What Protein is Best?

What Protein is Best?

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hey dr. Burke here in this video we’re going to talk about protein and the different types of protein I always get this question what type of protein should I consume and so let me just kind of go through some things with you we have red meat right here and this conclude lamb and beef and bison there’s some positives to this number one it’s a complete protein and there’s very few people who have allergies against this meat the negatives are that it’s a little bit harder to digest for some people if they get a little older okay because their stomachs you have to it takes a good digestive system to digest red meats one way that you can do this is just to chew it longer and also have a smaller piece instead of a texas-style steak okay the drawback is that not all of its usable or bioavailable so we can we digest a good portion but not the whole thing there’s other types of protein that are a little bit more bioavailable but this is not a bad thing people are freaked out about it but really what you should be freaked out about is the commercial factory farm beef because there are so many antibiotics hormones and even the the grains that they feed these animals are all GMO especially like the soy in the corn so you need if you’re going to consume red meat you’re going to have to do the grass-fed or organic or high that has a higher omega-3 fatty acid or pasture-raised okay so that’s the best way to consume meat but the problem is going to a restaurant so be careful with that because of those antibiotics poultry chicken turkey easier to digest less expensive than red meat unless it’s organic you’re getting a large amount of arsenic and formaldehyde I’m sorry that’s what your guess what’s in there they use fill out formaldehyde for the feed for poultry as a binder and it’s legal I don’t know why they’re even using prozac for these chickens to chill them out so they’re the meat is not as more tender because we’re so stressed out because they’re factory bond and a histamines benadryl caffeine this is crazy so when you go out to dinner and you consume chicken or you go to a fast food place or you go to the grocery store realize that unless you’re doing the organic you’re getting all this crap in here so organic is non-gmo feeds free-range you know use smaller farms like a small farmer like Oh from a local place that is around your your neighborhood is a lot better and then I’m going to talk about eggs down here but I just want to mention since they’re connected is the chicken of the egg well let’s talk about the chicken egg yolks are very very healthy for you it’s almost as if it’s a multi vitamin mineral and eggs are probably the most perfect food you can eat you can pretty much live on eggs but a problem the problem is you want to have them organic if the egg yolk is organic and pasture raised if it’s really good and it’s and these chickens are eating I found the grass and other types of feed that’s not all grain GMO grain then the yolks will be very bright orange okay so I think there’s a really good what’s called the Shenandoah Valley eggs if I’m not mistaken I’ll actually put a link down here I’ll go I’ll actually find that the type of eggs that I eat and I’ll put a little link underneath it but anyway we have the egg yolks should be bright and when you crack them this should be kind of hard to break not so flimsy and easy that just means there’s more calcium in the shells okay egg yolks that are grass-fed have a lot of vitamin k2 that’s good for the arteries and then one of the best quality proteins very nutrient-dense but if it’s not organic there’s a lot of antibiotics and hormones okay so again we want the grass-fed I like the small farms it’s a little more expensive but if you’re paying even five dollars for a dozen that’s not expensive I mean you pretty much only eat you know three four eggs and time and you can get quite a few meals out of that so it still comes out pretty good because it’s a high quality protein I like eggs the best out of everything okay so now poultry and then we talk about fish high quality protein no carbs great omega-3 fatty acids okay so fish is really good but if it’s farm-raised there’s higher amounts of mercury there’s lower omega-3 fatty acids there’s other problems with the other things they put in the feed and dioxins so we want to consume wild-caught fish as the ideal scene okay all right pork highly digestible now any worse than the red meat or poultry because of all this stuff right here very high in vitamin b1 but you want to avoid pork from third world countries because they pretty much eat garbage and waist-high antibiotic injections unless it’s organic so if you consume pork that is free-range but it’s very rare to find it I don’t think there’s a problem with it if that’s a clean animal I do not think there’s a problem with it compared to this I mean I don’t know why people would have chicken and not pork they think it’s a dirty animal these are the dirty animals right through here both these unless it’s pasture raised farm unless it’s not farm factory farm okay let’s talk about Dairy Dairy most milk is cooked at 160 degrees it’s kind of a dead protein and there’s a lot of problems with it hormone wise antibiotic wise if you can find raw milk from a farmer that’s great but in our state it’s illegal so that’s a problem so there’s a lot of people a lot of people are allergic to it to the casein protein and also the lactose intolerant and also pasteurization destroys most of the nutrition okay so milk by itself is not good but when you ferment the milk and you make yogurt that’s a little bit better because you’re getting the friendly bacteria so fermentation increases the protein amino acid content and and the microbes that will help your gut so but yogurt is a little bit higher in carbohydrates than cheese so I would recommend if you’re trying to lose weight do more cheese than yogurt okay so we want to do whole milk yogurt don’t buy the low-fat yogurt don’t buy the no fat yogurt it’s hard to find it and I don’t know why people are taking the fat out that’s the best part for nutrition wise you have all these fats and vitamins in there but it’s not going to put weight on you so I I always go for the whole milk with the cream on top if you can find it cheese very high quality protein I’m not talking about Velveeta though I’m talking about European cheese’s you can get from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods or some of the store that has cheese that is not with hormones that are grass-fed cows or sheep or goat cheese on in other places like France Switzerland Australia they all have really good cheeses that are grass-fed and so that’s what I consume higher protein very low sugar very low allergies in a high quality cheese by the way and there’s no hormones or antibiotics so I do consume cheese and yes I am from Wisconsin so that’s a good source keeper is way better than yogurt it’s a sour type of fermented drink it’s less sugar more microbes make sure you get the grass-fed that’s the best and you’re good to go we talked about eggs soy it’s a high protein food if it’s fermented it might be okay in small quantities if it’s organic unless you’re trying to reduce estrogen but typically most people are highly allergic to it it’s one of the most destroyed products because they 90 I think over 90 percent of all the soil is genetically modified so that’s the problem so you would have to get organic and most the diet programs use soy protein isolates which is really bad it’s the morning sour it’s in a lot of the prepackaged foods and that creates major problems in our digestive system and other in our livers so I do not recommend it and so we want
to avoid soy unless in small quantities if you want to do it I mean I don’t know I think if you tried everything and you’re menopausal and you have hot flashes and nothing’s working for the hot flashes takes and fermented organic soy I have no problem with that in small amounts it will help you okay chlorella that’s kind of like a algae and it’s a plant protein very complete but because it’s grown on lakes it can pull some toxins from that lake so that’s one of the problems in chlorella can detoxify your body so a lot of times people want to consume it too much they can detox and get a detox reaction the other problem the drawback is it’s very very expensive but you can have it in small amounts okay spirulina is a good source of protein – very available it doesn’t have any cell wall so it goes in like a rocket ship but it can also pull toxins and it’s like 15 to 80 dollars a pound with protein so it’s a little more cheaper to have some of these other proteins up here and it tastes like like grass and seaweed okay hemp protein okay so that’s similar to our blood protein you do it’s a good source of protein not all it’s not very complete but it has some protein but it does create some bloating unfortunately so that’s kind of a drawback so that’s pretty much my summary of the protein I pretty much consumed some red meat grass-fed poultry some fish I even do occasionally of pork if I find it but not too much I do a lot of cheese and eggs and I do kefir that’s that’s what I do

This Post Was All About What Protein is Best?.
What Protein is Best?

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