Vitamin C and Fasting: Use Caution During Your Fast

Vitamin C and Fasting: Use Caution During Your Fast

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we’re going to talk about taking vitamin C during your fast should you take it during your fast or should you wait until afterwards and when and how should you take it it’s very very important because the question at hand is does the fact that it’s an antioxidant it’s the fact that it’s going to help your body out actually make the fast weaker we’re gonna dive into all this and a little bit more please make sure you hit that red subscribe button and then hit that Bell icon so you can turn on notifications and know whenever I go live or post a new video also big huge shout-out to fat snacks who right now and during these chaotic times is lending a helping hand as much as they possibly can by reducing prices and also just helping people out by having inventory so if you want to check out fat snacks I highly recommend you do they’re a low-carb ketogenic cookie but also just something that’s great to have your pantry stocked up with so big thank you for supporting this channel big thank you for extending all of your gratitude out to my fans and followers so if there’s a special link down below if you want to check them out alright let’s move into the science I want to talk mainly about a study that was published in rejuvenation research this study took a look at 24 participants ok over the course of 10 weeks it was a double crossover study and they wanted to find out if taking antioxidants during a fast would actually hinder the effects of the fast so what they had them do is do intermittent fasting for 3 weeks and then the next three weeks they have them do intermittent fasting while taking vitamin C and vitamin E during their fast now they did not want weight loss to be a factor here because as you can imagine the data would get skewed if subjects were getting healthier and losing a lot of weight so on the days that they did not fast they consumed 175 percent of their normal caloric intake a lot of food on the days they fasted they only consume 25% so at the end of the day they were consuming the same amount of calories they normally would wild wild results they found at the end of this study that when they fasted they had an increase of two point seven percent of something called cert 3 SAR T 3 now this is involved in a genetic pathway that stops free radical production when you have a two point seven percent increase in cert 3 you have a dramatic increase in your body’s ability to scavenge free radicals so basically they made it so the body was more efficient as scavenging free radicals and making the body healthier however when they took antioxidants in that group guess what it completely eradicated the cert 3 effect it completely eradicated the free radical production limiting effect so it killed the results of the fast it killed the antioxidant effect of the body holy moly what does that mean the takeaway here is that you should not be taking vitamin C even during this wild time during a fast take it after your fast if you’re accustomed to fasting you’re getting your body’s free radical scavenging ability stronger capitalize on that but still also capitalize on vitamin C so take your vitamin C or mega dose your vitamin C after you break your fast however do not do not do not take it with sugar or carbohydrates take your vitamin C without carbs because vitamin C competes for the same SVC T transporter that glucose does so if you take carbs in the vitamin C is not going to get absorbed as it rides the same bus and the vitamin C is going to take a back seat now there’s another piece we have to talk about here and that is antioxidants in general ok so the University of Cambridge was curious if antioxidants would affect autophagy within the body ok Altaf adji is the cellular recycling process and in theory it we would think that if we take in antioxidants it’s going to actually help the autopsy process totally wrong remember fasting is stressful if we have antioxidants in the equation the body doesn’t have a need to upregulate etapa G as much which is a huge benefit of fasting wouldn’t you rather have it biologically happen through autop adji then essentially artificially through an exhaustion as format of antioxidant totally now here’s the thing not all antioxidants reduce tautology some actually increased it but that’s a little bit complicated the other piece that we have to look at here is when subjects would fast along with antioxidant supplementation their insulin levels didn’t get as low we want our insulin levels low when we fast that’s how we activate all kinds of fat-burning activity that’s how we activate immune boosting Tiffany and all this stuff so what the heck when we took antioxidants in the overall insulin levels still stayed relatively high what that tells us potentially is that the insulin lowering effects of fasting could largely be determined by the amount of reactive oxygen species within the body so literally the stress of fasting and creating more reactive oxygen species for a temporary amount of time actually allows insulin to get lower that’s just something for you to noodle on okay that’s some interesting science the point is right now through this chaotic time and when you’re looking to bolster a lot of your body just over in their own natural defenses the vitamin C after you break your fast during your eating period without carbohydrates see you smart 

This Post Was All About Vitamin C and Fasting: Use Caution During Your Fast.
Vitamin C and Fasting: Use Caution During Your Fast

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Do NOT Take Vitamin C During a Fast – Thomas DeLauer

We’ve discussed at length how important Vitamin C is for us, but should you take it WHILE you are fasting? THIS IS IMPORTANT!!

Study – Rejuvenation Research

This study was designed as a 10-week double-crossover trial, consisting of two 3-week treatment periods – IF and IF with antioxidant supplementation (vitamin C & E)

During the first fasting period, participants ate a structured diet and during the second three week period, they ate that diet and also consumed Vitamin C and Vitamin E during the fasting window

Researchers wanted to focus on how fasting affected cells, and not weight loss, so participants ate 175% of their normal daily calorie intake on feasting days, and 25% of their normal daily intake on fasting days to prevent weight loss

Looked to see if taking antioxidants in the second fasting period would block the free radicals caused by the fasting, preventing the cells from becoming more resilient

In other words, they wanted to know if Vitamin C and E would shelter cells


Specifically, there was a 2.7% increase in SIRT3 expression due to the IF diet, but no change in expression of other genes or oxidative stress markers analyzed – when participants took daily oral supplements of Vitamin C and E, the benefits from fasting disappeared

In turns out that some level of ROS production is required for the normal regulation of autophagy as well

A team of researchers at the University of Cambridge explored the relationship between autophagy and the production or reactive oxidative species

They found that it is possible to induce autophagy without increasing toxic ROS, but SOME antioxidants do reduce autophagy

However, they looked at N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), cystamine (in the pipeline as a potential HD treatment), and glutathione

All three impaired the induction of autophagy by trehalose, as did vitamin E

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