Your Digestive System and How it Works

Your Digestive System and How it Works

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I wanted to cover a very very important system called the digestive system and give you the basics and show you the relationship between what symptoms occur from different parts of the digestive tract so let’s just take a look at this so we got the stomach thing right here and the stomach makes us a very strong acid there’s two places in the body that you have this strong acid one is in the stomach one is in the vagina because you want to kill off the bacteria and when this pH becomes more alkaline you have all sorts of issues that occur number one you get undigested protein and that’s beautification that’s gas number two you’re going to get heartburn why because this pH has to be between one and three to be able to keep this valve closed and this pH goes higher more alkaline then this valve starts opening up right here and acid starts splashing up here and a lot of times it’s not even this acid it’s a waste acid that comes down from here that comes up here that’s why it’s really sour so heartburn is a real problem with not enough acid it’s not too much acid so every time you take tums or proton inhibitors or antacids you actually make it worse over time now indigestion like the food just sits right here that means you don’t have enough acid so what is the remedy betaine hydrochloride the tain hydrochloride it comes from beets and you get it from the health of store take two three maybe four with each meal they’re real small but that will actually give you a lot of relief unless you have an ulcer so if this has been going on too long and have an ulcer then you’re going to have to you’ll find out real quick you’ll let get more burning but if it’s if it’s an ulcer you have to heal it with chlorophyll one good remedy would be cabbage or coleslaw there’s something in cabbage that’s really good for ulcers okay so now food comes down here it’s broken down and then the pancreas is a workhorse because it has to make enzymes enzymes our little proteins that help break down food so to pending on what you eat the body the pancreas will make or release whatever enzyme you need to break down that meal so if it’s more protein or carbohydrates or fats it’ll break it down and even even has enzymes to break down the DNA and the animal food that you eat I mean that’s incredible it breaks everything down so but those people that need a lot of sugar in their life they pretty much kind of weakened their pancreas and they also weakened the enzyme part of that pancreas is called the extra can gland and then they can’t release these enzymes and so they start having all sorts of undigested proteins and guess what guess where you get allergies from allergies because that protein leaks into the lining of the colon gets absorbed through the lymphatic system and your immune system starts to inappropriately attack it as a microbe and you start getting autoimmune problems allergies asthma hay fever all these things just because you can’t digest so a lot of times in autoimmune cases you’ll see undigested DNA in the stool but this is a very important gland to help secrete enzymes to help you digest so if the pancreas has a problem you’re going to pain over the left lower quadrant or upper lower abdomen right through here underneath your left ribcage and then it wraps around the back – you’ll have sticky stool you’ll get bloating you’ll feel real bloated over that area and you’ll probably the food will sit right here as well so if that happens you can go to Health the store and get some it’s called pankratov an enzyme which is really good to help support the pancreas and you’ll get a lot of relief okay now we got the liver the liver and release this bile B IL e and it’s stored in the gall bladder and it releases down through here and this is important because you need the bile to squash all that bile to start breaking down the nutrition or the food factors especially the fat to pull the fat soluble vitamins vitamin A D E and K so the way you know you have a gall bladder problem is if you get bloating ripping belching right shoulder pain because it refers there or around the back and the scapula or your stool will start floating because you’re not digesting the fat so it just kind of hangs out on top so also you’re going to have deficiencies in the vision so the eyes you can’t see at night that’s vitamin A deficiency and then real dry skin and then you would need some good bile a support and I use a gall bladder formula for that one with a meal now we get down to the small intestine your intestine is about 33 feet and in this intestine you have close to 900 trillion microbes a lot of microbes living in there between five and a thousand different species of friendly bacteria friendly yeast friendly molds friendly fungus debt to actually help you break down your stool make vitamins for you help digest the food help get rid of the waste so it’s kind of a symbiotic relationship we give these microbes room and board and they clean up our waste and they give us vitamins and nutrition they also take the pressure off the liver and that they help detoxify chemicals but there are unfriendly pathogens or microbes in there as well and there’s this constant competition but most of the bacteria in there is called lactobacillus and lactobacillus makes lactic acid and lactic acid makes it very uncomfortable for the bad guys to live and so apparently our body and the good bacteria are resistant to acids they like acid and because they make acid but acid is attendent it tends to kill off some of these microbes and that’s why even at the stomach level we need this acid to kill off microbes too so if we lose this we end up with h pylori and other bacterias and viruses and our immune system goes downhill and then if we take antibiotics it just screws everything up too so if you have constipation yeast infection fungus bad breath we know that your justice system is lacking the flora the friendly bacteria there’s a product that I recommend called pre-pro em1 which is really good for that and you take before bed and it slowly helps you reestablish your flora or your friendly bacteria yogurt does not supply enough yogurt bacteria to make it stick like kefir does so kefir is a much better product get the plain one and its really good for Candida and yeast okay so that’s just kind of a summary of digestion to give you the basics and I hope that helped

This Post Was All About Your Digestive System and How it Works.
Your Digestive System and How it Works

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The digestive system is an amazing machine of coordinated organs and glands, each with specific function. The stomach ads the acids, the pancreas adds enzymes, the gallbladder ads bile and if each one of these is off, you’ll get acid reflux, GERD, indigestion, bloating, heart burn, gallstones, constipation and IBS. Understanding where things breaks down and isolating the true cause can avoid the “symptom treating” game, which never works.
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