What Is An Electrolyte?

What Is An Electrolyte?

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hey guys in this video we’re going to talk about what is an electrolyte okay basically it’s an electrically charged mineral okay and there’s there’s about six of them but we’re going to talk about four of them sodium chloride potassium and magnesium okay now what do they do they basically maintain fluid through the body they allow fluid to travel inside and outside the cell there’s actually a little little gate or a pump which is called a sodium potassium pump that allows things to go back and forth in the cell and you need those two minerals to in the right a level to allow things to transport correctly because for example if you have too much sodium you’re going to retain fluid for example so sodium is involved with retaining fluid muscle nerve function also this electrical pump but most people actually consume way too much sodium especially if you’re doing junk food and also hidden msg there’s also condition if you drink too much water it’s called hyponatremia which you dilute sodium so you don’t have enough so the blood pressure comes too far down and it’s actually you could even get a demon in your brain I’m going to create a video just on that one subject but yeah so you need a certain amount of sodium but you need the right amount of fluids but what really would hydrates the body is the electrolyte not necessarily just water so you need both nerve impulses muscle contraction contraction and relaxation also it even controls your pH okay so then we have the chlorides which work with salt sodium chloride it’s also this is involved in making hydrochloric acid so for your stomach so if you don’t have enough salt in the diet you’re not going to generate enough hydrochloric acid so you’re going to have problems with your acid in the stomach so people are a low salt diet they don’t make hydrochloric acid so they always try to get like heartburn indigestion or even acid reflux okay so then we have potassium that’s okay plus now potassium it’s involved in the pacemaker of the heart it’s involved in the rhythm of the heart so when you don’t have enough potassium your rhythm goes out of balance you get things like atrial fibrillation you also get a higher pulse rate and of course sugar will deplete it as well it’s also involved in electrical pump in the cells most people are deficient and potassium because we need so much we need 4700 milligrams a day that’s a lot but people are not consuming 7 to 10 cups of salads a day are they so potassium is usually deficient and sodium is usually too much okay then you have magnesium which is another one that most people are deficient in too because they don’t have the vegetables but you need like 450 milligrams of that it’s involved in 300 different enzymes that do different biological reactions in the body involved in nerve and muscle function blood pressure muscle spasms of your deficient and even sleep so we deficient in magnesium you can’t sleep you get muscle spasm and you become Restless so magnesium is really really important so I created my own electrolyte powder and what I did is I took the average person on the street and I took them in mind and I actually put a lot more potassium there’s a thousand milligrams of potassium per serving size so there’s nothing on the market that has a thousand milligrams per serving size like for example Gatorade is like 38 milligrams of potassium and they have 115 milligrams of sodium and 21 grams of sugar yeah that’s Gatorade that’s not a real electrolyte if you ask me I also made sure there was no multi-deck multi dextran okay that’s a it’s a really a filler and it’s a very high glycemic type of substance so we want to stay away from that it’s turned into sugar religion we fast so it’s basically a little bit of stevia raspberry lemon so it tastes good and it has all the electrolytes and trace minerals the right combinations okay so I put a link down below if you want to check it out but anyway I wanted to explain what electrolyte is and thank you so much for watching you put your comments below hey guys thank you so much for watching please click the subscribe button and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About What Is An Electrolyte?.
What Is An Electrolyte?

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Dr. Berg talks about electrolytes, sodium, potassium, magnesium and chlorides. Drinking too much water can dilute electrolytes and create hyponatremia.
Electrolyte Imbalances causes:
1. Fluid imbalances
2. Hydration problems
3. Nerve and muscle impulse dysfunction
4. pH imbalances
5. Stomach acid (HCL) problems with sodium deficiencies.
6. Low potassium can create heart rhythm problems.
7. Cellular energy problems
8. Low magnesium, which effects enzyme problems, nerve and muscle problems, blood pressure, sleep and muscle cramps.
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