Why Calcium May NOT Help Your Osteoporosis, But Might Instead Cause a Heart Attack

Why Calcium May NOT Help Your Osteoporosis, But Might Instead Cause a Heart Attack

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hey this is dr. Berg again in this short beauty we’re going to talk about calcium and osteoporosis this is the loss of bone and there’s another condition called osteopenia which is the kind of the precursor or the thing that happens just before osteoporosis there is a myth going around that women get osteoporosis because they’re lacking calcium well the the big huge trials that were just done the research on women that take calcium just found out that the more calcium they take the more they get heart attacks especially if they’re postmenopausal and I’m going to cover why that is but most osteoporosis is not a calcium problem per se it is a problem with cortisol cortisol is a stress hormone that is made by your adrenal glands and if your adrenal glands are overactive and the way that you become overactive is is especially during menopause because the adrenals back up the ovaries during menopause because they make estrogen so yes estrogen can affect osteoporosis but just the fact that the adrenals can’t make up the difference from what the ovary up when the ovary was producing before so we have these weak adrenals you go through menopause and then you lose your bones it’s not because you’re not eating enough calcium it’s because the high cortisol because the three nails are so tired they’re failing to back up the ovaries okay now what happens is when you have high cortisol it’s very destructive on the protein in the bone so you lose protein most of your bonus protein and it’s very destructive on calcium as well so you lose calcium lose protein lose other minerals and you lose your vitamin D levels I would say most of the vitamin D deficiencies in the United States especially in the northern version because they don’t have as much Sun is adrenal high cortisol that’s why we become low low in vitamin D okay alright so cortisol that’s really what’s underneath this osteoporosis so this comes down to stress stress will cause high cortisol so I’m not saying live on I go live on a desert island by yourself I’m just saying instead of taking calcium start do things to start to improve the stress situation change your environment do things that are less stressful work on your adrenals nutritionally acupressure go for long walks there’s a lot of things you can do for to lower cortisol so it’s rarely a calcium problem directly studies have shown that higher calcium and I will put the studies below so you can look them up yourselves and just realize I’m not making this up high high levels of calcium will double the chance of getting a heart attack and why is that why because when you take calcium calcium needs a transporter vitamin there are two transporter vitamins ones vitamin D which transports the calcium into the blood but there’s another vitamin called vitamin k2 that transports calcium from the blood all the way into the tissues the function of vitamin k2 is to mobilize the calcium out of the arteries and on the soft tissue and put it in the bone vitamin k2 is in a lot of the fats it’s in grass-fed butter it’s in egg yolks it’s in goose liver it’s in all the things that the doctors tell you not to consume if you have a heart problem right well we need k2 you can get this in a tablet form take a hundred micrograms and you can then also take vitamin d3 I would take ten thousand international units together these two together with a little fish oil may be cod liver oil so if you took all three these together this would be very very beneficial to protect your bones why because this is going to transport it this will help to transport it as well and then of course I’m not telling you not to neglect cortisol fix this too but these are very good protective vitamins to help transport calcium the other thing is just by lowering cortisol your vitamin d3 will go up as well but this is very beneficial now if you already have osteoporosis you’re going to need to take some calcium I do not recommend taking calcium carbonate if you’ve been taking calcium go get your bottle right now and look at the label make sure it’s not calcium carbonate that’s limestone you’d be better off chewing on the cement outside it’s just rocks it’s not going to absorb you need calcium citrate calcium lactate calcium gluconate all the different types of calcium but not carbonate but if you have osteoporosis you might want to add calcium to this and that would be your like your your bone building factors and to prevent the heart attacks the last point I wanted to make is that is this many people ask me like what food can I can I get these vitamins it’s very difficult to get vitamin D from food unless you consume cod liver oil but you can get it from the Sun so if you go outside ten minutes a day or 15 you can get 10,000 IU’s so that way it’s it’s free you don’t to take it okay but definitely the k2 that’s the one that you want to take more of to help prevent this and then again check with your doctor if you have this I’m not telling you that this is going to cure your diagnosed this is the reason why you have osteoporosis but I’m just giving you some extra data to present to your doctor so you guys can figure it out but it takes if you have osteoporosis it does take a bit of time to have that be restored it could take several years because it’s a really a major problem in the body when you have osteoporosis your body has been very very very health wise been way way down so give it time it’s not going to come back in two months it’s going to take probably yours but this will help you hope you enjoy the video I’ll see you in the next one

This Post Was All About Why Calcium May NOT Help Your Osteoporosis, But Might Instead Cause a Heart Attack.
Why Calcium May NOT Help Your Osteoporosis, But Might Instead Cause a Heart Attack

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Too much calcium can cause heart attacks until you are taking the fat soluble vitamins to mobilize the calcium. In this video, we discuss the how calcium deficiency is NOT the reason why people have osteoporosis.
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