What Is An Amino Acid?

What Is An Amino Acid?

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hey guys dr. Burke here I’m going to talk about what is an amino acid okay amino acids basically are the building blocks of protein and when you have amino acids you have a chain of them it makes different types of protein okay so when you consume protein your body breaks it down with the help of acid and enzymes into the smallest particles of amino acids and this happens mainly on the liver and then your body tissue starts reassembling these amino acids into many different structures making jeans making blood tissue muscle collagen neurotransmitters that’s like hormones through the nervous system hormones which actually through the blood skin hair organs enzymes antibiotics they’re all made from protein so your body has to make them so you have simple proteins which are made from several amino acids and very complex protein that’s made from thousands of amino acids it’s just like it’s an interesting combination because you have all these different combinations of mino acids that do certain functions and there’s certain genes or instructions or blueprints that tell the body how do we assemble these things okay so you have this whole translation unit you have this whole blueprint unit and you have the building unit of the cell to make body tissue so it’s controlled by genes and basically amino acids are needed to make 50,000 different combinations it’s amazing so amino acids are a little bit different than proteins and fat in that they it has an extra nitrogen connected so it has carbon hydrogen oxygen and nitrogen which allows the protein to repair and build tissue so amino acids are necessary in the repair of the body especially during stress that’s why when you’re under stress you need more protein controls oh my gosh hunger mood emotion many many different things sleep you also have essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids essential basically means that you can’t make these it must be gotten from the diet now your your bite microbes in your gut have the capacity to make those but not in sufficient quantities okay so you’re going to need to have certain external types of protein to go in the body because you’re not going to have those but then you have non-essential amino acids which doesn’t mean that it’s non-essential it means that your body can make them your liver has a capacity to make certain amino acids from other proteins that you eat all right also the egg happens to be the most complete high quality protein it has everything in the right combination in fact there’s certain protein standards that are based on the egg okay so if someone tells you that egg is not healthy that egg is a very very complete protein all right I consumed four eggs every single day now I did a seminar at Exxon once and they pretty much said I couldn’t come back to do future seminars and I asked them why and he says will you recommending 45 eggs a day I said no I recommend four to five eggs a day they go a little miscommunication so they did invite me back the bone marrow in your body makes red blood cells two two and a half million red blood cells every single second so it’s requiring a lot of amino acids to do that then your GI tract replaces the lining every four days requiring amino acids and then the skin replaces itself every twenty four days and the bone collagen replaces itself every thirty years so it takes a little bit longer but that all requires amino acids so basically you do need complete proteins you high-quality protein you don’t need too much you just need just the right amount because if you have too much protein it could clog up the liver so between three and six ounces per meal would be optimum alright thanks for watching hey guys thank you so much for watching please click the subscribe button and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About What Is An Amino Acid?.
What Is An Amino Acid?

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Dr. Eric Berg talks about what an amino acid is. It is the basic building blocks of protein. Neurotransmitters, hormones, DNA, genes, hair, bone, muscle, and 50,000 different combination of body structural parts. There are essential and non-essential amino acids. Essential amino acid are those we need to get from the diet. The egg is the most complete amino acid profile.
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