What Is Insulin Resistance?

What Is Insulin Resistance?

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hi guys dr. Barrick here in this video I want to answer this question what is insulin resistance really okay what is it it’s basically the body’s defense mechanism against excess sugar okay that’s what it is insulin keeps your blood sugars from going too high okay so insulin prevents the blood sugars from rising above 100 milligrams per deciliter now what does that mean let me show you in this next part okay so this represents the amount of blood that’s in your body these are filled with blood okay a gallon and a half of blood okay the one hundred million milligrams per deciliter is one teaspoon of sugar per gallon and a half of blood so if we put that in there we put this in there we dilute it that would be normal blood sugar okay so it’s not very much but what does an average person consume [Music] [Music] 31 teaspoons okay that’s a hundred and forty pounds of sugar every single year now do you see the problem okay we’re back so now you know you don’t really need much sugar in your body okay now why does your body work so hard to keep your blood Sugar’s below 100 that’s the question because sugar is toxic too much sugar is toxic to the body even at 1/2 of a teaspoon more than you need chronically taking over a period of time can create damage just a half a teaspoon more than you need and what kind of damage that’s neuropathies that’s like damage to your nerves and your feet in your hands like in a diabetic blind the optic nerve creating damage in the eye heart disease stroke diabetes inflammation memory loss Alzheimer’s sugar feeds cancer visceral fat that’s the fat around the gut okay so it can create some serious damage okay you get three types of fuel sources you have carbohydrates proteins and fats right carbohydrates are glucose or sugar so here’s the truth glucose is not the preferred fuel of the body like people think fat is the type of fuel that your body does a lot better on and the reason why people will say that glucose is the preferred fuel is because it’s used first it’s used at first if given the choice between fat and sugar to always go after the sugar first but the reason why it goes after the sugar first is because that sugar creates the most damage so when you eat sugar it puts the body in emergency situation where it has to dispose of it first that’s why it doesn’t mean it’s the preferred fuel it means that it it’s the most dangerous that needs to be gotten rid of disposed of in the body so the body will stick it into the cells it’ll stick it into storage is fat that type of thing and think about it you have about 40,000 calories of fat and only 2,000 calories of storage sugar in your body so our bodies are meant to have this huge fat reserve or some fat a lot more fat because it runs on that more long-term than this quick sugar thing where you can deplete and probably a half an hour so insulin is in reality a detoxifier hormone it is meant to detoxify excess sugar and sugar is toxic okay the hidden sugar to the breads the pasta the cereal crackers I mean how many people are pre-diabetic now how many people are going into diabetes how many people have insulin resistance so many people so when you burn fat you actually you can run your body on something called ketone so ketones are the byproduct of fat burning and our bodies can run on ketones very efficiently okay now can you run a hundred percent of your body on ketones no you can run 85% of your fuel on ketones 15 percent of your fuel needs to be glucose but here’s the catch 22 your body can make glucose from your own fat or the fat in the diet or the protein in the diet it doesn’t need external glucose you don’t need to consume carbohydrates okay so the 15 percent of the body that basically runs on glucose that can’t run on ketones would be parts of certain parts of the brain the outside of the kidney the lens of the eye the red blood cell and sperm but again those that could be converted from fat and sugar it’s called gluconeogenesis in the liver so fat is a much cleaner fuel it runs on less oxygen it’s less stressful and it gives off much less waste than sugar okay so to recap what is insulin resistance this is a protective mechanism that your body has created to prevent the toxic sugar from in bay the body I hope that helped hey guys I just want to take a second and thank you for your recent uploads a lot of you are uploading your success stories and they are mind-blowing check out the one from Jeff before-and-after I mean that’s incredible then we have morose Lowell and Quinn and a shot and Halina check out George and Debby John Lee and I mean this is just a few of the many I mean it’s amazing so I am just blown away so if you haven’t filled out your success story and uploading it before and after I want to see it I put a link down below it’s not only mind-blowing to me but it inspires other people because it gives them hope that they can be helped as well so click the link below and share your success story with me I want to check it out

This Post Was All About What Is Insulin Resistance?.
What Is Insulin Resistance?

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Dr. Berg talks about what is insulin resistance (IR). IR is the body’s defense mechanism of rejecting sugar (glucose). The body is against excess glucose and to do this it shuts down insulin receptors. There is so much damage that is created with excess glucose – inflammation, diabetes, heart disease, etc.
Using ketones as your primary fuel source is a cleaner fuel, and is the body’s natural preferred fuel. A ketogenic diet helps not just weight loss, but many body problems over time.
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