What’s Really Behind a Sluggish Thyroid Problem

What’s Really Behind a Sluggish Thyroid Problem

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so in this video we’re going to talk about the thyroid gland there are so many people that are walking around with a thyroid problem but its secondary to something else in fact when they take the thyroid medication they don’t really feel any better or they don’t lose the weight so the problem is associating what’s really underneath the thyroid problem you know when you go to a doctor they’ll do a blood test and they may or may not find anything they might not look deep enough or even if they do find it they’ll put you on medication but you don’t always see changes so let’s talk about all the other possibilities of of the actual cause of a thyroid problem from my experience working with a lot of doctors in the field most thyroid conditions are not primary they’re not just the primary thyroid problem unless you’ve been exposed to radiation then the thyroid is located in the base of the neck right here about two and a half inches wide and the gland controls metabolism if there’s a problem with the thyroid and it’s a low thyroid nearly a hundred enzymes inside your cells will be blocked that’s why you have problems with protein you won’t be able to absorb the proteins in the body to make hair so your hair dries out it’s there you start losing your hair you get vertical ridges on your nails you have a loose skin right here and right here you gain weight all over not in any one location you get cold feet you have to wear socks to bed at night you have problems with depression you are tired despite how many hours of sleep that you get decreased libido digestive problems constipation you crave carbs especially breads pasta cereal crackers biscuits waffles pancakes now you could also have an adrenal body type and have similar symptoms but what you’re going to look at is what what are the most associated characteristics with that body type and then you would tend to you know deal with that now in no way am i diagnosing you or telling you to diagnose your your own condition that’s my disclaimer because you get with your doctor if you want to diagnose hypothyroidism I’m just giving information to understand the Associated symptoms of the thyroid in relationship to other causes okay so number one the liver converts the thyroid hormones so in other words if you look at the the t3 and t4 the number on that T or t3 or t4 represents the number of iodine molecules that are on that hormone t4 is really an inactive thyroid hormone and it’s activated through the liver to become t3 so in your liver you have certain enzymes to strip off one of the iodine molecules to make it t3 to make t3 the active form of thyroid hormone so in other words eighty percent of the thyroid function occurs through your liver without a liver you cannot convert and make your thyroid work okay so that’s one thing you know so if your liver is damaged chances are you could that could be the source of your thyroid problem if you have constipation that backs up the liver that could be a cause of your thyroid problem if you have a sluggish gallbladder or no gallbladder that could be a source of your thyroid problem because you’re not able to convert these hormones correctly and just so you know if you don’t have enough bile which comes from a lot of adrenal stress and you don’t have that that that substance called bile which helps you break down fats for one reason or another you won’t be able to concentrate the iodine to to make this thyroid thing work to so many times you might have a good liver but just not enough bile production and that alone could influence the thyroid okay so those are some common causes it could be your diets deficient iodine because the soils are really really poor or maybe you’re allergic to iodine or maybe you’re allergic to shellfish which has iodine okay those are possibilities the other possibility is high levels of estrogen okay that’s another common cause why do I know that because many times females right after the agency they develop a thyroid condition because the spike of estrogen or women that have thyroid problems usually have high heavy high levels of estrogen coming from heavy periods or having crampy periods or painful periods estrogen dominance will block the thyroid because estrogen competes for the thyroid receptors so it blocks the receptors so too much estrogen can also be the source of a primer of a thermal problem okay so estrogen being the primary cause the thyroid problem being the symptom of high estrogen so these are all things you want to look at estrogen also condemned is the liver and stopped the conversion from t4 to t3 estrogen can also concentrate the bile to block the conversion from t4 to t3 so you can see there’s many many different causes of thyroid problem so now the question is how do we break it down how do we find out what it is my way is always like this I would like to ask a question out of all these possibilities which one would would make the most sense which one would actually help everything going on here and from my experience it’s um it’s usually a gallbladder bile problem because once you have enough bile you start to lubricate the colon so it gets rid of constipation it allows the conversion from t4 to t3 it helps the digestion it takes the pressure off the liver it allows the estrogen to flood through the liver much better so you see if you approach it from that viewpoint by fixing one thing does it fix everything at the same time because these things are not individual problems are all connected the principle that’s very true is that the underlying real cause of any of these problems is usually very obvious once you figure it out it’s nothing abstract nothing very mysterious so that’s what you want to look for or let’s say you say that we’re did this problem start right after a pregnancy well we know then it’s high estrogen levels okay so anyway that kind of gives you a deeper understanding of thyroid conditions and what maybe you should start looking at in helping yourself with the thyroid body type

This Post Was All About What’s Really Behind a Sluggish Thyroid Problem.
What's Really Behind a Sluggish Thyroid Problem

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The main things that are causing thyroid problems and symptoms that your doctor may not know or tell you. In this video, Dr. Berg discusses that simple reasons why you are having thyroid problems that might prevent you from having it removed.
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