What is the Hypothalamus?

What is the Hypothalamus?

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hey guys I want to share with you some data about the hypothalamus it’s kind of a mysterious gland it’s up in the brain it’s this little gland that is the size of an almond okay and then the pituitary is the size of a pea so they’re very very small but let’s start with the hypothalamus like what is the hypothalamus hypo meaning below thalamus so there’s a structure in the brain called the thalamus it’s right below it the size of an almond it’s a very important gland because it’s composed of about 11 to 12 it’s actually 10 to 11 small little bundles of nerves that are called nuclei and these little centers are pre-programmed kind of controls like blueprints that tell the body to do certain things so the hypothalamus has a goal of adapting the body to the environment to help it survive so it’s constantly getting feedback from the body and it’s adjusting different things like for example it controls sweating blood pressure it controls stress reaction it controls leptin which has to do with your fat being burned and also your safety and your metabolism the GI controls thirst certain emotions like a rage that can affect that female sex hormones sanity tranquility pleasure centers are up here water balance fluid electrolytes hydration there’s a little Center that’s called the super Chaya snick nuclei and that Center can control like a little clock that’s built into your brain that tells you when you go to sleep when to wake up so it’s a whole circadian rhythm control off that and then the thermostat so if it’s cold out you’ll shiver and this little Center will cause the body to do that stress sex so if you ever notice that you for your true stress your sex drive might go down because they’re both in the same Center fluid wakefulness heartbeat temperature so there’s a lot of different like life basic functions that are up in the brain that basically constantly are controlling the body okay so that’s what the hypothalamus does it basically keeps certain things at a constant so it brings things down to a level it’s called homeostasis which is basically the ability to adapt to your environment to maintain a certain constancy just like if you have blood sugar you have to have a normal ninety to a hundred or temperature 98.6 so that’s kind of what’s set here so you’re sleeping at seven hours so basically you go to sleep when it gets tired and you wake up when it gets light right well that’s all controlled by these little mini computer chips and then we have down here communication on the pituitary the pituitary is like the relay switch like the middleman it’s like the coach of the football team so you have the owner the coach and the players players are the organs down here in the gland so you have this whole hierarchy of of different things so you have the owner that sends the you know what to do and the coach actually gives the information out to the players and same thing like an organization you have the CEO or the manager that would be a better example because the manager is going to like relay what the goals of the CEO are for the company and make sure it gets done so down here the messages are integrated and coordinated to the different organs likely at the liver you have the adrenal stress gland the gonads that would be testicles and ovary and then the thyroid pancreas a couple two glands a couple of the organs so you have these messages that are sent down here and then once the messages are given to adrenal for example then the Drina has to perform that function so when it does it then it sends another signal back up letting the pituitary know okay we did it so that feedback loop connects and then the message can turn off so they have this entire communication system that’s going from down here all the way back here up here all day long and it’s happen happens really really fast so the endocrine system as a whole is the superior communication system that travels through the blood that’s the messages that go through the blood the endocrine system is composed of glands that make hormones or messages and the communication lines that happen through the blood but what’s interesting about the hypothalamus is that its half gland and half nerve nervous system so there are nerve connections to that attached this hypothalamus to the pituitary so it’s kind of an interesting thing so it’s kind of like a mixed breed but anyway just so you know there’s several things I could mess this whole system up number one your environment if you live under a constant stress state that will destroy this whole system over time you’re eating if you’re eating junk food you’re not getting the nutrition in your body that will destroy this if you have certain types of surgery surgically you can have something removed like a taking the thyroid out it puts stress somewhere else menopause let’s say you had your you no longer using your ovaries well that’s going to add more stress with adrenal so you have all these things that can happen and then of course you have the chemicals and they’re called endocrine disruptors those are any chemical and environment including pesticides insecticides herbicides fungicides that can interfere and act like hormones mainly estrogen and you’re seeing it now with the growth hormones I’m sorry the the GMO foods and that basically has an estrogenic effect and on your body so it’s giving your body way too much estrogen and that’s messing up the glands creating cancer and and whatnot and then sometimes when you have like a major stress in your body you can actually have so much return communication that you can grow a tumor on your pituitary so there’s a lot of things that can happen along the way but that just kind of gives you summary exactly what the hypothalamus is okay so I hope you enjoy that and also I have a quiz down below in the description box go ahead and take that and that will help you find out your underlying cause thanks for watching

This Post Was All About What is the Hypothalamus?.
What is the Hypothalamus?

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The hypothalamus is an amazing gland in the brain that is half endocrine (hormonal-gland) and nervous system (autonomic nervous system) structure that helps you maintain homeostasis. This gland works with the pituitary to get things done.
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