What is the Healthiest Alcohol to Drink? – Thomas DeLauer

What is the Healthiest Alcohol to Drink? – Thomas DeLauer

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one of the things that used to drive me crazy when I was working in the healthcare industry was having to go out to drink all the time with colleagues or with clients and I was on this amazing like transformation at the time I was those 280 pounds and I was trying to lose a bunch of weight and drinking was just one of those things I just didn’t really want to do but there’s always so much pressure when you’re in a business situation or some kind of social setting to drink and it’s not so much pressure we know as business people that sometimes it’s about building rapport and when you’re not drinking and everyone else is it can actually be looked down upon so I understand that and that’s why I wanted to do this video so it really explained what you can do to make sure that you don’t feel like total garbage the next day if you do go out and drink and I want to explain really quick what alcohol does in your body when you drink alcohol your body processes it pretty uniquely in fact you you take a sip of alcohol and you’ve got some enzymes in your mouth that immediately convert that to what’s called acetaldehyde and that acetaldehyde is extremely toxic and that conversion happens immediately the mouth but then as you drink more alcohol the liver begins to process it and when it begins the process that alcohol it converts it into more acetaldehyde so then the liver also produces something called glutathione and that glutathione attacks the acetaldehyde but it can only do it so fast so you’re basically having this buildup of acetaldehyde in your system that your liver is working super super hard to fight it’s working super hard to get rid of all of it out of your system so in the meantime everything else that your liver is supposed to be doing is taking a backseat because your body is focused on getting rid of this really toxic chemical so most of the hangover and the crappy feeling effects that you get come because your body isn’t able to do its normal functions now the other thing that causes a hangover is the suppression of something called vasopressin vasopressin is what tells the kidneys to release water back into the body rather than just urinating it out so when that hormone is gone or when that vasopressin is gone your kidneys just excrete water so you can drink water all day long and it’s just going to go right out so it doesn’t matter how much water you drink but I do want to give you a couple of tips that you can take away that’ll change how you go out to drink with your friends and change how you look at drinking and how your body processes it the first and foremost is to drink drinks that are distilled heavily distilled preferably things like vodka in fact vodka would be the best drink that you can drink simply because it’s so distilled a lot of the impurities are out of it so it’s pure alcohol and it’s less of an impact on your body in terms of what the liver has to do to metabolize it it’s a lot purer a lot less just extra random things that are thrown in it that are like in a lot of different alcohols so vodka is going to be the best it’s pure now the other thing stick to one drink the best way that I can describe this is you’re building a proposal for a client company and you’re almost all the way through it and then someone comes in and says wait you have to build this proposal for two client companies and they have two totally separate values well you can’t do it you have to revert and you have to start over from the beginning and make it a little bit different well that’s exactly what your liver is having to do when you’re processing different kinds of alcohol it’s working really hard on processing one kind and then you’re throwing another one in there and it just doesn’t know what to do because it’s got two different alcohols it’s got to try to metabolize now and it just has to work even more over time so the effects of the hangover that you are feeling are actually the byproducts of your liver not able to do its job that is why you feel the way that you feel so using these two tips you’re going to really be able to change how you feel the next day after a night of drinking and to be completely honest the next best thing that you can do is the next morning eat something with some good amount of fats in it eat some eggs eat some healthy organic bacon and get those healthy brain fats going again so that you can function and you can get back to business alright everyone I’ll see you in the next video thank you for watching

This Post Was All About What is the Healthiest Alcohol to Drink? – Thomas DeLauer.
What is the Healthiest Alcohol to Drink? - Thomas DeLauer

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What is the Healthiest Alcohol to Drink? – Thomas DeLauer
We all know that in business, we sometimes have to go out to drink. It’s just the way that it is. And if we don’t partake in the social engagements, it can be looked down upon. In this video I will show you what you can drink to reduce the effect of a hangover and still perform your best the very next day ALL while staying on track with your cosmetic goals. You can learn more at OptimizeCEO.com/whiteboard
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