Use Bile Salts for a Fatty Liver

Use Bile Salts for a Fatty Liver

Use Bile Salts for a Fatty Liver

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okay so today we’re going to talk about fatty liver and bile salts okay here’s the problem when you have a fatty liver you will not be able to make the amount of bile salts that your body really needs bile is needed to help break down fats and dispose of cholesterol okay so I’m talking about healthy things like extracting essential fatty acids omega-3 DHA fats for the brain you need bile to do that you need vile to break down fats in in to extract vitamin A vitamin E vitamin D vitamin k2 so without bile you can’t get those benefits bio also breaks down cholesterol to prevent stones okay so the less bowel you have the more concentrated the cholesterol and the more stones that your body can generate so with a fatty liver the capacity for the liver to work is a lot less and the liver cells are the cells that make bile so the couple of things that make a fatty liver the big one is alcohol but there’s also a type of fatty liver called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and 20% of the population has this condition there’s a way that you’d know you have it you can do an ultrasound but a much easier way is just to look down at your belly if you have a belly you have a fatty liver okay or if you have back fat you have a fatty liver even people that don’t have a gut also many times will have a fatty liver they called it skinny fat where they’re eating a lot of sugar and a lot of junk food and they’re just developing a fatty liver they’re more likely to get diabetes than a gut because just the way that their metabolism works but this condition usually comes from high amounts of insulin okay because insulin is causing the carbs to be converted into fat in the liver an especially fructose but you might say well I don’t consume fructose or fruit only sucrose while sucrose is half glucose and half fructose so you’re getting it that way or GABA nectar is like 90% fructose so it’s really really dead with this fatty liver situation also when you get a fatty liver that can actually cause insulin resistance and trigger your body to make more insulin just from having that so it’s kind of a insulin will cause the fatty liver and the Fen liver will cause higher amounts of insulin by developing a condition called insulin resistance so normally the liver will produce about 350 milligrams of bile every single day so the more concentrated your liver is with fat the less you’re going to produce the other problem is that a fatty liver will decrease thyroid function because you need the liver and you also need bile to help convert the inactive form of thyroid t4 to the active form which is t3 and without that function you can actually have a hypothyroid condition the other problem is that without enough bile you may have an overgrowth of bad bacteria because there’s a relationship between bile and your microbes you can even develop a condition called small intestinal bacterial overgrowth in which there’s too much bacteria growing up into the small intestines because one of the things that bile will do is it will kill the bad bacteria and keep the microbes in check so you can see that a fatty liver can greatly affect your body just by not producing the amount of bile salts that you really need hey guys so there’s a whole bunch of people that really need this information so press the share button and let’s get it way out there 

This Post Was All About Use Bile Salts for a Fatty Liver.
Use Bile Salts for a Fatty Liver

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about fatty liver and bile salts. Bile is needed to help breakdown fats and dispose of cholesterol to prevent stones. The less bile you have, the more concentrated the cholesterol and the more stones that the body could generate. When you have a fatty liver, you won’t be able to make the amount of bile salts that the body needs and the capacity for the liver to work would be a lot less. He also talks about NAFLD or the Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease which 20% of the population have this condition and it comes from high amounts of insulin.

Fatty Liver and NAFLD Signs:
• Bulging Belly
• Back Fat

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