Why People Smoke Cigarettes?

Why People Smoke Cigarettes?

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hi guys dr. Berg here in this video we’re going to talk about why people smoke cigarettes okay well primarily because you want to look cool right not necessarily maybe that was the original reason but there’s some other reasons why would someone want to smoke cigarettes when it has 4,000 chemicals it has 42 known carcinogens those are things that cause cancer carbon monoxide formaldehyde cyanide arsenic DDT kaby and benzene fungicides why would anyone smoke well primarily because it creates relaxation sharpness more alertness and calmness okay so it’s really the the addictive nicotine nicotine is a very calming effect on the body so there’s a dilator it relaxes the body so nicotine is very very very addicting and it creates these positive effects but it comes with a package of all these harmful things right here it’s interesting if you were to take the nicotine patch or take consume nicotine it does not cause cancer it doesn’t it’s these chemicals that cause cancer so yeah the patch the vapor cigarette is way way better okay now the way that nicotine works is that it stimulates part of the nervous system called the parasympathetic nervous system and I want to talk about that you have two parts of the nervous system well actually is three but there’s really two what we’re going to talk about the sympathetic nervous system that’s the flight-or-fight that’s the stress mode and then you have the parasympathetic and that’s more rest and digest okay flight-or-fight rest and digest so it’s a calming relaxing nervous system that also you know just shows you out and helps you focus – so the parasitic nervous system is stimulated by nicotine the problem is nicotine is very very very addictive so when someone stops taking nicotine what happens is you have all sorts of things that happen with the Peris image of nervous system that thing shuts down you know longer feel relaxed you no longer feel sharp you feel irritated go through all sorts of withdrawals for about two weeks or longer so my suggestion now that you understand what we’re doing here is at least switch to the patch or the vapor cigarette okay that’s number one number two to eventually come off nicotine because even know it doesn’t have any effects of causing cancer it’s just highly addictive and it can wear out the adrenals and this system over a period of time okay because you need more and more like a drug there are several things that you can do to to create this effect by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system okay one is taking adaptogen those are like ashwagandha certain herbs that actually calm the nervous system down and actually trigger the press of the FedEx the calcium is also the mineral that improves the parasympathetic because it’s calming that’s why it helps you sleep locti believe it or not help stimulate the parasympathetic also green tea as well but you’re going to have to have it decaffeinated b1 vitamin b1 also improves the parasympathetic nervous system interesting and walking as far as an exercise like calm lots of oxygen low stress exercise or yoga would be really good to trigger this system alright so I just wanted to kind of give you a background of why people really smoke they’re trying to get some relief with stress but why not just improve this another way okay without this stuff right here because it comes with a package alright put your comments below and let me know what you think

This Post Was All About Why People Smoke Cigarettes?.
Why People Smoke Cigarettes?

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Dr. Berg talks about why people smoke cigarettes. Why would any smoke due to:
1. 4000 chemicals
2. 42 carcinogens (things that cause cancer)
3. Carbon monoxide
4. Formaldehyde
5. Hygrogen cyanide
6. Arsinic
7. DDT
8. Cadmium
9. Benzene
10. Fungicides
The best way to stop smoking is to gradually replace nicotine with other natural things that mimic nicotine or create a parasympathetic effects (calming or stress reducing). Nicotine triggers endorphins and dopamine giving you a sensation of pleasure, relaxation and calmness.
The nicotine is highly addictive in cigarettes and does not cause cancer, however, nicotine comes with a package – lots of bad stuff.
The reason why people smoke is for relaxation, sharp mental effects, alertness and calmness. This is due to nicotine effect on the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the system that opposes the sympathetic nervous system. This system is called “rest and digest”.
However, you can instead use things like:
1. Adaptogens
2. Increase your potassium
3. Black tea
4. Vitamin B1
5. Walking
As you transition off of nicotine, these actions can help.
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