we got some wraps we got the chickens our chicken salad we got just the market salad we didn’t get a Cobb salad because cobb salad is a Cobb salad we can talk about all the ingredients on top style an egg blue cheese yadda yadda so let’s go with one that looks healthier who looks the most a little bit lighter we’ve got our barbecue here so I would appoint one of the done if I wanted sauce on this I would have taken my children and grilled nuggets used a little buffalo ‘pn the sauce we didn’t try yeah hello you got open the most Thomas and Bob take that condescending tone of a man Bobby you’re holding off this is only time it like I’m gonna eat this you’re not short me all right go to town buddy all right so this is which sauces this is the spicy buffalo it there’s no oil all right no yeah there is soy beatable so let’s just see what it’s like this is gonna be a double dose of MSU yeah damn it’s like a buttery Frank’s hot mess off that is interesting Wow okay so I’m moving in so I’m looking at some of the roasted nut blends you just supposed to go on top of the salads and stuff yeah they they’re glazed and so glacier walnuts sugar canola oil so now the two most inflammatory things that you could follow everybody it’s been that way the whole roasted I thought this was purely anti-inflammatory roasted almonds glazed pecans yeah okay so here’s the ingredients for the salad it’s pretty big lists once again I’ll put this all in the screen so you guys don’t have to look on the phone you have a salad it should really be a handful of ingredients and the grilled chicken same thing with the apple cider vinegar and we have most of the stuff there has granola so toasted oats whole oats but not organic so they’re high in glyphosate oil so it’s yeah and all the dry all the dressings all the dressings I got here we got gardener branch I got that’s the apple cider vinaigrette we got avocado lime wedges I thought because it was apple cider that was gonna be cool yeah first ingredient all these soybeans then we got the honey mustard which is cleaner and lighter but it’s totally not keto friendly 19 grams of carbs in okay one serving so 20 grams of carbs just added right into that let’s just even wanna put that on there anyway I mean I just kept it I just wanted to know goes on a paste I was doing it tastes like it’s a little bit on my fork a little bite can actually I don’t like the shredded chicken cuz it’s more of that mystery meat if I was gonna order this I would order this with this chicken because I’m loose I know it’s a whole breast yeah I’d be inclined to think in this case it probably is just like little chunks of it well technically probably just do it all in one giant batch mm-hmm hitting the sweet salty sour it makes you cheese is delicious so here’s the thing so if you’re doing keto the thing that I will say what’s good about this you know normally salads are trap because you put the dressing on it you’re loaded with calories end up having more calories in this and you wouldn’t net but what’s interesting about this is keto believe it or not if you just ate around the apples you’d be okay you could have this amount of berries you can have that on keto people think the things that when you’re you know you can’t have any fruit at all like we’re talking like maybe 10 grams of carbs tops and as long as you’re allocating your calories properly this could be a decent evening meal to eat on keto and your carbs are allocated towards the evening time to help the tryptophan get in the brain so it’s all about getting those carbs a timed right so that the amino acid tryptophan doesn’t have to compete with other things to get into the brain so long story short tryptophan converts into serotonin which converts in the melatonin totally we’ve all taken the melatonin supplements sometime in your life basically this is gonna help you fall asleep so if you’re on the road yeah sometimes unavoidable now that being said on my channel we have tons of recipes if you want to learn how to make a healthier version of any of this we have recipes that it can learn how to make the perfect chicken breasts my video for how to cook chicken ranks number one on YouTube it’s three ways in the pan and the oven and poached you’ll never make a lamb or overcooked chicken breast again well how you doing on the road in a van down by the river so this is not okay now it looks like this is pretty much your sauce dress if you ever got the wraps this is a wrap there’s a wrap and it looks like it’s pretty much that salad wrapped up yeah I’m a pretty much until after breakfast to eat on itself well to be completely honest talking about value first and foremost like there’s like look at this it’s tricky oh that looks like chicken but nope that’s just more tortilla yeah how much chicken think that’s that’s the whole other issues there yeah so I mean that’s just value wise it’s not a great deal yeah but then of course I mean you’re pretty much all started yeah so once again you’re way better off buying a salad and then doubling the chicken yeah I mean skip the carbs because you know this is simple carbs it’s so I told you you don’t need that well then we go bang for the buck in terms of like what your we can see this Elif again but bang for the buck in terms of protein and fat that you’re gonna get at least on a ketogenic diet or low carb wise you’re getting your your again going best off with that with no bacon or this add Colby jack cheese yes because you’re gonna get nutrient bang for the buck that way yeah totally totally find this one here and I just got so quiet in you now we have to watch this this is cool it’s lights out it’s a slight sigh I think we don’t even bother with the rabbit now it’s it looks like it’s Colby cheese though it is call me it is a shredder coating or mixed mixed yeah it’s gets the same good it’s not so here’s ingredients wow that’s a broccolini broccolini so before we get to that art sorry I’m fascinated I just look at this so this is the ingredients for the potatoes it should just be potatoes and oil disodium daikon journal dyed hydrogen the hydrogen however fast oh my god to promote color retention an anti-foaming agents so this is really bad where if you go to like a place that looks like Shake Shack it’s just fries butter made of potatoes maybe Prime that’s it this has coated with terrible preserve there’s some of them never even heard of and I’ve gone to the grocery store and seen the crappiest of crap that’s crazy yeah that’s intense so just so the fries aren’t so hey you want a drink yeah I feel like I need to go he talks yeah lose like have you sitting us on a side salad was pretty exciting I’ve never seen broccolini in here let’s see this is a different side salad oh the yeah it was a super super salad yeah okay so I will tell you what’s in it I can tell you already okay it scale somewhat semi wilted kale broccoli nice Dell and then these look like cherries which I can write cherries maybe you better okay I want you to take a bite of this without the cherry first tell me about sweet because I’m still fasting so I can’t do it I’m the worst person to do yeah I doubt they could make this without the sauce we should have asked yeah because this seems like something like it’s this comes prepackaged well yeah Wow like I will save between the bathroom even about yeah hey I mean between broccolini and kale a lot of vitamins than there are a lot of fiber if it weren’t for that nasty dressing I think if you got two of those we think real chicken breast that could be the healthiest thing yeah exactly so we got Christmas cruciferous like hardcore so kale cruciferous we’ve got broccoli cruciferous so if you are a female dealing with a thyroid issue this could be really strong for you people think that goitrogenic foods are bad it doesn’t really have that effect on you for men and women both very anti estrogen properties here so men if you’re trying to balance out testosterone estrogen this would be a good yield to like plummet estrogen levels a little bit at least temporarily if the sugar wasn’t it so if you can get it without the sauce go for it if you’re not keto but still we probably be okay just have the sauce and deal with it yeah I’m it’s a high sugar sauce that’s way better than a nasty dress just over there and wait lower calories you’re totally so I would get two of those with some grilled chicken and you begin to get another Colby yep yeah I love this I think this is awesome that’s really cool I think we’ve got a really good film it’s like makeup of what’s here now for sure we didn’t get any of the smoothies because we know what’s gonna happen that’s not very where’s it go so actually somewhere like Shake Shack they don’t use indicate high fructose syrup is just keen sugar and they actually you know the sources of their dairy so it’s slightly better but here would be the same as McDonald’s it’s just a nasty sugar yeah exactly so cool well let’s let’s go ahead and give this to some hungry people absolutely no I’m glad that it’ll pollute of my body for the sake of Thomas’s channel and to keep him Aikido I took a little bit you guys are super awesome thank you for watching this collaboration I know something completely different than what we would normally do but hopefully we do we do more of these and my channel your channel different combinations of what happens in the body different things that you could normally cook healthier alternatives in this effort first you see that kind of stuff at Bobby’s channel appreciate you all watching please make sure you keep it locked in here on my channel new videos every single day see you soon

This Post Was All About We Bought Everything on the Chick-Fil-A Menu and Reviewed the Ingredients.
We Bought Everything on the Chick-Fil-A Menu and Reviewed the Ingredients

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We Bought Everything on the Chick-Fil-A Menu and Reviewed the Ingredients – Thomas DeLauer

We are going to order a few things, get a table, and breakdown everything.

Sweet and Spicy sriracha, ingredient number 1, sugar. None of these sauces are going to work. The honey mustard has no oil so, if you aren’t on a keto diet, it’s the healthiest option.

This chicken is obviously a GMO chicken. It’s probably a in house chicken, not let outside to roam. Also, its probably a chicken beast that is pumped up with sodium solution and probably bleached after it’s killed. We know it’s not a high quality chicken breast. And it’s fried.

You never notice when you eat something from a fast food place all of a sudden you feel like “wow! I want to eat more of that!”, It’s because it has modium sodium glutamate in it. The whole purpose of that is it lights the glutamate cycle of your brain up. Now, what that does it tells your body, more more more. It’s not that its unhealthy, it just has an affect of your brain where it affect your sleep etc.

5 bucks, is pricey for this. Go across the street to whole foods and you’ll spend less for better chicken. Bread already is a no go! Bacon, thats surprising. Wow, its real cheese! Thats not bad. Bad bacon, is really BAD. I’ll leave it on for Bobby. Keto friendly but not tasty.

The salad, if you ate around the apples, this is a pretty good keto meal. Not the best but kinda passable. Talk about value, that looks like chicken but thats the wrap. You are better off buying a salad and asking for double chicken. It looks like its kobe cheese, yup it is. It’s the same. it’s not going to be good.

This is the ingredients for the potatoes: Disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate, sea salt, canola oil.

For more, in depth knowledge, watch the video in its entirety – and, as always, keep in lock ed in here for future videos!

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