What’s Missing in Healthcare is the Health Part

What’s Missing in Healthcare is the Health Part

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so today we’re gonna diagnose healthcare ok so what’s missing in healthcare it’s the health part I know it’s ironic you go to doctor get healthy but there’s really no health there and the reason is because only 25% of all medical schools even require you get even one class of nutrition and those 25 percent that do requirement required only get about between 11 and 20 hours of training and nutrition I’m sorry that’s just not enough so what do they do they refer to the dietitian so what are the dietitians do they analyze the diet and they recommend certain foods right but did you realize that their continuing educational credits that they have to go to every year is sponsored by the food and beverage companies yeah the food manufacturing companies if you go to a website called beverage institute org I’ll put a link down there you will find coca-cola has this website and it’s in their nutrition and health and wellness center and they give continuing educational credits by all sorts of doctors that they pay to do the seminar so not only did the food and beverage in coca-cola sponsor these trainings they actually do them themselves ok so they don’t just pay for the continuing educational building and things but they actually deliver the seminars on very selective things that they want them to to be taught number one they talk about because you can download the notes right off that website it’s so you know they’re talking about how these urban legends and it’s all these myths on they are aspartame is bad or phosphor is bad for your bone so it’s okay to take it everything in moderation high fructose corn syrup they’re talking about the benefits of high fructose corn syrup GMOs how there’s no problem with GMOs the scientific research sugar and they said there’s no link between sugar and hyperactive kids yeah I’m not kidding you should just go right on the list it’s incredible the information that is being pushed out to the dietitian and then there’s no problem with artificial colorings so in the in their ingredients so you can see that there’s a lot of incredible false information that’s being taught to these dietitians and no wonder people are not going to get the right information so I think it’s the most incredible marketing tactic by the food companies to be able to get in there to be able to train them so that’s really why you’re running into a situation was going to the dietician and trying to actually even lose weight there they’re kind of influenced by these other companies so the bottom line is this doctors don’t have the training to give the correct nutritional information because they’re not trained in it and the group that the doctors send people to the dietitians are taught by the wrong source coca-cola so what’s missing in health care is the health part because there’s no training in health by doctors and the dietitians are being taught by coca-cola but there’s another problem too and and it has to do with health care has become the management of symptoms okay the management of symptoms management of effects you get a symptom you get it labeled and then you get it treated but what about the evaluation what about the investigation of finding out what’s causing certain things you have high sugar okay that’s called diabetes and it’s treated but what causes high sugar and how do we get it corrected that is never questioned high blood pressure hypertension why what caused it we don’t talk about that we just treated directly high cholesterol why acid reflux were called acid reflux disorder right or acid reflux disease no no no no all these are symptoms they just collapse the two together call them diseases and then they treat them to make them sound scientific what’s missing is the evaluation part GERD for example gastro esophageal reflux disorder now the gastro is means the digestive system like the stomach esophagus comes up through here reflux disorder so we’re talking about description of all the different connecting dots as its some type of disease and then it’s treated again these are just symptoms this is the problem if you actually treat the symptom you’re going to continue the symptom and you’re gonna camouflage the real root problem so I mean I can see if you have a fever and they found a microbe like a staph infection you treat it that’s finding the true cause the staph infection is the is the cause of the symptom and that’s treated by an antibiotic if you have pain and you get an x-ray it’s fractured and then you get a cast it’s a treatment that makes sense to me but this other system does not make sense and I know why because there’s no money in curing or correcting everything it’s it’s become very over specialized we have special specialists and every single thing including the retina of your eye retinal gist you even have doctors of the like knee doctor or a foot doctor or a toe doctor right so doctors don’t tend to use sometimes all of the clues or the symptoms to associate that them together much i’ma show you just a medical book called CIPA and here’s an interesting thing we take page 84 we take this condition called it’s a hyper adrenal it’s too much adrenal cortisol okay it’s called Cushing’s syndrome in Cushing’s syndrome look at this you have allergies you have skin problems you have inflammation you have cognitive excessive thinking all the time you have high blood pressure bone loss right here you have all sorts of hypertension you have that you have insomnia sleep apnea low vitamin D levels acid reflux right here see if you can you imagine okay so you wanna you have all these symptoms and you list them on a page and you can treat each one of them with a separate drug you’re never going to get anywhere because the real problem the Cushing’s the adrenal the hyperactivity is never corrected but this is what happens is that everything is separated okay so now we know that but why why why is this going on here’s my two cents number one I think there’s no training in nutrition number one I’m sorry 11 hours is not going to cut it and number two the doctors are trained by the drug companies they sponsor the continuing educational trainings you have the drug rep that trains the doctors a lot of the journals that the doctors read are highly influenced by drug companies who do the the research so it’s very very heavy on the drug drug drug i think the cure of this whole problem is this that i think the doctors should get way more training and emphasis on health and nutrition it’s not going to happen probably not because there’s no money in it but here’s the situation people are not happy it’s costing a us a lot of money drugs are not making people healthier and the problems are not getting fixed so people are turning to alternative so that’s my two cents on the diagnosing of health care hope you got a couple things on that and i will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About What’s Missing in Healthcare is the Health Part.
What's Missing in Healthcare is the Health Part

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Dr. Berg discusses what is missing in the healthcare and the reason why it is missing the biggest part, health. In this video, Dr. Berg also explains the importance of knowing all you can about nutrition and what it can do to change your health for the better.
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