Where Have I Been | What Happened | And What’s Next | TSL Ep.20

Where Have I Been | What Happened | And What’s Next | TSL Ep.20

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so before we get in this video guys I just want to say that I’m sorry for dropping the ball with that shredded life I haven’t been coming out with any content I’m not really one for excuses I hate excuses it’s excuses are like one of my biggest pet peeves so I’m just taking full ownership I’ve dropped the ball I’ve been making updates with my physique my posing updates I’ve been doing that every week just haven’t been vlogging I have vlogs that I need to edit that need to come out for the channel but nothing has been vlogged for about a month which is when I stopped releasing content and just so you know this video is gonna be a bunch of just me talking and sort of explaining what’s been going on the past month but I’ve been getting a lot of it’s actually sort of nice people have been reaching out wondering where have the vlogs gone I missed the vlogs you totally dropped off the face of the earth are you alive did you die but they do die are you analyst is still together are you still doing the show like a lot of questions and concerns and you know it’s nice for so many people to be concerned about you that being said I guess the biggest thing the past month is I just I haven’t felt myself guys so about a month ago was when Alyssa and I went on this trip to Miami if you follow me on Instagram you know I was instagramming the trip a little bit and some of the great food we ate that it was it was phenomenal it was really nice to kind of put the camera down for several days when we left I thought I was gonna do a full day of eating out there and the physique update because it just had happened to fall while we were traveling so I had two videos planned and maybe a third video of just like just vlogging the day none of that happened except the physique and posing update and even I just filmed the posing and physique stuff and then I filmed the intro outro wing at home a lot of that had to do because Alyssa was sleeping when I was filming that but anyways I’ve been thinking a lot about why I haven’t been creating content the past month or even just editing the old vlogs and the only thing I can think of is that right around the time of the trip right about when we went to Miami I had reached a whole new level of leanness guys I had never been as lean as I was on that trip in my entire life and I’m leaner now which is unbelievable but at that point things started to change for me because mentally physically emotionally I just wasn’t myself that was like the tipping point I think people who have they get to a new level of leanness or even just at a certain point of dieting you diet for so long you kind of just start not feeling like yourself your hormones are off there’s a lot of factors guys of just dieting and getting to a low level of body fat that it starts to become just not enjoyable per se and it’s really tough if you’ve never been to a certain level before because I feel like the first time that you reach a super low I’m probably single-digit body for high single digit body fat percentage right now and I think when it’s your first time hitting like a new level that you don’t know how to deal with it and the more often you have been sort of them in single-digit body fat percentage or just you’ve been leaner than you’ve ever been before it’s a learning experience you know how to cope a little bit better and I feel like lately I’ve really adjusted to this level of body fat percentage and things have become way easier I feel more like myself these days and for the past month I just haven’t been a lot more irritable I’ve been tired a lot my sex drive has been a lot lower especially the first like two to three weeks of this like month block just like kind of disappeared for a little while which is very common for B who have been they reach a certain level of leanness where they’ve been dieting for a really extended period of time it’s come back the past like week and a half-ish but you know you you just you notice things guys when when you’re dieting and obviously this like creating content for the channel is something that I I just stopped doing so it’s like a big thing that I noticed that I’m not myself like I love making videos for YouTube I love doing this this is something that I have a lot of fun with but the thought of like editing a vlog or even just like making a vlog had no appeal to me so I guess to wrap things up I’m sorry guys I’m sorry that I dropped the ball on the channel it really wasn’t something that I ever thought was gonna happen but it did and I take full ownership of that thank you so much for all of your continued support I like I said that was a very weird rough month of contest prep I’m glad that I didn’t give up I’m glad that I’m still prepping for the show I’m glad that I feel more like myself these days I feel like I kind of be making more videos for you guys really really soon at least the old blogs are gonna be edited I motivated again and there probably will be a bunch of posing physique update videos it’s just come out one right after another because like I said I haven’t been blogging but I’ve been doing those so you’ll probably see my physique change pretty quickly like it’ll just be at one every day that I’ll release cuz they’re pretty easy to edit so thanks again guys I really appreciate all the support I’ll see you the next video

This Post Was All About Where Have I Been | What Happened | And What’s Next | TSL Ep.20.
Where Have I Been | What Happened | And What's Next | TSL Ep.20

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