What’s Really Behind Leaky Gut

What’s Really Behind Leaky Gut

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this video we’re gonna talk about what’s really behind leaky gut okay now you’ve probably been told that well gluten will cause it and that’s true that’s the protein in wheat but what happens when you cut out the gluten and you still have the problem and it’s not clearing up or people that really don’t consume any gluten what’s the cause then there’s something else it’s basically a version of scurvy scurvy of your colon that’s a vitamin C deficiency now I did some videos on this with the arteries because when you have scurvy of the arteries or a vitamin C deficiency of the arteries you can start having these little leak leaks that go into the blood vessel and it creates an immune reaction and it starts getting formation of cholesterol and calcium and then you get this clot well a similar thing happens in the colon when you see vitamin C controls the collagen formation so when you’re deficient in vitamin C you’ll get symptoms of like bleeding gums that’s because the capillaries are breaking down and you’re getting bleeding okay well guess what happens you have this little lining a layer of cells in your colon that allow food to be absorbed through there like a route light structure into the lymphatic system where you absorb the nutrients normally those little gaps are between 1 and 7 microns very very very small when you have leaky gut it becomes 200 to 300 microns so you have these huge holes in your colon and that’s gonna allow undigested proteins to go through the colon well guess what happens it doesn’t get the stamp of approval through from your immune system immigration and so your body starts attacking and building antibodies against those proteins thus the massive food allergies specifically to proteins and food sensitivities to other foods as well but here you have all these food allergies simply because of this vitamin C deficiency so you’ve got food allergies and then you have immune reaction you have inflammation scar tissue and now you can’t absorb after that because it’s it’s just not working and you have these like these malformed junctions okay so here’s a question like why are you deficient in vitamin C in the first place could it be your diet is it because you don’t consume enough vegetables you need a good amount of vegetables at least seven cups every single day to eat your vitamin C when you take a supplement most vitamin C comes in a synthetic version ascorbic acid and some people take that and think they’re getting the whole vitamin C complex but in reality vitamin C in nature comes in different parts so if I were to show you right here vitamin C has a very small protective outer shells called ascorbic acid but inside you have the P factors about flavonoids okay ba flavonoids and then you have the J factor since the anti pneumonia vitamin increases oxygen copper and vitamin K so you have a lot of complex things inside that vitamin C complex that’s how nature has designed vitamin C the one that is really specifically aligns to this problem it is the deficiency in the P factor the bowel flavonoids so when you take ascorbic acid you don’t get any bowel flavonoids okay so it really doesn’t work so here’s some foods that are very very important that are very high in bioflavonoids to help heal that collagen sprouted buckwheat okay you can get I would get that as a supplement find a supplement a sprouted buckwheat there’s one from santa process called Sirota plus that’s one there’s others on Amazon I’ll put some some information down below I don’t have any brands that I’m recommending other than santa process is a good one cure certain is a bal flavonoid parsley onions green tea citrus lemons limes all these are very high in bioflavonoids a lot of the vegetables most of the vegetables especially cruciferous are loaded with ba flavonoids but let’s say you’re consuming these foods but you’re still having this problem it could be it’s not that your diet is deficient about NEC it’s that you have insulin resistance you have too much insulin you’re pre-diabetic or you have symptoms of a subclinical pre-diabetes which is not really showing up but you have all the symptoms that see hi this is gonna create a lot more insulin and higher insulin will deplete your vitamin C boom that’s one thing so you have to correct that if that’s the problem the other cause of vitamin C deficiencies is smoking one cigarette if you smoke one cigarette you’re gonna deplete at least 25 grams of vitamin C so here you’re smoking and then you’re depleting it you’re not knowing that’s causing that can set you up for a vitamin C deficiency okay so I just wanted to give you some solutions to this problem right here to actually help heal this and these are some good things and also you’re gonna have to stop smoking if you are smoker but that’s gonna really help you as well thanks for watching hi guys hey listen I created a pretty amazing evaluation quiz down below that actually analyzes your symptoms to find the cause the root cause of all of your symptoms the most likely cause so take the quiz now and we’ll send you a report

This Post Was All About What’s Really Behind Leaky Gut.
What's Really Behind Leaky Gut

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Dr. Berg talks about whats really behind leaky gut. It is scurvy of the colon. A lack of vitamin C can cause a loss of collagen in the lining of the intestines thus making the gaps open and allow undigested proteins to enter.
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