WALMART KETO GROCERY HAUL & Shopping List | January 2020 Ep.1

WALMART KETO GROCERY HAUL & Shopping List | January 2020 Ep.1

WALMART KETO GROCERY HAUL & Shopping List | January 2020 Ep.1

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hey what’s happening guys today I’m taking you through my most recent low-carb keto grocery haul from Walmart so I was there doing some shopping for recipes that I’m gonna be filming on the channel but while I was there I kind of have this idea that I should just make a grocery haul video out of everything that I’m getting here because I’m not only getting stuff for the recipes I’m just getting low-carb keto stuff in general so that is what I’m going to be sharing with you guys today let’s get right into the good stuff and go over this grocery haul number two on my keto shopping list from Walmart is the best cauliflower pizza crust in the game and that is the cauliflower foods cauliflower pizza crust most cauliflower pizza crusts are not actually keto or low-carb a bunch of these you think they work but they’re not this one truly is keto and truly low-carb each crust has just three net carbs and there’s only three ingredients in these crusts cauliflower mozzarella cheese and egg whites that is it now that said these pizza crusts are definitely not cheap the only downside of these is that there’s only two pizza crusts that come inside of the box and a box is gonna run you about nine dollars speaking of pizza the next thing I got was pizza sauce the Rao’s pizza sauce totally keto friendly if you’ve seen my videos lately you know I’m kind of obsessed with this stuff only two net carbs per serving there’s no sugar added to this stuff really delicious sauce the only downside it’s about four dollars for this small jar of beet sauce but in my opinion well worth it because it’s just so good so continuing with this theme of pizza I’m sure you can guess the next thing I got from Walmart shredded mozzarella cheese I didn’t get all this cheese for just pizza though I also got it because I’m going to be making more fat head dough bread soon and also because I’m working on a chicken parm casserole recipe and a key component to that recipe is shredded mozzarella cheese so for those reasons I had to buy a lifetime supply of shredded mozzarella cheese not pizza related but I also picked up 18 large eggs for recipes and also for omelets if we’re talking about omelets we got to talk about some salsa I had to pick up more the best salsa in the game and that is the chunky habanero hot sauce from Tostitos if you like to sweat a little bit when you eat something or you just want to kind of go and breathe fire while you’re eating something if you’re one of those kinds of people like I am you are gonna love this stuff it is so delicious and every serving just one that carb so very low in carbs as well so one of my favorite things to do with eggs is make egg fried rice with this rice cauliflower medley by Green Giant I love love love this stuff it’s so convenient there’s no sauce or seasonings added to this stuff it makes a fire just like straight fire egg fried rice add three eggs to this oh my god and some sesame oil it is so good and this bag is two dollars and fifty cents if you’ve ever tried to make cauliflower rice yourself before out of a whole head of cauliflower you know two dollars and fifty cents is well worth it for just the convenience and time-saving ness having these bags around your house while we’re talking about frozen vegetables the next thing I got or is a large bag of frozen peppers and onions these are great in stir fries and omelets as a side dish if you make steak at least I like to have these as a side if I make steak there’s only three net carbs per serving in this bag there’s no added seasonings or sugars or anything like that just straight-up peppers and onions so a very low carb also a lot of people don’t know this but peppers are jam packed with vitamin C so the next time you’ve got a cold if you want to keep things low carbon keto instead of reaching for an orange try to reach for more peppers eat more peppers and you might get over that cold a little quicker that said this is a huge bag of peppers and onions it’s almost a pound and a half and it’s only two dollars so it’s a really really great value as well the next thing I got and also something I think you should consider adding to your Walmart keto shopping list are the starkest selects wild-caught yellowfin tuna pouches in Yves Oh obviously super high quality you’ve got wild caught fish in a quality oil not in canola oil not in vegetable oil and this is a great grab and go anywhere any time kind of snack because you don’t have to have a can opener to eat this by the way this is the sun-dried tomato flavor I got this just for a little extra flavor in the pouch they have an original flavor which i think is zero carb this has just two carbs but there is zero sugar added no sugar added to the pouch it’s just coming from the sun-dried tomatoes themselves as far as the price goes on these pouches they’re a dollar fifty but I think that’s totally reasonable for something like I said so quality and so convenient okay so the next thing I got from Walmart was some unsweetened vanilla almond milk it’s a lot of you guys know I’m using this in a ton of my recipes but it’s winter right now I live in Buffalo it’s freezing outside and that means it’s officially hot cocoa season unsweetened vanilla almond milk is a main component to making keto hot cocoa at least my keto hot cocoa recipe so I was running low and I had to pick some this up by the way shameless plug if you want my keto hot chocolate recipe I’ll leave a link in the video description below to it speaking of hot chocolate and just chocolate in general the next thing I got from Walmart was a half pound bag of B Lilly’s no sugar added milk chocolate chips a lot of you guys know I’m absolutely obsessed with Lily’s chocolate chips specifically the semi-sweet ones if zero net carbs per serving and anytime I’m making pretty much something with chocolate I’m involving beast in the recipe in one way or another just because it amplifies the chocolate flavor and the deliciousness of whatever I’m making is just so good so I’ve never had the milk chocolate ones before obviously these are gonna be sweeter than the semi-sweet ones and these have two net carbs per serving where those semi-sweet ones like I said zero I want to see if these were really that much better for the two extra carbs than the semi-sweet ones worse so pick some of these up I could see myself adding these to my hot chocolate recipe just to intensify the chocolate flavor in the hot chocolate and I could suppose like doing a just snacking on these in general I’m sure they’re delicious but I will keep you guys posted on what I think about them so the next thing we’re talking about on this a low-carb keto Walmart grocery haul is cream cheese I bought four blocks of cream cheese from Walmart mostly for one recipe in particular I’m coming out with an updated version of my cookbook here in like a week or two and one of the new recipes in the book is a no-bake peanut butter cheesecake with a no-bake chocolate cookie crust I guess this is kind of a plug for the book but if you want to copy the book you can grab it in the video description below there’s a link to grab it down there and if you’ve got a copy of the book you’re gonna get the updates and the new recipes absolutely free it’s just going to be automatically sent to your email in about a week or two so just be on the lookout for that and that brings us to the next component to the peanut butter cheesecake and that is natural no sugar added peanut butter I how to pick up some of this because I was running low on peanut butter and I need this for the cheesecake also I think I bought the largest jar of peanut butter you could possibly buy there’s almost two pounds of peanut butter in here so I’ve got more than enough for the Cheesecake but that said the main thing you want to look for if you’re buying peanut butter and you’re doing a low-carb diet like the keto diet you want to make sure that there’s no sugar added to your peanut butter and the Smuckers is great there’s no sugar added to it and also there’s no crappy oils added to this either it’s literally just peanuts and a tiny tiny bit of salt that’s all that’s in here which is just absolutely awesome and I had to get something because I’m making that cheesecake so the next thing on my Walmart keto shopping list was 80/20 ground beef I’m currently working on a keto cheeseburger skillet recipe obviously if you’re making cheese burgers you need ground beef and that’s why I had to pick some of this up while we’re talking about meat I also picked up some chicken thighs I even saved myself a little bit of money because they were on reduced sale I think they need be used pretty soon but that’s fine by me because I’m working on a garlic butter eat chicken skillet recipe is really really good and instead of using chicken breasts I’m using chicken thighs there’s more fat there’s more and obviously a little bit better for the macros of the keto diet than chicken breasts are so picked up some of these as well so I almost forgot that I picked these up I picked up some swerve and obviously I sweetened up pretty much all of my recipes if you’ve seen any of my stuff before you know I’m pretty much using mostly confectioner’s word in every recipe I love it because it just dissolves so well and stuff and it’s easy to bake with but also because it truly has zero calories and also zero carbs where a lot of stevia’s and things like that are actually mostly sugar with a tiny bit of stevia something says dextrose or melt o dextran on it that means sugar and then typically followed by stevia so it’s mostly sugar and then a tiny bit of stevia you’ll see this in a lot of different sugar substitutes like Splenda for instance mostly sugar tiny bit of sucralose this stuff though there’s no dextrose no maltodextrin some people get confused though on the package it says three grams of carbs but you’ll also see it says 3 grams of erythritol and it really doesn’t have 3 grams of carbs this is just because the FDA makes companies list sugar alcohols as carbs even though those sugar alcohols may not have any carbs so you’ll see that it says zero calories at the top here and if something doesn’t have a calorie it cannot have a carb guys if this had carbs the calories would read 12 calories per serving because every gram of carbs has four calories so I hope that clears up some confusion you might have about this stuff and you think about using it the next time you want to sweeten something up in a low carb keto friendly way because I love this stuff I think it’s really really good the next thing we’re talking about on this Walmart keto grocery haul is condiments I was running low on some low carb keto condiments and I had to pick some more up the first of which is this Heinz no sugar added ketchup I absolutely adore this stuff one of my favorite ways to use it is to actually mix it with mayonnaise and use that as a salad dressing for a Big Mac salad I’m actually coming out with a beep for a Big Mac salad really really soon and I will show you just how I make the Big Mac sauce with this ketchup so delicious so good and only one net carb per serving I don’t know if I said that but if I didn’t yeah really low in carbs for ketchup and then the other condiment I was running low on with some G Hughes barbecue sauce if you never tried this before it is life-changing I swear it makes everything taste better he’s got a few different kinds of barbecue sauce but they’re all low-carb they’re all keto and each one a 30 gram serving only has 2 grams of carbs which is just like mind-blowing ly crazy when you taste this you’re like how does this only have two net carbs it tastes like regular barbecue sauce and if you know anything about barbecue sauces usually like 30 grams of barbecue sauce is 20 grams of carbs plus by the way a pro tip with this stuff is to add a little bit of water to it because it can be super thick and you can thin it out a little bit it’s still just as delicious and you can bring the carb count down to almost like 1 gram of carbs per 30 grams if you add a little water to the sauce so that is my low-carb keto khursheed haul from Walmart for this month anyways I hope you guys enjoyed the grocery haul I want to do these more on a monthly basis so once a month I’ll do a grocery haul from Walmart or do grocery haul from a lot of different stores but I think in 2020 we’re gonna be doing a lot more of these videos on the channel I hope you enjoy them I hope you’ll like them let me know in the comments below what you like to see in the coming year thank you guys so much for watching today I will see you in the next video 

This Post Was All About WALMART KETO GROCERY HAUL & Shopping List | January 2020 Ep.1.
WALMART KETO GROCERY HAUL & Shopping List | January 2020 Ep.1

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My most recent Walmart Keto Grocery Haul and Shopping List! This low carb haul features tons of great keto friendly foods you’ll find at Walmart, and I explain how/why I use each one.

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