What Really Causes Sleep Apnea

What Really Causes Sleep Apnea

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More specifically, you want help with What Really Causes Sleep Apnea?

hey guys it’s dr. Burke here in this video I want to show you what’s behind sleep apnea sleep apnea is not really a sleeping problem it’s a sleeping symptom it’s an air obstructive pathway problem people sleep apnea can’t breathe because there’s something obstructing the pathways of air getting into the lungs so if you’re not breathing you’re not going to sleep so that’s why they use the little CPAP machines to force air in there and then you can sleep better right there’s a couple things that I wanted I want to show you what’s behind the scenes and number one if you have a sleep apnea usually you have a collapsing of the back part of the sinus back through the throat area and it starts to what’s called atrophy and atrophy is kind of a sagging drooping tissue that can then obstruct the breathing pathways and it can come from many different things people say it’s obesity but there’s a lot of skinny people that have this and a lot of fat people that don’t have it so it’s not necessarily the obesity that does it but you could have some excess fat back there that’s possible but we don’t normally accumulate fat in the back of our sinuses so that’s very unlikely but the things that people are doing to get fat usually are causing other problems in the body and that’s the drug that’s the connection number one the immediate thing that I would do if I were you of you if you have this is change your diet one is that you want to avoid milk any milk products ice cream and even cheese because that will create a swelling back here right off the bat and anything that creates inflammation will be a problem so allergies food allergies are a big problem sugar is a big problem because sugar will cause swelling of the different tissues it’s very inflammatory and if someone has this problem before I do anything I will change their diet get them off the sugar get them off wheat grains that would be breads pastas or crackers biscuits waffles and milk and then see if it clears up it might just clear up and they might have allergies because during seasonal allergies when your sinuses are all clogged up well that’s going to also create a problem with this as well if you have allergies hives asthma anything like that one of the best remedies would be royal jelly and that is a kind of a something to get in the beehives where it’s a little excretion of a fluid that the bees put to help grow the queen bee to help to fertilize that and there’s something in there that is really good to help neutralize allergies so that’s one thing I would recommend if you have a problem with allergies to the sinuses and then send us congestion I would go after the eating first and then see if that just doesn’t just clear it up and then high cortisol that’s high stress that can also shrink a nerve that’s connected to your brain stem when the cranial nerves that goes to the back of the sinuses and so one of the symptoms of high cortisol or being on prednisone or cortisone for different conditions that can create a problem with you developing this condition so if it’s that problem I would recommend my cortisol support product which basically what it does is supports inflammation it supports adrenal and helps to support the deeper cause of that and that will help reduce inflammation and then you’ll start breathing better if you have allergies you’re around that could be a fungus growing in your sinuses because you had a history of antibiotics but it can also come from other things so if that’s the case then I would work on your gut established friendly flora build up the good bacteria in your gut and that will definitely help this okay the last thing I’m going to recommend is apple cider vinegar why because just by dropping dropping the pH of your body just a little bit without cider vinegar like a teaspoon in some water every day it will instantly increase your oxygen carrying capacity through your body and you’ll actually breathe better and you should just try it to see if that’s that works for you I there’s one more thing I would do as well a lot of times people like at night have a hard time breathing in general so having plants in the room will increase your oxygen so in my room I have several plants and I find that if I sleep with a plant next to me I actually actually breathe better so that’s just you know trying to sleep in a greenhouse right you’ll just have more oxygen or even in a thunderstorm you get more oxygen in the air so those are some tips to help sleep apnea and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About What Really Causes Sleep Apnea.
What Really Causes Sleep Apnea

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Dr. Berg explains about Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea is not a sleeping problem but an air obstructive path problem. Dr. Berg talks about what causes sleep apnea, what are sleep apnea symptoms, what are the sleep apnea home remedies. The main cause of sleep apnea is the atrophy nasal pathway that can be caused due to many reasons. It is a sleeping symptom which causes a person snoring at night. This can be due to allergies, sinus congestion, fungus, high stress. He shares some useful tips on sleep apnea including some sleep apnea home remedies which can help you breath easily and sleep better at night.
Dr. Berg talks about sleep apnea and the key factors which is behind it. This could come from allergies, sinus congestion, fungus or your adrenals from high cortisol.
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