Vitamin B1 Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin B1 Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin B1 Deficiency Symptoms

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hi guys dr. Burke here in this video I want to talk about an interesting vitamin b1 and it’s deficiencies this is very common and it’s quite interesting because it’s actually a helper factor or a helper vitamin in three main enzymes that have to do with carbohydrates now when someone switches over to a ketogenic diet the whole mechanism of burning fat in the mitochondria it needs a lot of b1 so you also need b1 in fat metabolism as well so here are the symptoms number one nervous energy like this buildup of nervous energy like you’re going to explode or you’re just very restless you can’t relax okay that’s number one number two edema or swelling in your calf when you have enough b1 you don’t accumulate fluid okay b1 also is connected to the heart as well numbness tingling in the hands or feet that relates to diabetes simply because b1 is involved in the production of myelin the surrounding covering of the nerves so when you don’t have b1 because you had too much sugar it strips off that you start having neurological problems okay number four increase heart rate now the calcium also keeps the heart in check but also be one does as well probably because the electrical connection to the heart number five restless legs now you’re trying to sleep in your pound your legs I had this problem for years I would literally get up in the middle of the night and pound my legs and go exercise to try to get this energy out because of this driving me nuts so what’s happening is you have this retention of lactic acid like after a workout you’re going to have less lactic acid and it’s going to actually keep the energy into the lower part of the legs that’s a b1 deficiency b1 helps release that lactic acid it can also improve recovery time after exercise next one seasickness or car sickness if you have that take more b1 that will help you nightmares if you have nightmares or vivid dreams or your kids have that Mears give them vitamin b1 that is the solution air hunger so let’s say your can’t get enough air now it could be that your pH is too acid or like an lactic acidosis or highlight to kasev or it could be that you’re just b1 deficient okay so another remedy for that so now what causes b1 deficiencies number one sugar okay hidden sugars refined grains in sugars like juice things like that alcohol will do it liver damage like cirrhosis or a fatty liver because you need the liver to metabolize a lot of these B vitamins stress will deplete b1 caffeine will do it that would be like in tea as well too much of it birth control pills anti acids okay so what is a solution number one cut the sugar out the grains the alcohol stress right cut down the caffeine and add nutritional yeast to the diet make sure that’s unfortified nutritional yeast because they put synthetic vitamins in there I don’t recommend taking synthetic vitamins unless you’re doing a detox but as a maintenance get the natural ones or concentrated nutritional yeast thanks for watching hey if you haven’t already subscribed press this little button down below okay thanks

This Post Was All About Vitamin B1 Deficiency Symptoms.
Vitamin B1 Deficiency Symptoms

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Dr. Berg talks about vitamin B1 deficiency symptoms. This could be nervous tension or anxiety to nightmares and even pins and needles in your hands and feet.


The cause of B1 deficiencies:
1. Sugar
2. Refined grains
3. Alcohol
4. Liver damage
5. Stress
6. Caffeine
7. Birth control
8. Anti-acids

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