Why Did Mexico Surpass America in Obesity?

Why Did Mexico Surpass America in Obesity?

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so today we’re gonna talk about why Mexico has surpassed the US and obesity rates in Mexico the rate of becoming obese is thirty two point eight percent for adults and in the u.s. it’s thirty one point eight percent so Mexico is rated number one in obesity not something you want to be rated for seventy percent of adults are overweight childhood obesity spiked up three times within the past ten years and diabetes has doubled since the year 2000 no other country has experienced the rise and obesity of that magnitude so the question is now before I tell you the answer I want to see what you think go ahead and type the answer down below okay I’ll just wait I’ll just wait until you do that okay I’ll show you Mexico who consumes more soda than any other country in the world and coca-cola controls 73 percent of the Mexican is drink market as compared to the u.s. they only control 42 percent now any time you’re trying to figure something out whether it’s a symptom or something like this you want to look at what happened what was introduced what was a change right before the spike in a worsening of a symptom or in this case the major spike in obesity and this thing is so obvious before the spike in obesity they were not drinking as much soda and now they are and yes there was a decrease in vegetable consumption by 30% but that does not compare with the massive spike of soda and of course coca-cola wants to retain that control so they’re sponsoring this programs called exercise is medicine which basically distracts everyone from the sugar that spikes insulin that causes you to get fat and the problem is exercise only gives you 15% of your results 85% of your weight loss results occurs by changing your diet alright guys thanks for watching and comment below on what your thoughts and considerations are about this situation 

This Post Was All About Why Did Mexico Surpass America in Obesity?.
Why Did Mexico Surpass America in Obesity?

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Mexico has surpassed the United States with the highest obesity rates, and the cause of this rise in obesity may surprise you.
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0:06 Mexico and obesity
0:37 What caused the obesity rise in Mexico?
1:14 Looking at the change right before the spike
Today we’re going to talk about why Mexico has surpassed the United States in obesity rates.
Mexico and obesity:
In Mexico, the obesity rate for adults is 32.8%.
Obesity in America:
In the United States, the obesity rate for adults is 31.8%.
In Mexico, 70% of adults are overweight. Childhood obesity spiked 3x within the past ten years. Diabetes cases have doubled since the year 2000. No other country has experienced a rise in obesity of that magnitude.
What caused the obesity rise in Mexico?
• Mexico consumes more soda than any other country in the world
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Soda consumption can cause weight gain and other damaging health effects. The high spike in soda consumption in Mexico may even be the cause behind the country surpassing the United States in obesity.

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