What is Collagen Protein? | Fix a Leaky Gut- Thomas DeLauer

What is Collagen Protein? | Fix a Leaky Gut- Thomas DeLauer

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the most abundant protein in your body is not in your muscles it’s actually collagen and collagen makes up for one-fourth of the overall body weight that just gives you an idea of how prevalent it is in the body and I don’t think that we’re prioritizing it enough it’s pretty darn important you see collagen is a protein that’s made up predominantly of non-essential amino acids now I’ve done videos discussing amino acids before but basically what non-essential amino acids are are amino acids that do not need to be derived from the diet they are already contained within the body so that’s a good thing however when our bodies are under stress or were aging or were flat-out stressed out our bodies start to extract those amino acids for other uses which can weaken collagen and decrease collagen within the body now throughout this video when I explain some of the benefits of collagen you’re going to see why it’s very important to make sure that that’s in check you see the main thing collagen affects our joints you see it’s got these amino acids in it called prolene glycine and then glutamine these are super good for the joints but they’re also good for healing and for digestive health so when our body starts to break down collagen we don’t have enough of that it can actually hurt healing and it can actually hurt our joints and I’ll go into more detail on that in just a moment also as we age our bodies produce less collagen that is why we tend to see wrinkles you see collagen plays a part in our skin elasticity and as that starts to deteriorate and go away we see more wrinkles and we start to get a little bit more brittle in terms of our skin even our nails and our hair so let’s get into the benefits of collagen and how you can choose the right kind of collagen for you the first benefit I want to discuss is when I started to mention already and that is joint health you see collagen makes up our tendons it makes up our ligaments it makes up a lot of the soft tissue that helps our joints like cartilage so if you’re an athlete and you’re moving around a lot or maybe you’re even just a recreational lifter you’re putting a lot of stress on that collagen it’s important that you replenish it through your diet you see collagen contains a couple of components that are very critical one of which is glucosamine which you’ve probably seen on the shelves of a supplement store before and the others are glycosaminoglycans or GA G’s these ga-ga are responsible for helping a joint move smoothly if you’ve ever moved your elbow you move your knee and you kind of felt that clicking or just doesn’t feel like it’s moving slowly you’re probably depleted in those GA G’s and consuming collagen can dramatically help that in fact one 24 weeks study of 147 varsity and club level athletes found that if they were to take some form of collagen hydrolysate supplement that they had a dramatic reduction in joint deterioration over 60 to 90 days that tells us a lot about how quickly the body begins to utilize collagen especially as it pertains to joint recovery now the next benefit is going to be our hair and skin a lot of this could of disregard our hair and skin but the thing is they can be telltale signs so if you’re a guy and you’re not really worried about your skin and hair that’s one thing but if you’re a female you probably are concerned about your skin and hair and collagen can make a huge difference in the health and the vitality of your hair and your skin overall now for men brittle hair and brittle skin and wrinkles will actually tell you as a precursor that you might start having some joint issues so pay attention to that if you’re brushing your hair you’re combing your hair you’re gelling your hair and you start to feel that it’s brittle you may want to look into consuming some more collagen one recent research study found that taking a simple collagen supplement over the course of 60 days showed over a 25 to 30 percent reduction in wrinkles in the skin that is a pretty definite difference there so again another thing that tells us collagen plays a huge part in how we look and feel now the main reason I think you should consider consuming more collagen and that is digestion you see we hear collagen we think hair skin joints nails but we don’t really think about digestion but here’s something that’s really interesting for it you see the way our digestive system works is it has little teeny gaps within the digestive system that allow us to absorb nutrients now we’re talking very small gaps here microscopic gaps now what happens through ways of inflammation and bad diet environmental factors eventually the digestive system sort of gets a little bit brittle those gaps that would ordinarily allow nutrients to come in get so swollen that they actually become somewhat brittle and those gaps become bigger when those gasps become bigger we absorb a lot more of what we’re eating and this means we’re absorbing undigested food particles but also toxins that can dramatically affect how we feel well here’s the thing our digestive system contains a lot of collagen and if we consume collagen eat the right foods and take the right kind of supplements we can restore that and actually begin to close the gaps so we can stop that process of ultimately poisoning the body so the question is how do you get your collagen what’s the best way to do it well the quickest simplest and most down-to-earth way would be consuming bone broth now I’ve done videos on bone broth before that discuss the benefits of it but basically the core benefit is a collagen you see when you make broth out of a bone you’re getting a lot of the ligaments you’re getting a lot of tendons you’re getting a lot of the minerals and the collagen that’s in the marrow in the bump so if you make bone broth and you put it in the fridge you’ll see that it gelatinizes it turns into a little bit more of a solid well that’s because of the collagen you see gelatin is a byproduct of the breakdown of collagen so right then and there you’ve got a great source the other option is to eat all cuts of meat eat a little bit of the fattier cuts eat some of the parts that may not be the most appetizing to you but the third and simplest way that you can probably get some collagen is using a collagen supplement they’re becoming much more prevalent you can find a collagen supplement pretty much any online store now but the one thing you want to pay attention to is you want to get a hydrolysis collagen protein it’s a lot easier to absorb doesn’t have as many of the gelatin breakdown properties your body’s going to utilize it a lot more so skip the glucosamine skip the chondroitin you go straight to getting a quality protein that your body can assimilate your body feeds as always keep it locked in here on my videos and I’ll see you in the next one

This Post Was All About What is Collagen Protein? | Fix a Leaky Gut- Thomas DeLauer.
What is Collagen Protein? | Fix a Leaky Gut- Thomas DeLauer

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What is Collagen Protein? | Fix a Leaky Gut:
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What is Collagen?
Most abundant protein in our bodies, making up about ¼ of our weight.
Found in our skin, muscles, tendons and bones.
-Gives skin elasticity and strength
Made up of many non-essential amino acids, or those that our bodies can make, such as glycine, proline and glutamine.
-When we are sick or under stress our bodies often need assistance in providing these amino acids.
As we age our bodies produce less collagen – we can see this in skin wrinkles and joint pain.
Gelatin and collagen – gelatin forms from collagen when it breaks down.
-For example, bone broth. Bones are high in collagen, and as this is heated it breaks down into gelatin.
What are the Benefits of Collagen?
Joint Protection2,3
Joint health is crucial when you are working out often – without healthy joints, you will not be able to lift as much or as frequently
All of us are at risk of joint pain and deterioration, especially athletes and those who train a lot at the gym.
Joint health is dependent upon the health of the collagen in your tendons, ligaments and on the ends of your bones. Bone broth contains glucosamine and other glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), which are collagens that will help to keep our joint movement smooth and easy (1)
Healthy Skin and Hair
One 24-week study of 147 varsity and club sport athletes found that taking collagen hydrolysate reduced the risk of joint deterioration and supported healthy joint function.
Skin and Hair Health4,5
Probably one of the most well-known and marketed benefits of collagen is healthy skin and hair.
One study found that the supplementation of a supplement containing collagen and other vitamins and minerals decreased dry skin and wrinkles after a 60 day period. (4)
Most of us are currently or have experienced gastro challenges such as bloating, constipation, food sensitivities, leaky gut and even autoimmune diseases.
Gelatin is a nutrient crucial for healing our gastrointestinal tract and keeping it healthy.
The intestinal lining is permeable in order to allow nutrients to pass through and be delivered around the body, however due to many factors, including stress and poor diet, our intestinal tracts have become hyperpermeable, which is not good. This is how leaky gut works – food particle that have not been digested pass into the bloodstream, causing an immune system reaction – our immune system attacks the food we are eating → food sensitivities. Over time this can lead to autoimmune disorders due to the immune system responding as if your thyroid is foreign. *Your body starts to attack itself
Gelatin acts to fill in these extra holes in the intestinal lining, helping to keep our digestive processes running smoothly.
These are only some of the benefits, others include bone strength, improved memory and sleep, energy and liver detox.
How to Add Collagen to Your Diet1,6
Our ancestors would have eaten the whole animal, consuming much more collagen than we do today.
You can add items such as bone broth to your diet.
You can add a supplement, such as collagen protein powder, to foods or smoothies, or simply take a pill.
When choosing a supplement, you want to choose one that contains hydrolyzed collagen. This collagen has been broken down so that your body can properly digest and fully break down the collagen into the amino acids.
It is best to go with supplements that have collagen that has been sourced from grass fed, organic cattle.
You will want to go through a whole container of supplements to give your body the ability to feel the benefits – it is not a one supplement and you will feel better kind of thing.
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