What is the Lymphatic System?

What is the Lymphatic System?

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this video we’re going to talk about the lymphatic system now what is this system it’s kind of like an extension of your circulatory system your blood vessels and capillaries has some unique properties number one it carries oxygen to throughout the body into the cells it carries nutrients hormones it removes waste it also has an immune component part to attack you know viruses that’s why you wouldn’t have your lymph nodes and your neck or your armpits or your groin those lymph nodes are there to detect and test out if there’s a microbe coming in the body it’ll send signals to certain glands to make white blood cells to start generating antibodies and killer T cells to actually defend you so it’s actually trying to protect you okay so we have that and then we have a fluid balance too so some people have lymphedema it’s like a lot of swelling in their body and the lymph system controls that now if we look at the exchange between the arteries the capillaries which are small little arteries and the lymph they basically work together with ace with a little space that’s called interstitial space or the space basically it’s just the space between the lymphatic system the cells and the capillaries and that space has plasma plasma is basically kind of a combination between water liquid protein hormones and electrolytes and the electrolytes allow for the travelling of this fluid back and forth okay so it’s it’s kind of a complex system but this is the basics of it so you have this exchange going back and forth you have an unique properties with the limp that it can carry pretty much large particles of fat through the body that cannot necessarily be carried through the blood at this point they have to be broken down and then you have different lymphatic organs like the spleen well the spleen doesn’t really do a lot with the lymph it does a lot with the blood cells it’s basically like a mini junkyard that recycles red blood cells it does it but 2 million it replaces 2 million red blood cells every single second so it’s a highly efficient machine and it also has some other functions with digestion food or not then you have the thymus the thymus by the way the spleens on the left side over here and the thymus is on top of the heart right here the thymus is kind of like a training camp for immune cells so it trains them to fight off infection and there’s a lot of mysterious unknown they don’t really know what it does but we they know that it does that so if there’s a virus that comes in the body the lymphatic system will trigger it it will work with other glands like the adrenals to start to generate an immune defense because the menials are connected to stress and so and the interesting thing about viruses viruses don’t really have any power of itself it’s basically an inactive genetic code wrapped in a little sack and it waits until your cells are weak and then it gets into the body and it hijacks the Machine of your own cells it basically hijacks the copy machine I know it’s kind of weird so it basically will start making copies of the cell at a very fast rate to the point where there’s so many copies of that virus in that cell that the cell explodes and then it travels on and other places to invade so the really only defense to viruses is to keep your body really really healthy ok and if we talk about foods related to your lymphatic system really you’re dealing with just a healthy diet there’s not really a specific food that attacks just the lymphatic system you just have to eat healthy if for example you have a severe protein deficiency like in starvation because fluid follows protein what happens the protein the blood goes down and then the fluid actually goes out of the blood into the interstitial space and you can actually started having swelling in the ankles edema and even in the gut okay so you see like these kids and these little kids in Africa that are starving and then of these huge bellies that’s low protein so low protein diets can create a lot of problems with with fluid balance in the body so that’s an interesting thing one last point about the limp is that it doesn’t have a pump like the artery system has the heart it pushes fluid by motion so if you’re sitting all day you’re not getting a lot of exercise you’re not getting activity the limp kinda just stays stays there and hangs out it doesn’t do much so it’s very important to stay active and also breathing will help push it as well through the system okay so those are some interesting points about the limp hope you enjoyed it I’ll see you next video hey guys thank you so much for watching please click the subscribe button and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About What is the Lymphatic System?.
What is the Lymphatic System?

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Dr. Berg talks about the lymphatic system and the function of what it does.
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