Top Travel Necessities for Fasting + Keto

Top Travel Necessities for Fasting + Keto

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traveling is brutal that’s why I bring things with me alright so this video is gonna be really simple it’s gonna be straight to the point when you’re traveling whether it be for the holiday season or not there’s just grab-and-go things that you want to have in your bag so I’ve got my little travel bag here I’m gonna go one by one I’m gonna show you things that I would recommend and I do highly recommend you hit that subscribe button hit that little bell icon so you never miss a beat but the videos were posted almost every single day alright let’s see what we got in here this is all stuff that’s gonna help you stay on an intermittent fasting regimen or a keto regimen or just to be healthy in general so let’s go ahead and see what we got here ok so the first thing first that I would always recommend that you brick is some form of green tea okay so here’s the reason green tea has of course caffeine in it and caffeine is going to be what it’s called a phosphodiester is inhibitor what that means is it’s going to end up stopping the breakdown of what are called catecholamines like adrenaline and epinephrine so quick newsflash epinephrine and adrenaline or what are helping you burn fat while you are fasting or while you are in ketosis so they are what actually trigger hormone sensitive lipase in a lot of ways that’s complicated but all it means is it’s going to help you burn fat but the other cool thing about green tea is the EGCG which is the actual main catechin that’s in it has some powerful effects when it comes down to modulating your hunger so there’s this thing called pull assist at Keenan normally when you eat something when it hits your small intestine it triggers a response that signals to your brain hey we don’t really need to send hunger signals anymore well the cool thing is green tea is actually going to make that happen naturally without the whole eating part so it keeps you a little bit more satiated well while you’re around all that temptation the other thing that’s nice is when you have green tea on hand you’ve got Feeny Feeny is gonna help your brain out and here’s the thing you’re dealing with in-laws you’re dealing with family you don’t necessarily want to be dealing with all that stress so nice thing is Fenian helps keep your brain nice and calm all while still getting the caffeine so you’re calm cool collected get energized and burning fat so you always want to bring little packets of green tea so it’s super easy okay let’s see what we got here next all right next up on my list is going to be actually let’s talk about this one chromium okay chromium is an inexpensive supplement inexpensive mineral that you probably want to be getting your hands on just regular old chromium picolinate now what the heck is chromium let me make this very simple for you so chromium does some interesting stuff what is it allows glute for transporters to rise to the surface of a cell so think of it like this you have a cell okay and this cell wants to absorb glucose but it can’t absorb glucose unless the glute four comes to the surface of the cell well it turns out that chromium that inexpensive mineral activates glute 4 and brings it to the surface of the cell what does that mean for you well it simply means that the glucose that you may have consumed from that cheap meal from that pumpkin pie is going to be able to actually get into the cell versus just skywriting your blood sugar and making you crave things later on in the day the International Journal and vitamin and nutrition research published a study that took a look at 39 diabetics these 39 diabetics of course had applied blood sugar and they gave them 200 micrograms of chromium picolinate 2 times per day well they found on average their blood sugar went from 190 milligrams per deciliter down to 150 so a 40 milligram per deciliter dropped just by adding chromium in again it’s going to help you out with your cheat meal so I highly recommend that all right let’s see what else we’ve got in the equation here actually this one’s a simple one okay collagen packets why collagen well it’s easier to travel with you end up getting a good amount of protein in a small amount but the other thing is collagen is going to be very high in a particular amino acid known as glycine now whenever I travel I don’t sleep very well I think I’m just amped up from the travel I’m amped up from everything of course being around our family it’s always gonna stress you out so the cool thing is whenever you have some glycine it’s going to trigger blood flow to go to your extremities which allows your core body temperature to cool down if your core body temperature cools down then you fall asleep it signals melatonin it signals serotonin so you end up calming down and fall on a sleep the other thing that we have to look at is when you’re traveling you are more than likely going to be instilling some inflammation within your body dehydration stress air travel all that stuff is going to trigger inflammation which breaks down what are called proteoglycans which is the protein structure that really makes up the scaffolding of collagen in the first place so yes the stress from traveling may very well be contributing to wrinkles and poor joints so perfect Kido makes these little packets so it’s perfect you can bring a tub with you if you want but I like perfect Kido because I can literally just bring these little packets so I’ve gone ahead and I did put a link down below for perfect Kido that way you can grab these packets and there’s a special discount but all so it’s going to make it so that you get some free collagen packets whenever you do order through this video so check them out after this video is all done alright now let’s see what else we’ve got okay here’s one that you’ve probably heard of before and probably comes as no surprise good old macadamia nuts why macadamia nuts why not some other nuts here’s the thing a lot of nuts are good on keto but macadamia nuts are easy to get your hands on you can find them at most grocery stores they’re easy to travel with are there some potentially better nuts like peanuts out there yeah but they’re not always easy to get your hands on when you’re traveling so here’s the cool thing probably the best macronutrient profile outside of peeli nuts okay really high fat content low carb content okay you want to get them roasted because you can normally the roasting process kind of affects the skin of other nuts but since macadamia nuts don’t really have skin you’re all good but the cool thing that I like about them is they’re high and what it’s called Omega 7 so a specific kind of fat that protects your beta cells in your pancreas okay what that means is let’s say you splurge and you have a bunch of pumpkin pie you have pecan pie or something like that maybe you should have macadamia nut pie maybe you splurged on some pie you have a bunch of sugar right well that could have a toxic effect on the cells and your pancreas because it’s a kind of a sugar overload the nice thing is Omega 7s have been linked in studies to protect the cells a little bit more thereby making it so that your body can actually utilize carbohydrates better and on that same note what’s really cool is if you’re someone that works out Omega 7s tend to make it so that the glucose you do consume ends up getting taken up by the muscles a little bit easier rather than just floating through the bloodstream or going to the liver so it makes it so you get muscle glycogen versus just regular blood sugar that’s floating around right so let’s go ahead let’s dive into the next one all right now see we got here what would I else would I bring okay this one’s a little bit more of an emotional play right bring a street bring some treats with you you’re going to fall victim to all these treats that are around your cakes cookies things like that that’s fine you can live a little bit but I usually recommend bringing something like a keto cookie or a keto brownie and fat snacks has these really cool little brownie bites so the neat thing is if you have a cleaner option you’re going to opt for that if you have these little suckers in your pocket you’re going to more than likely to pop one of these then you are to go and cut yourself a piece of pumpkin pie I’m not saying don’t be human I’m not saying don’t enjoy your family don’t enjoy your don’t enjoy some good food but I am saying if you come prepared you’re much better off having a couple hundred calories the most from this and keeping your blood sugar nice and controlled then you are just splurging on something that you’re gonna feel like garbage about tomorrow so I did put a special link down below for fat snacks awesome new brownies so these cool little brownie bites so special link down below so you can get a special discount and you can check them out for yourself okay okay moving on this one is a little bit tougher to travel with but it’s something that you can pick up at just about any store and you hear me talking about it time and time again apple cider vinegar tsa is not gonna let you get through security with this bad boy but I will tell you you go to just about any grocery store and you’re gonna find it you might not find Bragg’s brand you might not find the main brands you know of but you’re gonna find some kind of apple cider vinegar first off the reason that I’m a fan of apple cider vinegar is mainly because of the acetic acid which has some powerful effects on your blood sugar so once again if you have that pumpkin pie then sure it might help you out a little bit but it’s also good to start your day especially when you’re traveling so high amounts of pectin which is a powerful prebiotic fiber that’s going to help grow your existing gut bacteria fun fact for you to know when you’re traveling the inflammation from traveling and just the stress from traveling tends to alter your gut bacteria there have been studies that show that travelers that travel from the US across the world to other areas like India and things like that end up having a disruption of dysbiosis of their gut bacteria so they end up finding that they have an elevation of what’s called firm acutest firm acutest is the bacteria that’s associated with obesity and then they have a lessening of the bacteria known as Bacteroides Bacteroides is the good bacteria that’s associated with being a leaner my point here is that take precautionary measures it’s two dollars three dollars you can get into grocery store and it’s going to make a huge difference and if you add up all these things together you’re looking at a couple of bucks that is going to make it so your holiday season doesn’t have a negative impact okay let’s go ahead and move on to what else I have in my little goodie bag let’s see talked about that about that okay okay these guys so bring some kind of jerky stick or some kind of beef stick the reason that I say this is once again if you consume proteins you’re going to elevate your core body temperature we live in this world with keto where we always think that fat bombs are the answer whenever we’re hungry we have a fatwa whenever we feel like we’re just missing a meal we have a fat bomb let me tell you something and this is hurt for a lot of you too here fat will still store as fat a lot easier than protein or carbohydrates not saying that you eat a bunch of carbohydrates but my point here is simple if you need a snack I would highly recommend that you snack on protein / fats that being said the fats still have their place but the protein is going to at least get you a thermogenic effect and it’s at least going to warrant a little bit of a caloric need from your body just to digest so I put a link down below – chomps you’ve probably seen them at Trader Joe’s you’ve seen them at your grocery store but I went ahead and put a link down below so you can get a special discount and get sort of my pricing on them – so chomps are these really cool beef sticks no hidden nasties and um nothing weird nothing crazy just clean meat clean venison clean beef clean turkey whatever kind of product you would really want so no GMOs non-gmo project verified just really good clean stuff so go ahead and check them out down in the link below now let’s move on to the next one a little bit of magnesium talking about magnesium all the time chances are your magnesium deficient 80% of the population is deficient in magnesium here’s the thing with magnesium we need it to create energy period adenosine triphosphate which is the main energy currency in our body really should be called magnesium ATP because ATP has to bind with magnesium so if the travel has you fatigued take 2 3 4 500 milligrams of good quality magnesium like a dime acnes IAM male 8 or even comes out of magnesium 3 and 8 if you want to get a little more of a brain boost anyway just recommend traveling with magnesium no matter what so it’s gonna help keep you hydrated now I have one last thing here that I want to talk about let’s see if I can find it and I got buried in my bag I don’t even have room for my clothes all right fish oil pills nice thing about fish oil pills they’re convenient you’re going to get your omega-3s in normally I would say go get some butcher box and get some high quality beef right but the fact is you can’t always do that when you’re traveling thing about omega-3s is at least you’re going to get a lot of powerful effects when it comes down to import activation for muscle building you’re going to get of course the brain boosting effect but probably the thing that I would talk about the most with omega-3s is simply the fact that it activates uncoupling proteins okay let me explain something real quick uncoupling proteins are cool uncoupling proteins are like the radiators of your body in terms of dissipation imagine you just ate a pumpkin pie imagine all the calories from that just going to your midsection okay now imagine another scenario you just ate that pumpkin pie and all those calories ran through a heater a radiator that dissipated the calorie energy as heat that’s what an uncoupling protein is now it’s not quite that simple you can’t eat a pumpkin pie and have it all dissipate as heat you’d probably be a thousand degrees but the point is it’s powerful and it does make an impact and omega-3s are very powerful with that so when you’re choosing a fish oil you just want to make sure that you choose one that is higher quality that it’s going to be higher DHA than EP a and quite honestly that’s all you really need I mean yes you want to bring your food yes you probably ought to bring your kid you don’t wanna forget your wife you don’t wanna forget your husband whatever the important thing is you’re bringing things to take care of yourself because you got to put that oxygen mask on yourself before you help others so as always make sure you keeping it locked in here in my channel don’t forget to Like and subscribe and I’ll see you soon 

This Post Was All About Top Travel Necessities for Fasting + Keto.
Top Travel Necessities for Fasting + Keto

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Top Travel Necessities for Fasting + Keto – Thomas DeLauer

It’s the holiday season! Which means… IT’S TRAVELING SEASON!! Traveling can be brutal, and it can add another level of difficulty to staying on track with your diet…In this video, I will give you my top tips and travel necessities that will get you through your holiday travels and make sticking to your diet MUCH easier. Enjoy and I’ll see you in the comments!

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