Vitamin C is NO JOKE!

Vitamin C is NO JOKE!

Vitamin C is NO JOKE!

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here’s a fun fact goats get sick less than any other land mammal okay why on earth does this really matter well if you’re interested in mega dosing vitamin C then you need to be taking some advice from those funny little goats okay see goats are a mammal that can produce their own vitamin C a lot of mammals can humans are actually somewhat unique we cannot produce our own vitamin C which is why we need to take it okay goats produce 13,000 milligrams of vitamin C per day that is 50 times what a human is recommended to consume and goats are smaller than humans okay so what the heck now here’s what’s even more wild when a goat gets sick it has been found that they produce 10 to 100 times the amount of vitamin C they normally produce that means that they’re producing like a hundred and thirty thousand plus milligrams of vitamin C when they get sick or they are stressed out okay we don’t take anywhere near that in fact we just go along with our thousand milligrams a day of our cheap little vitamin C with rose hips and we do that every day and hope we don’t get sick and then we still get sick and we go what the heck I was taking my vitamin C come on we need to be taking more but I’m not a doctor so I can’t tell you to officially take more but I can load you up with research and you can just be fascinated by it and you can make your own decision and talk to your own doctor and your own family anyhow let’s move on before we dive into how this relates to humans because you’re not a goat please do hit the red subscribe button for scientific awesome education coming out daily okay and then hit that little bell icon to turn on notifications so you never ever miss a beat then after this video I’ve assembled some really cool groceries at the ride market they’re an online membership based grocery store and I have different categories of different groceries that I recommend from a health health and education standpoint so you can stock your pantry with the right things certainly how special discount special pricing on thrive market down below in the description we got to watch this video first you understand the things I’m talking about yes I do have some good high vitamin C food in there to check them out after in the video so let’s take a look at humans for a second okay so this thing called the transform Alliance for health that’s set up by dr. Vivian Lowe and she’s done some amazing research he’s probably one of the smartest people on the planet okay so she found that patients that would consume 3000 milligrams of vitamin C above their baseline each day would get some stomach discomfort they would get bloating they would have some kind of distress however she found again just like with the goats when humans were sick or stressed she could give patients more vitamin C and they wouldn’t have an issue in fact in one particular case 18,000 milligrams of vitamin C triggered no stomach upset why because it was actually getting utilized vitamin C isn’t something we need all the time it’s something that we need when we need and we don’t when we don’t okay so yes we should be potentially mega dosing vitamin C but let’s take it a little further let’s look at collagen for a second because everyone brushes off collagen is my hair skin and nails and unless I’m 60 years old I don’t care huh you should care because you’re all Tyrael wall is collagen too and guess what a vitamin C is critical critical for collagen production okay we’ll talk more about that when we get down to the heart disease section of this video that you do not want to miss okay now vitamin C increases the absorption and utilization of iron okay it increases non-heme iron beam down to heme iron so that means that we’re actually gonna utilize the iron and not just have it floating through the bloodstream potentially oxidizing because iron just like if you were to leave an iron dumbbell out in the parking lot in the rain it’s gonna rust iron will oxidize in your blood we want to utilize it we want to get taken out well it turns out the vitamin C increases the absorption 67% okay now where most people getting their vitamin C these days I’m gonna have my glass of orange juice along with my oatmeal this morning I’m getting my vitamin C I need to sound like a sarcastic prick by saying it like that but the point is is that that’s not going to help you a it’s not much vitamin C but B carbohydrates if you consume carbohydrates or glucose with your vitamin C there’s a good chance you probably won’t absorb your vitamin C when you look at mammals that produce their own vitamin C vitamin C is chemically derived from Glueck oops okay now we don’t make vitamin C I understand that but vitamin C and glucose still share the same transporter in our gut so what does that mean it means our body is going to take in the glucose instead of the vitamin C because they’re competing for the same receptor the same transporter okay so we consume carbohydrates you consume orange juice and vitamin C cool we got vitamin C but guess what it doesn’t even get utilized because glucose is taking priority oh man okay so what do we do well the simple point here is that we’re talking about and this video has much more so I’m not ending it here the point is is that when we’re sick or stressed which a lot of us are we do need a lot more vitamin C and we do need to be absorbing it but have you ever heard about the link between stress and heart disease and how oh maybe the heart attack was triggered by stress not just diet okay well here we go and it all comes back to again dr. Vivian Lowe who I have to give major credit to I’m not the scientist behind this I’m just translating it because I find it fascinating okay if you’ve ever gotten blood work done if you look on your lab tests there’s a funny little thing that says lipoprotein a for LP a and no one ever talks about it because everyone’s shaming you for your LDL or shaming you for this or that but they’re not focusing on there’s one little piece there that is quite important matter of fact if you were to ask your doctor and fun fact I’ve done this what LP a is they’re probably not going to even be able to tell you okay so what the heck is LP a LP a is ultimately an imposter in the body now it has its place but let’s talk about it in just a second here’s something interesting to remember animals that make their own vitamin C like the goats are significantly less prone to heart disease and mammals that cannot make their own vitamin C humans guinea pigs randomly they are much more prone to heart disease well there’s already a correlation there a correlation does not equal causation so let’s dive a little bit further what causes heart disease what is heart disease well it’s really when you have excessive clotting and arterial plaque that builds up it ultimately clogs your heart right okay so that is heart disease in a nutshell well when we look at some discoveries that were made at transform Alliance for health with dr. V Lo and also Dave Heldman who is a very well-known name in the metabolic health world we found that LPA lipoprotein a looks a lot like LDL like LDL cholesterol except it has a funny little tail on it so it floats around through the bloodstream except it cannot bind to an LDL receptor because it has a tail it’s like basically about trying to get into a dock but if that boat were to have some weird appendage off of it where it couldn’t dock well that’s kind of what lipoprotein a is but that’s not really the important part well we have to talk about is the clotting piece you see we really have to pay attention to is how lipoprotein a looks like something known as plasminogen now let’s talk clotting for just a second and I know you might be getting bored but trust me I’m gonna get back to why you should just mega dose vitamin C because this is earth-shattering stuff here okay so plasminogen clears up clotting so here’s what happens when you have a clot right okay you have an injury scab okay you have fibrin you have these things that form that basically cause a clot or a scab think of it like this there’s a big accident on the freeway a big nasty accident and they have to clear the accident so in order to clear the accident they need to form a clot okay they need to set up a barricade the police cars need to come and they need to block traffic so that they can actually deal with the accident and then once the accidents done plasminogen comes in and plasminogen says okay clear it up it’s like a tow truck clears everything away and allows traffic to run back through okay well we come back to LP a LP a looks like plasminogen but it’s not okay so plasminogen is there to clear up the freeway but we’ve got this weird LP a that looks like plasminogen but all it does is just add to the clot okay so it’s like a tow truck that comes in that says pretends to be a tow truck but has no capability of towing a vehicle whatsoever so all it does is just add more vehicles it doesn’t actually do any work it doesn’t help it just makes the mess bigger makes the clot worse see where we’re getting with this now where does vitamin C come into the equation vitamin C is absolutely absolutely critical for the collagen formation that is going to form the arterial wall to rebuild the highway so imagine this big accident on the freeway it destroyed the freeway and they had to clear it all up but we don’t have the vitamin C to build materials to fix the freeway so the clot builds and builds and builds and builds more and more and more and more and then lipoprotein a comes in and pretends to want to clear it up but it just adds more and you get a bigger clot so that lack of vitamin C actually made it so your clot is worse an artery cannot heal what holy cow it doesn’t just like continue to build more what will they call in more plasminogen to try to clear it but more plasminogen also looks like LPA right so we have more LPA coming in this lack of vitamin c when we are stressed this lack of vitamin C when we are sick doesn’t just affect you in the short term with your sickness it affects you long term with your heart disease and I will I’ll go I will go on record and say that what I see out of all this is that that link between stress and heart disease is more than just inflammation it has to do with how we don’t get enough vitamin C in this one more wild thing before I leave you with ok it turns out that there is a strong link because around the time historically in our evolution that we stopped making our own vitamin C is about the exact same time that we started producing LPA in our bodies so hmm eventually we evolved and we stopped producing this vitamin C and we started making LPA I don’t know about you but I’m gonna load up on vitamin C and I’m not your doctor and I can’t tell you how much to take but I can say that you should probably be your own experiment you should probably see what helps you not feel sick I can do more videos on mega dosing vitamin C and the benefits of cortisol and everything like that with it but you have to let me know down below in the comment section as always please do keep it locked in here my channel and I’ll see you in the next video 

This Post Was All About Vitamin C is NO JOKE!.
Vitamin C is NO JOKE!

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Vitamin C is NO JOKE! – Thomas DeLauer

We learn a lot from our fellow mammals. One mammal that I recently learned a cool fact about is GOATS! And no, not Greatest Of All Time G.O.A.T., but the actual animal. You see, goats get sick the least out of all other mammals on this PLANET!! Shocking, right? We need to look into why is this to truly understand how us humans should use vitamin C! Let’s dive in and I’ll see you in the COMMENTS!

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