Why People Really Fail with Intermittent Fasting

Why People Really Fail with Intermittent Fasting

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hi guys today we’re going to talk about why people fail with intermittent fasting okay well number one they never start minimun fasting brings up a mental problem because you’re depriving someone of food and two people food is survival so you’re taking away their ability to survive but what you have to realize is you’re not really doing that you’re just switching the food fuel for the fad feel you’re finally for once living on your own fat you’re living off of the food that you ate months ago maybe years ago I’ve turned into fat you’re finally using it as fuel so once you realize that maybe you’ll feel a little bit better about that because you’re not really depriving yourself you’re just burning up stored reserves and people have a lot to burn so you can drink coffee that won’t break your fast you can do tea that won’t break your fast the key is making sure that when you eat the the meal is very healthy okay and and it’s big you don’t want to cut calories yes you make cut calories just from the nature of eating less frequent but ideally you want to eat a nutrient-dense meal we call it a healthy keto so if you’re new to my channel click below for the exact diet you need to be on okay number two you feel worse when you do in a minute fasting how could that be now you’re going through a transition phase it takes two to three to four up to five days to transition over because you’re building new machinery new enzymes in the process it’s the vitamin and nutrient like mineral deficiencies that create these side effects so all you have to do increase your potassium as electrolyte increase your sodium as sea salt and b1 in the form of nutritional yeast and you won’t have hardly any side effects that should handle most of them so in the document below that you can download I show you very gradually how to go into this so you don’t feel worse okay but I understand if you feel where you may want to stop it just means that you’re not doing it correctly number three you’re not losing weight now the vast majority of people that start in a minute fasting start losing weight and a lot of weight some people might lose her a while and then they Plateau other people may not lose initially for this one simple reason and it’s based on a principle that I have in my book which is this you get healthy to lose weight not lose weight to get healthy it sounds really simple but it’s very powerful and what do I mean by getting healthy I mean repair damaged organs your body especially if you’re menopausal if you have atrophy will focus on repair before just fat burning okay so what you want to do is you want to look at other positive health factors is your energy going up is your cravings going away are you less hungry you have better cognitive function that means it’s working if you want to improve the weight loss you cut your carbs when you eat you do longer fasting and you add exercise and more sleep – alright number four this is a biggie other people your so-called friends and family members are discouraging you they’re telling you oh my gosh you’re starving your body you need to be eating every three hours you need to eat a breakfast that is absolutely not true we don’t need to eat that frequently if we eat that frequently we never tap into our fat reserves how you gonna burn fat if you’re eating so frequently eating very frequently gets you into a massive trouble with insulin okay and this is why we have a massive problem with diabetes and pre-diabetes so you’re not starving your body you’re just shifting what fuel you are running off of your fat if you want to burn fat fasting is the best way to do it and also if we look at the when vs. to what like what’s more important when you eat or what you eat believe it or not when you eat is a little bit more important than what you eat I don’t want that to be the reason you eat what you want but the point is that intermittent fasting is slightly more important than what you eat because if you actually do a keto plan and eat frequently you will still trigger insulin just by the nature of eating in general okay so insulin is triggered by carbs and frequent eating so that’s why in a minute fasting with healthy Kido goes together why because we’re trying to heal insulin and insulin is behind most chronic health problems then we get into what’s called the five and two and alternate day fasting what is that I don’t even consider these intermittent fasting five and two is basically eat what you want five days out of the week and then two days you cut your calories down to 500 per day well that’s not fasting you’re still eating it’s a low calorie diet it’s not intermittent fasting plus you’re eating what you want five days on the week so that is a very unhealthy pattern of eating okay alternate day fasting this is where you pretty much eat what you want every other day and the days that you so-called fast you’re eating 500 calories again that’s not fasting you’re eating 500 calories it’s a low calorie diet there are some benefits okay to do low calorie but it comes with the package it doesn’t get rid of your hunger you don’t convert over it’s hard to do because you haven’t adapted it takes a period of time to totally adapt to get rid of hunger and cravings I mean you can do a low calorie diet with the cravings but chances are you’re gonna go off because you crave the entire success of intermittent fasting done correctly is this your hunger goes away if you have no hunger okay you can go longer you won’t give up easily okay and this is what builds willpower is your ability to say no to food and the essence of why intermittent fasting works so well is you can go longer without eating and you actually build your will power which destroys your willpower is going off the program caving in but if you can control yourself and you are in the driver’s seat over the food you can strengthen your willpower and that is very very important the ability to control your environment to not give in to the different foods around you I mean very few people can do that but in a minute fasting is a tool to get into that state okay all right depriving nutrients now not if you actually do a healthy keto plan when you eat we always recommend to have a very good large meal with nutrient-dense foods and I also recommend adding certain supplements as well and I have a lot of videos on that so that way you’re never deprived of nutrients we don’t want your hair to fall out we don’t want your nails to become brittle we don’t want you to have side effects and I show people exactly what to eat what to take to avoid that now sometimes you might share this this concept of intermittent fasting is not good for women because it destroys their hormones and you find out they’re actually doing the five and two or the alternate day fasting they’re not doing it correctly the truth is that intermittent fasting with healthy ketosis is extremely healthy for the endocrine system from my experience working with thousands of people all over the world rarely do I ever see any problems with women doing this I’m seeing just the opposite I’m seeing massive improvements with women and their hormones especially after menopause we’re seeing improved fertility especially if you’re increasing the healthy fats that you need which actually is the raw material for the endocrine system so it can strengthen your willpower intermittent fasting is anti-cancer intermittent fasting helps you create more brain cells there are massive benefits but if you don’t start and you don’t do it right and you give up because of that or you don’t continue it long-term you’re not
going to see the success so click the document down below find out how to do in a minute fasting correctly and it will work for you thanks for watching so if you’re enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it

This Post Was All About Why People Really Fail with Intermittent Fasting.
Why People Really Fail with Intermittent Fasting

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Intermittent Fasting:
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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the reasons why people fail with intermittent fasting.
1. Never Start
Intermittent fasting brings up a mental problem because you are depriving someone with food and people think of food as for survival. But the truth is you are switching from the food fuel to the fat fuel. The key is to make sure that you will eat a meal that is very healthy.
2. Feel Worse
It takes 2 or more days to go through the transition phase. You must increase your potassium, sodium, and B1 (in the form of nutritional yeast) to help with the side effects or the transition phase.
3. Don’t Lose Weight
The vast majority of people that are doing intermittent fasting, start losing weight a lot of weight. Some lose weight for a while and plateau and others don’t lose weight initially because of this one simple reason – “It’s get healthy first to lose the weight, not lose weight to get healthy”.
Focus on other positive health factors:
• Improved Energy
• Cravings gone
• Less hunger
• Better cognitive function
4. Other People Discourage You
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