What I Actually Do For A Living | Dieting While Traveling | TSL Ep. 21

What I Actually Do For A Living | Dieting While Traveling | TSL Ep. 21

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yeah so today’s log it’s going to be a little different it’s the first travel vlog that I’ve done for the channel and I haven’t less than an hour before my dad gets here to pick me up take me to the airport the trip is 24 hours it’s for business I don’t even have a suitcase packed I have my clothes for today lay down on my bed so that’s a start haven’t eaten breakfast tea i want to bring all my camera gear so i need to get that all together and I don’t have any of that together so this is going to be an interesting start to this blog also I have to make breakfast why why do I never clean the blender why [Music] update guys I am dressed I impact it is 903 my dad’s going to be here in 12 I don’t know why I’m doing the two symbol 12 minutes I just have a feeling that I’m forgiving something I don’t know what I’m forgetting out so this is not really good feeling to have right now update it is 907 I opened my fridge to get almond milk to put my shake and I realized I didn’t pack any food for the trip bringing a bunch of chicken protein and rice cakes is what’s coming with me in my backpack sat i only have 45 grams with that so i should be able to get enough to the airport earth something figure that out probably go eat a steak with the guys for dinner but yeah that’s got to go in my bag and now i have seven ish minutes to make the shake up the guys it is now 919 my dad just called me he is here it’s waiting for me my shake is made i have to be down there no later than 930 so I like 10 minutes less than 10 minutes drink this whole thing not give myself brain freeze and get any of my last minute items together two and half my life and email license as a credit card where’s my license thought my hat wait got my license I’d get on the plane 929 giving my shoes on don’t have time to tie my shoes I hope I have everything fingers crossed that i do my phone almost forgot my phone [Music] hey there is thanks for picking me up big guy the operation is no problem no no problem just going to yeah we’re just going for a day just going to see how things are running down there been about three or four months now since they’ve been open I think next year you actually want to go into the city of Atlanta so we’ll say you’re a wonderful show / I am I love you did I’ll see you thanks again for driving me I got it hey Jeff are you guys here yet I need to any of the confirmation number to check in see you texted to me I thank you alright so my partner book this flight and for some reason he book my name is Joseph Duff’s the last name is just dumb he know this hopefully they don’t give me a hard time about being Joseph dust instead of Joseph dust because my name is not the name that they have on this boarding pass so we’ll see my partner book this flight me my last name on the ticket has an S on the end ok but my real last name is just so it turns out that they won’t let me into the gate unless I change my name at the front desk luckily I have a little bit of time before the flight so it’s not too big of a deal but I’m definitely going to give my partner a really hard time about not spelling my name right when I get into the game [Music] thank you so much no problem luckily this airport isn’t too busy right now because if it was I probably would have missed my flight that took 20 minutes at talking to that guy to figure out how to change my name a lot of my tickets I think you guys have seen Kirk before this is one of the partners in the franchise group his son-in-law when got a haircut there’s like a barbershop in his airport and he apparently has been gone for like 45 minutes nobody knows where he is and he might hit the boy getting a mani mani mani pedi Hey look who showed up looking fresh dude a link important i think i showed you guys Greg before Erica we’re great how do I actually haven’t seen it yet headache crowded he showed there’s no mirror and that how he showed it to me but like I was like a yeah it looks good glad you guys are worried about me we were really worried Kirk was especially worried so we an are not getting through security yeah he spelled my name wrong I could get it tsa is like doesn’t mean as people in the world yeah [Music] I just got into Georgia I think are we going is like Hollywood on wheels man are we going to check the late for lunch because I’m excited about that I am excited about it nah duffs chick-fil-a chick-fil-a so I thought we had to check in at the relic our place it turns out we’re like rental car preferred so you just show up to your car we found it wait we can’t drive a Mustang there’s no way we’re fitting a Mustang man now I never been for the Atlanta Airport before but I have to say this Airport is massive we had a walk like two miles to get to a train to take us to the rental car play I don’t think you’re supposed to get in the month I don’t even think this is our rental car they start just we should just we should just go so yeah we’re kind of trying to figure out which one of these cars stars because the Mustang is not going to fit the port what do we end up with toyota corolla all these guys are super excited i guess i’m driving i didn’t know that they’re excited because i don’t drink so i’m the driver I’m their driver this entire trip didn’t even know alright scratch that greg ginn drive because he’s actually been here before and I’ve never been here so just makes more sense for him to drive but later tonight I’m probably going to be the DD I’m assuming right later tonight I’m probably the DD after you guys get really drunk at top golf and I beat all of you we’re going to top golf Jeff and you’re gonna lose looks beautiful guys I really like this I like the patio this is amazing man this is really really nice this location I think on time big guys Elijah the owner ok are you this place is absolutely beautiful appreciate fresh as is fantastic it’s awesome launch time right now like three o’clock I haven’t eaten anything shake it nine in the morning so you can say I’m sort of hungry and I order a ton of food for lunch the guys are going to try wings up I’m not trying any wings absolutely dieting but excited for lunch I did a bunch of salad should eat a grilled chicken not yet and Rose we’ve probably left gonna split with my break alright guys we’re leaving the restaurant where to come back later they’re having like a poker night tonight somebody’s gonna win a $25 twenty dollar gift garden attend delegates card if you win the poker tournament are we gonna play in it I want to play in it anyways they think we are headed to top golf right now none of these guys have been at I’ve been to top golf in Vegas it is awesome you never been a tough call right Joey Joey Joey [Music] we’ve got hurt yo doc no all right Greg duel is up first ladies first is what they say so do us the honors Greg if you have a woman’s club just so you know yeah top golf of the success we’re on our way back to the restaurant see their dinner rush and maybe eat a little bit of food I haven’t you eaten hardly any protein today so I’m gonna eat again there hang out for a bit see their poker night hopefully it’s busier than it was where their earlier the day cuz we kind of what we got in it was like three o’clock it wasn’t really all that busy so hopefully dinner rush is happening right now and we can kind of see how they handle dinner rush we’re back at the restaurant that was a long car ride here looks really really nice though at night it’s like 45 minutes away that top golf place and I’m exhausted how nice is this patio guys the Edison lights the signs you can’t even see them but
just a super classy job out here really impressed there’s definitely more of a little bit crowded in here but there was a really ER the day we go away all the guys children coming out kind of walk around a little bit till the customers are enjoying themselves I’ll catch you guys I’m exhausted I need a shower we’re at the hotel it’s 1045 at night there’s really no reason for me to feel this tired but for some reason traveling just takes it totally out of you guys any day that I like fly I’m just super tired really early so kind of what’s happening right now it’s been a long day of just traveling of eating restaurant touring driving it took us like 45 minutes to get to top golf and top golfing to driving back and but it was a ton of fun today and super encouraging too because that location has only been open three months and already I can see that it’s going to be a huge success there when out of the game in terms of all of the other franchises that we’ve opened up at like this stage of their store and I was really really impressed the service was great the food was phenomenal the location itself they totally renovated this old restaurant that was like dark and gloomy and brought in a bunch of natural light out of that patio out front with Edison light bulbs and it’s beautiful summertime it’s going to be such a destination I I really can’t speak highly enough of it and if you’re in the Georgia the Newnan Georgia area you want to come and try some authentic buffalo chicken wings the macros and your goings really are great for hot wings one wings like seven grams of fat nine grams of protein zero grams of carbs but that’s what you get when you get chicken wings so make it a cheat day for swings but it’s not this salads are awesome they’re too i don’t know if you guys saw that huge chicken salad but two huge chicken cells that i got absolutely delicious but anyways i think i’m going to call it a vlog here i hope you guys liked this travel blog that i did i know it’s different than anything have you’ve done the channel so far but sometimes difference not bad right if you liked the video give it a like if you haven’t subscribed yet subscribe thank you guys for all the support thanks for watching see you guys in the next video they’re pretty hot dance I can be loved

This Post Was All About What I Actually Do For A Living | Dieting While Traveling | TSL Ep. 21.
What I Actually Do For A Living | Dieting While Traveling | TSL Ep. 21

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