Why is there a Major Zinc Deficiency in India and Pakistan?

Why is there a Major Zinc Deficiency in India and Pakistan?

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so today I want to talk about an actual big problem that’s occurring in India and Pakistan it’s a micronutrient deficiency and that micronutrient is zinc this is a major problem with not having enough zinc especially in pregnant lactating women and small children and the reason for this is that zinc is involved in so many biochemical reactions in the body it’s a cofactor for more than a thousand enzymes now and when I say a cofactor for a thousand enzymes I have to define what that means okay cofactors are helper molecules and an enzyme is a type of protein now when you think about proteins you may think about enzymes when you when you actually eat food you also may think of hair nail skin but proteins go way beyond that proteins are involved in many many things DNA repair detoxification building your immune system so nearly all the structural parts of our body like tendons ligaments connective tissue our protein but also the functional parts as well the little proteins that do the work of the body that take food turn into body tissue and then take tissue and recycle it gets rid of waste it’s involved in so many factors so if someone is deficient in zinc here are just a few things that may occur number one is diarrhea that’s one of the big symptoms a problem with this symptom is that diarrhea also will cause a major deficiency of zinc because you’re going to lose your electrolytes under weight because zinc is involved in metabolism stunted growth because zinc is involved in a growing body cognitive defects so memory lack of attention focus and even IQ susceptibility to malaria pneumonia and viruses this is why a lot of people take zinc when they get sick because it actually helps your immune system and actually help support the proteins involved in your immune system skin problems that could be dermatitis psoriasis dandruff all sorts of skin problems stomach ulcers low testosterone alopecia which is a loss of hair different patches that’s an autoimmune condition by the way zinc is involved in a lot of autoimmune conditions and if you’re deficient in zinc you can have a lot of inflammation in the body as well and of course a low thyroid all right so now the question is why is there such a massive deficiency and by the way two billion people worldwide are deficient in zinc number one reason is phytic acid when it’s fine agate acid this is a chemical compound naturally found in bran in the rice and the grains it’s also in the beans it’s in the raw nuts in corn nuts being raw almonds and especially raw walnuts okay because when you heat it you can actually destroy this phytic acid another name for finding acid is phytates so if you’re consuming a lot of rice especially brown rice by the way or whole grains you’re gonna have higher levels of phytic acid and that is going to bind the zinc and it’s going to create a zinc deficiency especially if your diet is mostly these foods okay and of course this relates to the next one being a vegan now the best source of zinc and I’m talking about bioavailability is is animal products like beef and it’s also in seafood like oysters fish lamb and if you are a vegan or you just can’t afford meat and you’re doing mostly grains or cereals you’re gonna get a zinc deficiency and diarrhea I’ve already talked about that but let’s say for example you have an infection that’s causing diarrhea or a parasite or a microbe that can set you up for a zinc deficiency and let’s say for example you’re doing white rice or you’re doing white flour products okay as in refined grains well guess what refined grains and refined sugars will actually cause a zinc deficiency itself so not only do we have the whole grains we have the refined grains causing this zinc deficiency creating a lot of problems all right in summary if you know someone who’s pregnant or lactating make sure they’re taking a trace mineral or having enough foods that are high in zinc I put a link down below so you can get more data on that also children make sure they’re taking a trace mineral to include not just sink but all the trace minerals very important like iodine selenium and even iron and lastly and most importantly get them on a healthy keto plan to avoid these foods that are not cute a friendly and that way you don’t to worry about it in the first place thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About Why is there a Major Zinc Deficiency in India and Pakistan?.
Why is there a Major Zinc Deficiency in India and Pakistan?

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Today, I want to talk to you about a big problem going on in India and Pakistan. It’s a micronutrient deficiency, and that micronutrient is zinc. Why is this happening?
This is especially a problem in:
• Pregnant and lactating woman
• Children
What is Zinc? – Zinc is involved in many biochemical reactions in the body. It’s a cofactor for 1000 enzymes. You really don’t want to miss out on the health benefits of zinc. 
Zinc deficiency symptoms:
• Diarrhea
• Underweight
• Stunted growth
• Cognitive defects 
• Susceptibility to malaria, pneumonia, and viruses
• Skin problems
• Stomach ulcers
• Low testosterone
• Alopecia
• Low thyroid
What causes zinc deficiency?
• Phytic acid (in rice, grains, beans, nuts, corn)
• Vegan diet (the best source of zinc is animal products)
• Diarrhea
• Sugar or refined carbohydrates 
It’s essential for pregnant women and young children to take a trace mineral supplement or have plenty of foods high in zinc. A healthy ketogenic diet is also crucial to avoid a zinc deficiency.
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