What is Menopause… Really

What is Menopause… Really

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so today I want to talk about what is menopause really well it’s simply a situation where you’re running out of eggs a woman has about 400 eggs and every month the egg gets released right around age 51 maybe a little bit earlier a little bit later you ran out of that last egg you’re done no more menstruation no more pregnancy it’s time to party right well then comes the hot flashes the vaginal dryness the vaginal atrophy mood changes weight gain loss of libido bone loss and atrophy so just when you thought things are gonna be great you got all these things to deal with so what actually is happening is you’re getting a shift in hormones and there’s three hormones that are involved you have estrogen testosterone and progesterone and these are not accurate but I’m just gonna show you the pattern typically before menopause versus after you’re gonna have a drop of estrogen about 50 maybe 40 to 50 percent testosterone is gonna drop about 50 percent but check this out progesterone is gonna drop between 70 and 90 percent so progesterone is the one that really crashes and burns progesterone counters and buffers estrogen they work together so forgetting this massive drop in progesterone versus estrogen we have this ratio that’s out of balance it’s going to make estrogen appear dominant in the body and this is why you have some of the symptoms right here because it’s estrogen dominance when in reality it is lower but this is the one that actually makes it appear to be high in the body and creates a lot of problems now the other thing you have to realize is that you have a backup mechanism okay a plan B and that’s the adrenals the adrenals actually make these three hormones too and they’re supposed to act as a backup to the ovaries and give you the right amount of these hormones of course you don’t need the same amount of hormones as before menopause because you’re not gonna have baby but here’s the issue if these adrenals are weak going into menopause and they’re not able to back up the ovaries appropriately you’re going to start seeing problems with these hormones because you’re going to be deficient and you can start experiencing these symptoms right here happens all the time in fact 70 percent of women after menopause develop hot flashes so in reality all these symptoms are not normal but if the adrenals are weak that’s when you really have the big problems so what you really need to do is support the adrenals before menopause and try to keep your stress as low as possible that’s gonna probably help you more than anything estrogen not only comes from the ovary and from the adrenals it comes from your own fat so depending on how much weight you’re gonna have you’re gonna have certain levels of estrogen so this could literally just go down slightly maybe down maybe I know 30% maybe even 20% making this difference here this ratio even worse so the real situation is this the adrenals are just not backing up these ovaries right here so number one support the adrenals before menopause but some of you watching are actually after menopause so what do you do in that situation well you do not go on a low-fat diet do not lower your dietary cholesterol why because all of these hormones are made out of cholesterol that’s the precursor so if you actually go on a low-fat diet low cholesterol diet you are going to negatively influence these hormones alright number three counter high cortisol because the adrenals are acting to support the ovaries you’re gonna get a spike in cortisol okay that’s spike in cortisol it’s very damaging for in several ways one is it destroys your bone that’s why women after menopause sometimes develop osteopenia and even osteoporosis and they get atrophy it looks like cellulite but it’s really a loss of muscle which you’re getting this atrophy or loose muscle tissue and look like it’s all fat but it’s not it’s just basically a loss of muscle tissue and it’s kind of sagging in the body that is thanks to cortisol cortisol also affects the sleep cycle and it also releases stored sugar so it raises insulin it turns your own body proteins especially the thigh and the leg muscles and your butt muscles into glucose which then triggers insulin this is why after menopause it’s very difficult because of the darn cortisol that’s raising the insulin so I put some links down below on all sorts of things you can do to support the adrenals but you definitely need to get on healthy keto and in a minute fasting to keep the insulin in check that’s your best bet for helping you lose weight and also helping you correct a very slow metabolism number form it would make sense to do something to beef up no pun intended your progesterone wild yam cream is a really good remedy there’s others but I recommend the wild yam cream for that and that way this will push this up and help you reduce some of these right here now because your estrogen is a little bit higher and that could be damaging because it’s not being opposed by the progesterone effectively I would recommend consuming more cruciferous vegetables just to keep that estrogen in check cruciferous vegetables seek help in something called dim which is basically concentrated cruciferous all can help to balance these three estrogens and give you more of a good estrogen and less of the bad so it’s more protective against things like breast cancer things like that and lastly vitamin E a lot of the vitamin E is stored in the pituitary gland that actually controls the adrenal and controls the ovary and so vitamin E drops significantly after menopause so if you actually take enough vitamin E in the correct type which I’m going to tell you in a second you can support the adrenals and the ovaries and minimize a lot of these symptoms right here the type of vitamin E that I would recommend is not a synthetic version I would get the natural to call mix with something called tocotrienols okay tocotrienols you can look it up and get them in a whole food blend and that can really support your pituitary and really help you reduce these symptoms right here all right check out the other videos I have on the screen to give you even more things you can do for menopause thanks for watching 

This Post Was All About What is Menopause… Really.
What is Menopause... Really

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What is menopause, and what are some natural things you can do to help with it? If you’re approaching menopause, or maybe you’re already there, you probably have questions—check this out.
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0:04 What is menopause
0:26 Menopause symptoms
0:42 Progesterone
1:48 The adrenals
3:24 Natural things you can do to help with menopause
Today I’m going to cover what menopause really is as well as a few things that may help with it.
What is menopause?
It’s a situation where a woman is running out of eggs. Around age 51, you don’t have any more eggs left. This means no more menstruation or pregnancy.
Symptoms of menopause:
• Hot flashes
• Vaginal dryness
• Vaginal atrophy
• Mood changes
• Weight gain
• Loss of libido
• Bone loss
• Atrophy
What actually is happening with menopause is you’re getting a shift in hormones. There are three hormones that are involved: estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. After menopause, you have a drop in these hormones, especially progesterone. Progesterone works with estrogen—it counters estrogen.
This massive drop in progesterone can cause estrogen dominance symptoms even though estrogen has dropped as well. Progesterone makes estrogen seem higher because it drops so much more. Progesterone is really behind many of the issues that occur during menopause.
You have a back-up mechanism called your adrenals. The adrenals also make estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. But, if the adrenals are weak going into menopause and they aren’t able to back up the ovaries appropriately, you may start seeing problems with these hormones. In reality, the menopause symptoms above are not normal. If the adrenals are weak, that’s when you start to see problems. It’s important to support the adrenals before you get into menopause and try to keep your stress low.
Natural things you can do to help with menopause:
1. Support the adrenals
2. Do not go on a low-fat diet
3. Counter high cortisol
4. Increase progesterone
5. Vitamin E
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