Will Bulletproof Coffee Block Autophagy?

Will Bulletproof Coffee Block Autophagy?

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so I wanted to create a video to answer the question that keeps coming up will the bulletproof coffee prevent a tough OG okay I’ve done videos on will it prevent you know ketosis but now let’s talk about a top of gee toffee G is an amazing state when you go into fasting mode your body starts repairing you start recycling the damaged proteins and the microbes in the body and the viruses and the candida starts cleaning up all this stuff the need for vitamins and nutrients go way down because your body is in recycled mode it gets very very efficient our bodies were designed tens of thousands of years ago to not eat very frequently so we have this great survival skill that helps us in many different ways so it’s like a self-cleaning oven sort of speak in your cells so what will stop at ah Fiji the glucose is right at the top of the list protein cortisol how do you get this from stress okay stress will shut that down like that not that you’ve ever experienced dress but you probably know people who have eating will will stop a toughie gee okay so we really want to do fasting low stress and then not consume these fat has the least effect on insulin so that’s exciting so let’s say for example you’re doing bulletproof coffee where you’re adding some coconut oil or MCT oil or even butter and you’re doing like a lot of it okay where there’s like three four hundred calories yeah well that’s gonna stop your etapa G absolutely it’s gonna block it but if you’re doing a small amount let’s say one tablespoon of butter or 1 tablespoon of MCT oil it may inhibit etapa G for a little bit but I don’t think it’s gonna be that significant now if you do half in half it does have one percent carbohydrate and one in less than one percent protein so now we’re getting the carbs but these have no carbs okay so maybe you just do a very very small amount of this and that might be the ideal situation but to get in the tofu G really depends on several things the amount of calories that you’re consuming which we just talked about the more the less etapa G we have so it’s a balance act also your health state your age for 18 years old and have an incredible metabolism you can probably get into top of G way faster than someone going through menopause but let’s say you have a diabetic and you’re a medication well that’s gonna inhibit your top of g2 so it really dependent to on your health state the worst your health is the more strict that you need to be with these things the healthier you are the more you can get away with this okay the faster the metabolism the more you can get away with this okay let’s say for example you exercise well that will help you get into top adji because that’s one of the triggers so because you’re actually creating this stress on top you’re not eating so you’re gonna create more ikata G as long as you recover because we don’t want to increase too much cortisol from the excessive stress that you just created also there’s another factor of how long your fasting let’s say for example you’re doing one meal a day well that’s great because you’re gonna have a lot of hours to do to get into a top of G right I would imagine you get into a really good etapa g right around 18 hours it could be 16 hours it could be a little bit later it really depends on they don’t really know exactly but I’m just using that as a good ballpark number 18 hours of fasting okay so if you’re let’s say you’re getting exactly 18 hours or 17 hours and you’re doing this well you’re probably not going to get the benefits as compared to doing your fasting let’s say at 20 hours and with a four-hour window of eating okay so there’s you can see that it’s not a simple answer you have to look at all these factors and use judgment on this but the longer the fast the more you can get away with this okay and also how much insulin you have in your body because insulin or block or topic g2 so you say well I don’t have any more carbohydrates well you may have insulin resistance and insulin resistance causes your own body to make it more insulin like five to seven times more that extra insulin can keep you from experiencing the benefits of etapa G and this is why the etapa G benefits even living longer and better skin and into aging occur more over time of doing a healthy Kido and in a min fasting plan because you’re you’re building on this your body’s becoming more efficient your insulin is coming way way down okay so it’s really a balance of a balancing act there’s a certain hormone factor called GIP it’s located in your small intestines and this is triggered when you eat so it amplifies the effects of insulin so it’s not just a matter of avoiding carbs it’s a matter of also keeping your calories really low okay but I would imagine if you’re in pretty good shape and you just do a small amount of one of these in your coffee I don’t think it’s going to be a big problem okay but you have to test it out and see see if you’re getting the benefits that your better skin feeling younger the cognitive improvements and by the way as a side note I’m gonna do a separate video on this vitamin D is will help you get into top of G more so Sun is really good too so if we combine Sun with exercise with fasting it’ll improve your potential for etapa G benefits alright so I think I covered all the points and I will see you in the next video so if you’re enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it

This Post Was All About Will Bulletproof Coffee Block Autophagy?.
Will Bulletproof Coffee Block Autophagy?

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about bulletproof coffee and autophagy. Autophagy is a state when you are in fasting mode and the body starts repairing and recycling the damaged proteins and microbes in the body and also the need for vitamins and nutrients go way down.
Things that Stop Autophagy:
• Glucose
• Protein
• Cortisol
• Eating
*Fat has the last effect on insulin.
To get into autophagy, it really depends on several things:
1. Amount of calories
2. Health State (the worst your health is, the more strict that you need to be with these things).
3. Exercise
4. How long you’re fasting
5. Insulin
GIP – a hormone factor that is located in the small intestine that gets trigger when you eat so it amplifies the effect of insulin.
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