Why People Can’t Lose Weight – Part 1

Why People Can’t Lose Weight – Part 1

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so we’re going to talk about why people can’t lose weight there’s three videos this is the first in its series and this first video we’re going to talk about the two main problems that I find people have number one is that they’re not eating the right things for their body type or maybe they’re eating healthily and nothing’s working so they are eating the right thing for their body type or they’re eating healthily and it’s still not working so I’m not going to put too much attention on that part because that’s the most obvious thing that people look at I want to talk about the second problem which is basically your body’s ability to burn fat you can you can say your metabolism you can say the health of your metabolism the health of your body now you go to your doctor and he says oh you’re healthy mrs. Jones you just need to lose weight no you need to get healthy to be able to lose weight because if you were healthy you wouldn’t have the weight in the first place because that’s the strength of your metabolism so we want to put more attention on getting your body to metabolize faster burn fat easier and not make it so hard so instead of putting all this energy on the next diet that comes along or the next pill let’s start focusing on how do we improve our body’s ability to use food to tap into the fat Reserve and burn it off so the point about getting healthy is really has it has to do with this one thing called recovery now what is recovery recovery is your ability to bounce back from exercise stress sleep so when you exercise do you see change right away does it take a long time just to take a lot of effort when you exercise you get sore and it lasts for a week after one workout that would kind of define what kind of recovery that you have or let’s say you experience stress how long does it take to bounce back from stress do you hang on to things for like a week can you drop them fast how was your tolerance to stress these are all things that tell us what’s going on with recovery if you push your body up the stairs real fast you get out of win easily good test for recovery you can even check your blood pressure it’s in my book you take your blood pressure lying down and then standing up if your blood pressure drops down instead of going up to adapt to that stress then we know the recovery is low there’s even other tests that you can do and recovery so the point is that we want to use the these different things to figure out what kind of recovery you have why because then we can adjust your workouts to your ability to recover and prevent overtraining because if you’re going to do p90x or maybe something will they have different gradients than p90x let’s say a Cross Fit were you doing the massive hardcore workouts it might not be you not might not be ready for that okay so we want to adapt to workout to your recovery so recovery is really the ability to turn your body off so when you go to sleep do you go right to sleep and you stay asleep for seven eight hours and wake up feeling refreshed if you don’t then we know the recovery is a problem so instead of getting up at 4:30 in the morning to go work out to try to stimulate your body it’d be much smarter to be able to get a good night’s sleep to be able to let the fat burn because that’s when you burn fat at night how do we improve recovery well let’s we call that negative gain it’s something that we don’t we have to take things away from your body and including stress so I found it’s the accumulation of stress that destroys your recovery overtraining mental stress emotional stress that all builds up over time and then now you have no recovery so we want to do things to pull stress out and that is why I recommend the acupressure either to do it yourself version or come on office or I have tons of videos to show you how to do this on the blogs on YouTube but you want to do different techniques to pull stress out of your body to be able to turn your body off to the point where you go to sleep sleep deeply and you can start recharging that would be way way way way way more important than almost anything else you can do ok so what do we get out of this video put more attention on recovery I have to overtrain get more sleep pull stress out with various techniques instead of wasting your time on trying to put so much energy in to try the next new diet that comes along of course you need to get the right eating plan but a lot of people that I see that come in are not eating terrible and they’re still not losing weight and the reason is because their recovery and their health is not higher they’re not high enough to tap into the fat okay so that’s that’s the most important thing in series 1

This Post Was All About Why People Can’t Lose Weight – Part 1.
Why People Can't Lose Weight - Part 1

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Part 1: Recovery
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