Will Vegetable Carbohydrates Stop Ketosis?

Will Vegetable Carbohydrates Stop Ketosis?

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hey guys dr. Burke here I wanted to answer a question that keeps coming up will vegetable carbohydrates stop ketosis okay so it is true that vegetables are carbohydrates but the question is do they turn into sugar fast or slow there’s a thing called the glycemic index and that is the rate or which speed at which something actually affects your blood sugars I guarantee a salad or maybe like a spinach salad with celery when you eat that it is not going to spike your insulin okay so some people that start including more vegetables let’s say they’re doing the Atkins diet it’s really high protein and fat and yes the absence of carbohydrates do induce fat burning but if you have no vegetable types of carbohydrates what’s going to happen you’re going to get a lot of waste in your body and it’s stuff called ketoacidosis or your body’s pH starts going higher and higher and higher there’s nothing to flesh that out so I want to read to you guidance physiology what it says in page 927 okay the effect of insulin lack on causing a fatty liver calling causing the the lack of insulin right when you keep insulin very low since it costs a great increase in the amount of store triglyceride in the liver leading to a very fatty liver so in other words you got to be careful doing ketosis because all this fat that’s being mobilized from your fat stores from your stomach it has to go through the liver and go through your bloodstream if you don’t consume the vegetable you’re going to end up with a fatty liver okay and that’s defeats our whole purpose and sometimes when people do this they all check their blood in their cholesterol goes really really high because they’re not eating the vegetables to counteract that now some people are eating the wrong type of vegetables they’re doing corn okay corn is not a vegetable in my viewpoint or they’re doing a lot of cruciferous but they’re sensitive to it they’re not digesting that so they bloat the bloating will stop the weight loss okay so just switch up your vegetables do something like a fowl or something like that but the vegetable cleans encounter acts a lot of the fat burning that takes place and it prevents the fat from accumulating in your liver the other thing is that if you don’t want to do the vegetables then where are you getting your potassium from from the meat from the fat there’s there’s no potassium in there hardly any at all so you need I mean a tremendous amount so were you getting your magnesium where are you getting all your vitamins and minerals that’s where you get them from the vegetable family okay so don’t worry about vegetables when you’re doing ketosis I think it’s essential and I’m actually I put a twist on this it’s like my version of ketosis you go ahead and do that and you’ll actually end up with a healthy body alright thanks for watching

This Post Was All About Will Vegetable Carbohydrates Stop Ketosis?.
Will Vegetable Carbohydrates Stop Ketosis?

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Dr. Berg talks about vegetable carbohydrates and it’s relationship to ketosis and fat burning. Vegetables are low on the glycemic index scale, which means they will not stop ketosis, and the benefits of vegetables give you vitamins and minerals and especially potassium and magnesium.
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