Why Estrogen Dominance After Menopause?

Why Estrogen Dominance After Menopause?

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this video we’re going to talk about why estrogen dominance after menopause this is one of those burning questions that people have I mean think about it the ovaries go into retirement they stop working after age 52 so that would mean that your estrogen should go down right why do a lot of women have estrogen dominance and are at risk for cancer and have all sorts of issues after menopause let’s let’s show you why first let’s cover the symptoms of estrogen dominance anxiety irritability agitation breast tenderness weepy depression craving for chocolate joint pain acne cystic acne weight in the hips the thighs and the lower punch in the stomach low libido fibroids cancer endometriosis it takes estrogen to make cancer grow in the breast and the uterus okay now let’s talk about some facts related to estrogen to put this together estrogen does drop after menopause okay so that’s that’s really what happens but progesterone drops even more giving the relative ratio of higher amounts of estrogen to progesterone progesterone is a hormone that opposes estrogen it counters it so if you drop progesterone too far down with no unopposed estrogen it can appear to be higher and more damaging okay now adrenal glands are the backup to the ovaries so during menopause the adrenal glands will make the same hormones that the ovaries do kind of in a little fact and the adrenal glands on top of the kidney progesterone feeds cortisol progesterone converts into cortisol if the body needs more cortisol that’s the stress hormone from the adrenal it will get some of the cortisone from progesterone so here we have this situation where we have the Drina ‘ls are weak okay low cortisol your body is going to rob that little bit of progesterone that you have what do you think’s going to happen estrogen then it’s already high it’s going to appear to be higher because it’s going to be unopposed by the progesterone so we’re going to take that last little drop of a gesture and we had and drop it even more to convert it to cortisol so really it’s the adrenals the weak adrenals behind this whole problem okay and it’s forcing other parts of the body to be depleted because the adrenal considers the stress countering stress the adrenals like the most important thing so it will rob from this and take from this just to keep the adrenals strong okay so basically increased need for cortisol depletes progesterone okay so you got that so far now let me show you some additional facts okay so what do we know we know that progesterone converts the cortisol if there’s a low adrenal and there’s you need more cortisol the body will make more from sucking more progesterone thereby increasing the relative ratio of high estrogen okay don’t worry gets worse okay so more facts your own fat makes estrogen so the more fat you have the more estrogen going to have because that makes estrogen and it takes it robs it from the hips and it doesn’t Rob the fat it just it basically generates it from the fat okay and also estrogen makes fat so it’s kind of like a never-ending nightmare now we used to use something called estrogen replacement therapy and they don’t use anymore because they found it causes cancer and they switch it to hormone replacement therapy which they add a little bit of progesterone so this was just Astra dial and then the added progesterone and then an estrogen together and then they found that that as some side effects with cancer and so they added Provera which is a synthetic progesterone okay so then some women take that and then they started to use prim Pro which is estrogen and synthetic progesterone together but the problem this is all synthetic and that’s what a lot of women do for half-life vaginal dryness night sweats but they have to realize that there’s some other natural things that you can do and I’m going to put a link down below if you have low estrogen because that’s a whole thing that we want to talk about later we’re talking about estrogen dominance okay so now the estrogen is really three hormones estradiol s drone and that’s the role and I’m going to explain these two right here so s drone is the type of estrogen that occurs after menopause and it’s made from androgens or testosterone so basically it’s a little complex but basically you can make estrogen from if you have too much androgens so there’s a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome that a lot of people have and that’s the situation where you’re taking you have too much androgen now how could how would a woman have too much androgen well guess what causes androgens spike insulin so again it’s a little complex but if you have an insulin problem and I’ll put some links below if you want to check that out insulin resistance you can get PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome from that men when men have too much energy and whatever it can convert to estrogen and that’s what causes the the breast tissue in a male body the prostate enlargement the low libido okay that’s this right here because there’s an enzyme that converts androgen to estrogen and it’s called aroma taste and aroma taste basically is always seen in people with with breast cancer or even prostate cancer it’s higher and that’s because the source of that cancer is fed by estrogen made from this darn enzyme here and it’s converting the antigen to more estrogen so you can see there’s a lot of different places that estrogen is being produced not just from the ovary but from progesterone from the environment from from synthetic medication from your own androgen is being converted so so an ester own can cause erectile dysfunction a lot of problems in men you know like men have prostate issues right what happens is that their test their estrogen increases as they get older and the testosterone goes down so this whole idea that what’s causing the prostate is high levels of DHT which is a powerful form of testosterone is not true because they use DHT to fix prostate enlargement it’s really the estrogen that’s messing up enlarging the prostate so s Joan is a known carcinogen it causes cancer and it converts to estradiol okay all right so now Esther y’all what’s that s3 all if the last the third type of estrogen and that’s like a waste product of estradiol okay so it’s basically there to help buffer estradiol because of estradiol is too high you’ll really get cancer and so it’s there to balance and buffer it because s Terrell is considered anti cancer so it’s it protects you against the bad estrogen sort of speak okay then we have the hormones and animal products that you eat if you don’t need organic or hormone free then you’re getting those estrogen same thing with dairy xenoestrogens that would be like in the environment you have pesticides insecticides herbicides all that stuff mimics estrogen okay and I just want to make a note I do not believe that it’s the estrogen that your body makes that causes the cancer I believe it’s from other sources so I don’t think it’s it’s that your body’s just making too much there’s something environmentally that’s increasing and that’s really what’s causing the cancer that’s just my opinion by the way the last thing I want to talk about is GMO genetically modified foods right now the big ones are soy corn and beet okay all the beet sugar and us is basically genetically modified in the soy and the corn try to buy food that doesn’t have that in there and plus guess what they feed the animals core and corn and soy so you’re getting a lot of G oh okay now this is something that’s not labeled in the grocery stores and the problem is that when they make something GMO its modified in a way th
at it resistant herbicide okay a weed killer so the farmers can basically spray more weed killer on the soy and corn and and not kill the soil corn just kill everything else okay as a lot of consequences the problem is the chemical name is glyphosate glyphosate is the fat soluble it’s not water-soluble so it gets stored in your body right now there’s certain studies I’ll put the links below that indicate that GMO the residue can affect your endocrine system parts per trillion parts per trillion if you took let me just give you the magnitude on it on that let’s just say you had 600 train trucks okay hook together filled with a liquid of water and I took one drop of this glyphosate and I diluted it into 600 train trucks that’s the delusion that you would need to affect your own endocrine system so it’s very very small amounts and it’s affecting everyone on a massive scale this long-term studies are not done and I think that’s the most obvious thing that’s creating a lot of estrogen because not only is this very estrogenic but this soy is also Astro genic the chemicals in roundup that are not even glyphosate are estrogenic and create a lot of problems so that’s a whole other video but I’m just kind of showing you there’s just a lot of things messing up and raising your level of estrogen so now the good news let’s show you what to do about it okay we took the solution hang in there I know it’s a long video we want to go organic vegetable we want to do hormone free meats and there’s a thing called aromatase inhibitors now they use this synthetically for cancer okay but we want to use the natural things okay so you have cruciferous vegetables I personally use a concentrate because it’s in a pill form and it has all the cruciferous organic the other thing is iodine iodine helps lower estrogen I get it in seek help okay dim is a concentrated cruciferous phytochemical and you can get this room the health of store narrow root is a very powerful aromatase inhibitor as well I like the herb nettle root it’s a really also it’s good for prostate issues it’s good to lower estrogen it’s good as an anti-inflammatory now all those symptoms that I showed you about estrogen dominance some of them have joint pain and anxiety those are mainly not necessarily from estrogen it’s from the imbalance of estrogen straining the adrenal okay it’s really an adrenal symptom just a side note chase tree black cohosh is a good thing to take for this condition now if it’s really really bad and you’ve tried everything nothing’s working and then at that point I would get congested Estero cream okay but that’s pretty powerful you might not to go might need not go that route right off the bat and then cortisol support why because this is a product that I use cortisol support this basically goes deeper into the adrenals and it’s mainly for someone who has low cortisol not high cortisol so it will give the adrenals a chance to come up and not steal your progesterone and I use that for hot flashes as well but it’s mainly to help support the adrenals during menopause as a backup for the ovaries okay we covered a lot of information you might have to watch this again I put some links down below but thank you so much for watching

This Post Was All About Why Estrogen Dominance After Menopause?.
Why Estrogen Dominance After Menopause?

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Dr. Berg talks about why women get estrogen dominance after menopause. Symptoms of excess estrogen includes: anxiety, irritability, breast tenderness, weepiness, cravings for chocolate, joint pain, acne, weight in hips and thighs, low libido, and fibroids.
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In this study, we found that glyphosate at a log interval concentration ranging from 10-12 to 10-6 M increased the cell proliferation of a hormorne dependent breast disease T47D cell (Basically, infinitesimal glyphosate concentrations in the parts-per-trillion rage (10 to the minus 12) had proliferative (carcinogenic) effects on the studied T47D breast damaged cells line)
Glyphosate (Roundup) Carcinogenic In the PARTS PER TRILLION Range
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