Why People Plateau with Weight Loss

Why People Plateau with Weight Loss

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this video we’re going to talk about why people actually plateau with their weight loss okay so what I want to differentiate I want to differentiate cause versus effect some people come up to me and they say oh dr. Burke I’m not losing weight what do I do well first of all I don’t know I have to find out what’s causing that so I’m going to talk about some mistakes that people make and then we’ll talk about what really people should do but you have to differentiate what’s the symptom versus the actual problem or the cause of the problem if we talk about people that plateau they’ll say well it’s a slow metabolism right well that’s really a symptom because like what causes a slow metabolism now sometimes people jump to well it’s just old age I’m getting older well then that doesn’t explain the people that do get older and they still can lose weight and I have other people that are younger that plateau as well so I think the biggest problem the biggest air is jumping to a conclusion before you evaluate or investigate okay so when you go from symptom to cause you have to do an evaluation and this is really the weakness within the medical profession it’s the weakness with a lot of people so you can’t really figure anything out unless you have data you have information so you have to find out number one what is the person eating are they on the correct program do they have any body problems that relate to this why because sleeping could cause it a solid issue can cause it constipation can be a problem all these other things right you want to know when did the problem start what happened just before it started was there a change autoimmune diseases Kapp and after stress events a lot of issues happen after a change in something and change in your diet you’re doing fine and you change the diet then you start gaining weight well okay that’s important data so evaluation is finding out associated symptoms history what happened just before anything that might be connected so you don’t always want to jump to conclusion to determine that’s it that’s the lazy way of doing it well let’s take a lazy person says well why can’t you lose weight I’m just lazy well are you sure that’s what it is I mean it could be that you’re tired you know or let’s say you’re procrastinate well maybe you crave too many foods because your diet is so messed up so you want to go deeper you want to start pulling a string and find out what is really causing it the why behind it guys let’s talk about what all the potential things that could cause a plateau in your diet that I see number one the person is not sleeping I see that often the person is overtraining they’re doing too much that can stop I had a lady she lifted was at six two and a half million pounds over Corsa V a year that’s a lot of weight she’s lifted working out every other day for a whole year and she lost like one or two pounds why because she’s overtraining and she wasn’t sleeping so we look at that another reason what can cause Plateau or even a slow metabolism would be a thyroid condition okay so that’s something to look at but then you want to find out if that if you person has a thyroid problem what’s what’s behind that so it could be either a high estrogen coming from an overactive ovary or come from a bad liver or maybe gall bladder problem or Missy your gallbladder removed and now you can’t convert t4 to t3 so you got to just keep pulling the string to find find out what’s going on so in order to evaluate you have to have some understanding about the problem as well so maybe you haven’t had any anatomy and physiology classes so you can’t really evaluate correctly so you’re going to depend on the doctor which and that’s where the problem is because here’s what the doctors do it we’re going to take a blood test okay that’s as far as they go do a blood test everything shows normal so you must be faking it well a blood test even for the adrenal we’ll only show up maybe 10% of time or even a liver problem shows up when the liver is almost completely destroyed so you can’t always go by that one piece of information another thing that I find that’s probably one of the most common things is high levels of insulin in the body it’s called insulin resistance maybe not even a diabetic state but a pre-diabetic State now if you do a blood test all the common blood tests you check the a1c which is an average of blood sugars for three months that might be normal or you might check glucose fasting glucose that may be normal why because it’s high insulin or insulin resistance could be a pre-diabetic it hasn’t its subclinical doesn’t show up until later stages so if the person if requested from your doctor a fasting insulin test that we pick it up but you’re going to know about that but if that insulin is five to seven times higher like it is for insulin resistance they’re not losing weight because in the presence of insulin the all the fat burning hormones are nullified so this is just all great information so when you’re pulling a string and you’re finding out why the questions that I’m going to ask to evaluate someone is I’m going to ask all the symptoms of insulin resistance you find like you’re not satisfied after you eat do you get tired after eating do you crave sweets do you find you can’t go between meals without being hungry do you find that you you have a history of eating a lot of sugar like all these key questions and then I’ll know pretty pretty closely what it is and let’s say for example I’m still confused I kind of think it could be insulin resistance but it could be this other thing over here well you can always just start doing the diet or the remedy or the handling for instant resistance and see if you got losing weight and then we know that was it so that’s just I want to just go deeper of why someone might be plateauing but and know the pitfalls the pitfalls are jumping to conclusion before you evaluate it to find a real cause and all the videos that I’ve done and what I’m currently doing kind of gives you a lot of data on experience evaluating a lot of people so you can kind of spot things for yourself okay I have a quiz down in the description box that does some evaluation it basically analyzes a hundred and four questions and if you want to do that go ahead and do that and we’ll send you the results but it actually assesses all the deeper root causes and then I give you a little printout of showing it what is behind all your symptoms if you’re interested take it but I want to just thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Why People Plateau with Weight Loss.
Why People Plateau with Weight Loss

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