Two Causes of Coronary Heart Disease (It’s NOT Saturated Fat)

Two Causes of Coronary Heart Disease (It’s NOT Saturated Fat)

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hi guys I’m back again I had another question that relates to the cause of coronary heart disease all right and just realize that all the information I’m sharing with you is just for you to get more information to do your own research I’m not telling you that we have the answers to cure any diseases anything like that just go ahead do your own research alright but the point is my opinion it comes from two situations the coronary artery is the main artery that supplies blood to the heart muscle okay and there’s two controlling factors over that one is adrenaline an adrenaline has an interesting thing because it causes constriction of the blood vessels except for the coronary artery in which adrenaline opens up that vessel by vaso dilating it all the other vessels are constricted this one’s bays are dilated giving the heart muscle more oxygen so the muscle can chill out and work but there’s one thing about the heart if it it lacks oxygen it goes into a cramp and you get a heart attack so what causes a spike of adrenaline is stress so if you have yours of stress you can kind of burn out the adrenals to the point where you don’t get that function anymore and now the valve becomes tighter and tighter and tighter more constricting and then we compound that with a clogged artery or even a fibrous adhesion that’s building up because the blood vessel is damaged and that comes from high insulin not necessarily consuming high fats it’s the high sugars in the carbohydrates and the wine and the juice all that converts to cholesterol that’s gonna plug up this artery so if you combine stress with high insulin if you’re a pre-diabetic that’s even worse if that’s why a lot of diabetics have coronary heart problems because of this because they’re they’re gonna convert a lot of carbohydrate to that cholesterol and clog these arteries right here what’s interesting if you consume saturated fats which everyone says to avoid but the same time cut out the sugars you’re gonna be totally fine so it’s not the fat that’s clogging the arteries it’s the sugar all right that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it hi guys listen I want to thank you so much for your wonderful comment and I want to ask you if you wouldn’t mind giving me your review on Google I put a link down below I’d really appreciate it and thank you in advance

This Post Was All About Two Causes of Coronary Heart Disease (It’s NOT Saturated Fat).
Two Causes of Coronary Heart Disease (It's NOT Saturated Fat)

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Dr. Berg talks about the cause of coronary heart disease (the two main causes). This is my opinion and the coronary arteries is the main artery that supplies blood flow to the heart muscle. There are 2 controlling factors, one is adrenaline. It does an interesting thing – it causes vasodilation of this artery despite causing vasoconstriction to all other vessels. Lacking oxygen can cause a cramp in your heart muscle – this is causes by stress. The secondary problem is a clogged arteries. Its the high sugars and refined carbs that causes insulin that then increases cholesterol to come in and heal the damage causing a clogged artery. If you consumed saturated fats and avoid the refined sugars, it will not clog your arteries.

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