What Is C-Reactive Protein & How to Correct

What Is C-Reactive Protein & How to Correct

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hi guys recently I got a question what is c-reactive protein so I’m going to do a little video on that and exactly what to do about it what causes it it’s basically inflammatory marker in the blood so it’s a test that you can do to see how much inflammation is in the body through the blood okay it’s obviously a protein that indicates that so it’s a better indicator of heart disease in vascular disease then cholesterol way better because inflammation is a better indicator of the whole process okay so that’s what it is now what what do you do to actually get it under control well you want to ask yourself why is it there in the first place why do you have inflammation in your in your body and your arteries well the most important things were number seven number eight down here and that’s basically gluten which is the protein and grains can raise that so you want to get the grains of the diet and then insulin of course you probably already know that but we have to lower insulin I’ll put a link down below if you don’t know how to do that but that’s the sugar and that’s the frequent eating the smacking you have to get down into control because that is the biggest inflammatory thing that’s triggering that so but also nutrition wise vitamin C vitamin C will lower C reactive protein here’s the thing with vitamin C you want to get your vitamin C from your vegetables like seven to ten cups that’s the ideal scene that provides you enough vitamin C to drop this the people that have a lot of inflammation don’t consume enough vegetables and they’re doing a lot of like the wrong type of omega-3 oils okay so that’s what it is now what do we do about it okay I’m going to first cover some of the nutrient things and then some nutrient things that are even more important number one vitamin C you want to get your vitamin C from your vegetables okay this will lower C reactive protein most people do not consume even close the amount of vitamin C they need from vegetables so you need like at least seven cups minimally ideally ten so that’s like two good salads or a salad and vegetable each day you want to get used to doing that we’ll bring the information right down because if you think about it you can ask yourself why do you have information in the first place you know there’s something that is not right in your body and it’s creating a problem in your arteries curcumin is a turmeric turmeric that spice that you can consume you can get in a powder or a supplement or use it on your food okay so that’s a very powerful way to lower c-reactive protein and then stinging nettle root that’s another plant that you can get in a supplement and you can actually use it to do a lot of things but it’s one of the most powerful anti-inflammatories that I know vitamin k2 that will also help lower that that also removes calcium into the arteries it cleans out the arteries of plaquing and then fish oil is a high quality fish oil if you’re going to get a fish oil don’t get one from the drugstore go into the health of store and get something higher quality because a lot of times that is rancid but a good cod liver oil is omega-3 is anti-inflammatory okay coenzyme q-10 is also something you can take to lower c-reactive protein and then lowering gluten from the wheat all the breads pasta cereal crackers that has gluten that’s highly inflammatory that will raise that and lastly most importantly is lower insulin cut the sugar out of the diet cut out the frequent stacking that will lower that and that’s probably the biggest reason why people have high c-reactive protein in the first place that’s involved in the clogging of the arteries alright thanks for watching you I’m just wanted to take a moment out to thank you for your amazing feedback that you guys are giving me it’s just mind-blowing the success is the winds I created a link down below so you can actually type out your full success story and if you have a before and after with weight loss that would be awesome and if you don’t have a success with weight but other things just put an image of yourself and your personal success story and I would love to read it and also share it with others so I want to just thank you in advance for doing that but there’s a link down below fill it out I can’t wait to read it

This Post Was All About What Is C-Reactive Protein & How to Correct.
What Is C-Reactive Protein & How to Correct

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Dr. Berg talks about C-reactive protein. This is an inflammatory marker of the blood. There are a series of anti-inflammatory remedies:
1. Vitamin C
2. Curcumin
3. Stinging Nettle Root
4. Vitamin K2
5. Fish oil
6. Co Enzyme Q10
7. Decrease Gluten
8. Decrease Insulin
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