Why Babies Thrive on Ketosis

Why Babies Thrive on Ketosis

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let’s talk about why babies thrive on Kido now when a woman is pregnant especially during the last trimester 30% of all the energy fed to that baby is from ketones and then once they’re born the first two hours they’re going to be running off of lactate that’s milk sugar but then they’re gonna convert it right to ketones so ketones are very normal for a newborn ketones are not supposed to be an alternative fuel in fact breast milk is loaded with MCT fats medium chain triglycerides which are then turned into ketones a baby’s brain makes up between eleven and twelve percent of their entire body weight as compared to an adult brain which only makes up two percent of the weight yet in a newborn 75 percent of all the energy that they use is for the brain if we compare this to an adult we use 20 to 25% of our energy for our brain so as you can see this brain is very very important for survival it’s very important to allocate the majority of fuel because it is going to be the organ that runs the entire body but here’s the fascinating thing ketones not only provide a good amount of fuel for the infant’s brain they also provide the building blocks for lipids of an infant’s brain I’m talking about the cholesterol and the myelin sheath that surround the nerves in the brain ketones supply the brain with 90% of the carbon to make the white matter so it’s not just about the fuel it’s about the building blocks as well and this is also another reason why babies are born with extra fat because that fat actually can help supply more ketones unless someone screws it up by feeding them the formulas which is basically the high carb diet because all that sugar and glucose and carbohydrate will completely prevent the ketones from being used as fuel so if you’re going to get pregnant or you are pregnant try to breastfeed as long as possible and in the process make sure you’re eating foods with all the key neutral I’m talking about the trace minerals I’m talking about the B vitamins and vitamin C from actual nutrient-dense foods that way that child has the best chance of optimizing their IQ their bone formation their reduction of risk for certain diseases and overall longevity my last point is this if we started out on ketones why would we want to go to a high carb diet and why would someone be hesitant of going on a ketogenic diet after being on high carb diets for many years it doesn’t make sense to me other than the fact that they just might not understand this basic data right here but for more information on how to grow a very healthy baby check out this video on this screen 

This Post Was All About Why Babies Thrive on Ketosis.
Why Babies Thrive on Ketosis

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Babies on keto may have the best chance to truly thrive and optimize their health. Think about this. 
0:04 Are ketones normal for a baby?
0:25 Ketones are not meant to be an alternative fuel 
0:37 Babies brain development 
1:52 Babies on formula vs. breastmilk 
2:32 If we started out on ketones, why would we change anything?
In this video, we’re going to talk about why babies thrive on keto. 
When a woman is pregnant, especially during the last trimester, 30% of all of the energy fed to that baby is from ketones. Once the baby is born, for the first two hours, they’re running off of lactate. But, after that, they convert to ketones again.
Ketones are not meant to be an alternative fuel. In fact, breast milk is loaded with MCT fats, which then turn into ketones. 
A baby’s brain makes up between 11-12% of their entire body weight, as compared to an adult brain, which only makes up 2% of the weight. With a newborn, 75% of all of the energy used is for the brain. An adult uses 20-25% of energy for the brain. 
Ketones not only provide a good amount of fuel for an infant’s brain, but they also provide the building blocks for the lipids of the infant’s brain. Ketones also supply the brain with 90% of the carbon to make the white matter. 
Babies are born with extra fat because that fat can help supply more ketones. But, formulas are like giving a baby a high carb diet. The glucose and carbohydrates will prevent the ketones from being used as fuel. Consider trying to breastfeed as long as possible. In the process, make sure you’re eating foods with all of the ket nutrients. That way, the child has the best chance of optimizing their IQ, bone formation, the reduction of risk of different diseases, and their longevity. 
If we started out on ketones, why would we want to go to a high carb diet? 
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