Why all of a sudden is everyone deficient in vitamin D?

Why all of a sudden is everyone deficient in vitamin D?

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hey dr. Berg here in this video we’re going to talk about vitamin D in relationship to why everyone all of a sudden is deficient in vitamin D so I’m going to give you the basics of it and then I’ll get into the why so here’s some basics number 1 our bodies need about 1200 international units of vitamin D per day ok that’s a general amount it might go up or down depending on several factors one is your stress level because obviously if you’re more sick or more stress you’re going to need more the foods that have vitamin D would be cod liver oil that’s why your grandmother recommended that fatty fish butter cheese cream raw milk very high in vitamin D but most people get it from the Sun because what happens is the UV lights convert cholesterol on your skin just turn that cholesterol into a chemical reaction that occurs to your liver and kidney that then eventually makes vitamin D so your body will make vitamin D from some in the interaction of the cholesterol on your skin okay so that’s how we get it vitamin D is used to support bone so in a child you could have if you’re very deficient you can have this thing called rickets which is very weak bones the bones start bending so there is a connection between vitamin D and bone I’ll get into the specifics in a little bit the immune system highly sensitive to vitamin D so if your vitamin D deficient you can have immune problems but vitamin D is is not really like a vitamin it acts like a hormone is a hormone it’s a pre hormone so it turns into a steroid it’s a type of steroid a lot of times when you get vitamin D from the pharmacy they’ll give you the wrong kind and they make it synthetically you want a more of a natural form all right so now why all of a sudden is everyone deficient in D that’s that’s weird well there’s a couple reasons for it number one MD is only recently been testing vitamin D previously they haven’t really looked for it so that could be one reason number two people don’t go out in the Sun as much especially as you get older you’re going to stay away from the Sun because of the scare of skin cancer and things like that so people are not going out in the Sun kids don’t go out in the Sun as much we’re mainly in an office behind the computer also low cholesterol diet remember Sun converts the cholesterol in the vitamin D so we need cholesterol so if you’re a low cholesterol medication or you’re going on a low-fat diet olestra diet it could be that could be a culprit you don’t have any raw material to build vitamin D or it could be a lack of something called bio I’ve done videos on this bile is the detergent that breaks down the grease it is a fluid from your liver that breaks down fats specifically fat soluble vitamins vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin without bio you can’t absorb vitamin D so it could be a digestive liver issue okay and that’s why if the doctor gives you so much recommend so much vitamin D per week like I’ve had people come in they’re taking fifty thousand milligrams like way more than you would need once a week not every not spread out but once a week and if they don’t have bio they’re going to get a Vitamix called vitamin hyper hypervitaminosis vitamin D that’s actually vitamin D toxicity that’s too much vitamin D and the symptoms for vitamin D toxicity would be the calcium starts clogging up your heart your lungs the kidneys you get kidney stones you get all sorts weakness in the muscle you get really you have a lot of fatigue so just because you are deficient doesn’t mean you need to go overboard and go the other direction go way over the edge so you need bile to absorb vitamin D and make it work and the last thing is not very known but stress specifically the stress hormone called cortisol cortisol is the adrenal hormone the stress hormone that competes for other steroids like this in other words this stress hormone goes in the body and it’s received in a receptor and if there’s too much stress hormone there won’t be enough receptors for vitamin D so now vitamin D doesn’t go in there because vitamin D is a steroid so is cortisol they’re both steroids they’re almost hormone like so when you have a lot of cortisol or stress you block the ability to absorb vitamin D and honestly I think this is probably the more the most common reason why people have low vitamin D levels is stress so we have that and also the flight or flight mode the adrenaline rush lack of sleep oh my gosh it’s incredible so no wonder we have low vitamin D levels so that’s that’s some basics on what vitamin D does and now I want to show you some interesting data about the opposing hormone now very few people know about this but in nature all vitamins are synergistic they work with other vitamins vitamin D has a synergistic vitamin called vitamin F in other words they work together as a teacher taught or type mechanism when one goes up the other one goes down but the function of vitamin D is to take the calcium from the stomach and put it into the blood the purpose of vitamin F is to take the calcium from the blood and put it into the skin tissues okay and that is why vitamin F is a protective mechanism against all types of skin problems maybe you have never heard about them enough it’s the polyunsaturated fatty acids so that would be like the safflower oil the flax oil the walnut and walnut oil sunflower oil pumpkin seed oils or pumpkin seeds fatty fish there e there is some actually even some vitamin F in in butter too there’s also vitamin F in Collar boil and there’s there’s one type of food that you have a 50/50 split of vitamin D and vitamin F and that would be cod-liver oil which your grandmother was correct so so those vitamins work together now vitamin D is the Sun milk products cream cheese raw milk and then we have the vitamin F this is more saturated fats these are unsaturated fats okay so they work together now if you’re deficient in vitamin F you will get hives you will get thick skin like a farmer that’s out in the Sun so long his skin becomes very very very thick and that is because you’re getting all this vitamin D vitamin T toxicity which automatically reduces your vitamin F which automatically drops your calcium in the skin and leaves you vulnerable for sunstroke sunburns all sorts of skin problems so here’s here’s the problem what you want to do is you want to consider that they always have vitamin F with vitamin D hives muscle cramps sunburn it would be difficult to get sunburn if you had enough vitamin F in your bloodstream so if you actually do have sunstroke go ahead and go in the house and start consuming more flax oil or something like that to get more of that vitamin F and that will help you heal that sunburn very very fast but it’s just a depletion of calcium to the skin canker sores viruses come out of remission when you’re low in vitamin D because vitamin I’m sort of item an F okay so vitamin F goes down viruses come out of remission because there’s no calcium there but to keep the virus in check and keep it back in remission so viruses come out of remission when you’re deficient in vitamin F that would be canker sore so that’s why the immune system is very highly linked with this the other interesting point is that polio which is the virus always tend to come come out outbreaks in the late fall or the early early fall late summer what else papillomaviruses come out in the late summer the flu comes out in the fall which is right after summer a lot of virus outbreaks occur after the summer months when you have all this vitamin D and that’s all it’s doing is depleting your vitamin F making you susceptible for these viruses
to come out the virus is already in there it’s just coming out the other thing is the cervical cancer which is viral related cancer of the cervix that those outbreaks come out in the late summer which I just find that being an interesting connection I don’t know if that’s a fact but it sounds like it correlates so this is the relationship make sure that you balance it out and understand this because you don’t just need vitamin D you need vitamin F to keep the whole thing working and now you understand how it all works and so make sure that you consume a lot of these omega-3 fatty acids in your diet and that will kind of keep you out of trouble so the other thing I want to mention is that it’s not as simple as just taking vitamin D it could be you don’t have any bile so if you don’t have bile you need bile salts to be able to digest the the vitamins the fat cyber vitamins so you can start pulling in the vitamin D in the bloodstream and there’s really nothing wrong with being out in the Sun as long as you have vitamin A to protect you and that way it’ll keep the calcium in there as well so you want to take all this data and look at the whole picture not just like this like through a little microscope and so that’s kind of the holistic view I hope you enjoyed it and write down any comments about it below and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Why all of a sudden is everyone deficient in vitamin D?.
Why all of a sudden is everyone deficient in vitamin D?

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