What is Ketosis?

What is Ketosis?

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okay guys we want to talk about what is ketosis a little bit more on this topic ketosis is this when you avoid consuming glucose or sugar for 10 to 12 hours your body will then start to make ketones okay ketones are basically the byproduct of fat burning and you can even test yourself on ketones there’s these strips you can get at the drugstore called ketone strips and you check your urine it’ll be like in a different shade of purple so if it’s really dark purple it’s like major ketosis if it’s light purple it’s minor ketosis so you can check to see if you’re burning fat or not the thing that you need to know is when we convert our body from sugar to fat it takes between three days to two weeks up to six weeks depending how long you’ve been around your body and sugar in other words your body has to create new machinery in the cells so it’s very similar to let’s say you’re running your house on coal to heat it right and then we’re going to have to run it on electric fuel electric heating I’m sorry not fuel you’re going to have to install new machinery hook up wires to be able to run your body the same thing with running you’re buying a fat fuel this is like diesel fuel or coal it’s very dirty this is like solar or electric cars very clean no waste quiet so to do this it could take anywhere from one week to six weeks okay so in the process I’m going to be showing you what to do because if you don’t do this correctly you could end up with a lot of issues okay so we’re going to show you how to do it healthily but but here’s the thing when we run our body on a ketones it’s much more stable with your blood sugars you won’t have the highs and lows anymore so you’re going to be very level-headed your brain is going to love it your your memories going to be sharper you lot you you’ll just be right there all the time better focus more efficient fuel less dirty less complications ketones are the original fuel source it’s the original fuel of the brain our bodies long ago ran an ketones why because we could necessarily eat all the sugar that we had we didn’t eat three meals a day or six meals a day we didn’t eat the junk food so our bodies originally were designed to run on ketones not sugar it’s only till very recently that we’ve been eating sugar so we’re going to go back to what your body is designed to to run on and it’s it’s much better I will never go back to running my body and sugar because once you feel feel the benefits you won’t go back now the other thing is that ketosis pretext protein in other words when you go on this eating plan it’s you’re not going to have to worry about your body eating up your own protein that’s only when you have insulin so your body’s not going to convert protein into fat so people are just concerned am I going to lose muscle mass no no you’re going to gain muscle mass your ligaments tendons collagen is going to get better now what’s going to happen you can lose a lot of weight with this program the thing is that let’s say you didn’t lose a lot of weight doesn’t necessarily you didn’t burn fat but the best indicator because what’s happening is you could actually gain muscle mass and lose fat and actually weigh the same because muscle weighs more than fat so the best indicator to know it’s working is the ketone strips or a tape measure around your waist at the very outer parsh portion so you check the waist every week and you can measure and see how many inches you lost that’s the ultimate measurement of success okay because who cares what you weigh if you can get a flat stomach so the problem is it’s going to be very expensive you have to get rid of all your old clothes your old belt your old suits your shirts get all new clothes it’s going to be very very expensive you can blame me okay so when you do this also your get rid of a lot of excess fluid now sugar always follows fluid and or fluid follows sugar so if you get rid of all the sugar you’re going to get rid of the fluid as well okay so when you get rid of fluid you’re going to lose you might lose up to I don’t know ten pounds in the first week some people lose ten pounds that’s fluid the most fat that you can burn per week is two pounds that’s in a healthy body anything more it’s just fluid so anyway I wanted to kind of explain the timeframe it takes what we’re trying to do we’re trying to switch over to ketones it’s a better fuel source and let’s let’s show you the next next video

This Post Was All About What is Ketosis?.
What is Ketosis?

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