What Do You Do When Nothing Works For Weight Loss

What Do You Do When Nothing Works For Weight Loss

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hey dr. Berg here in this video we’re going to talk about what to do when you’ve tried everything and nothing is working I’m going to create a series of videos in the next couple of weeks that will cover and address all the other factors that go beyond just losing weight okay so when you tried everything and nothing’s work nothing has worked you want to look outside the box okay so the concept we’re going to talk about in this video has to do with the dominating hormones that make fat see there are various things that the majority of people focus on with trying to boost their metabolism or increase the fat burning hormones and there’s six of them and that’s really cool you know exercise eating certain foods but what about the three dominating hormones there are hormones that make fat that will nullify any chance of you losing weight because they cancel out that fat-burning effect of the good hormones or the fat burning hormones yeah I’m sorry to tell you that but yeah the first one we’re talking about is cortisol so in the presence of just a little bit of cortisol it cancel out a lot of good stuff it’s kind of like if you had a really great day and everything went well and then that one little negative thing happened that just ruined the whole day the same thing in the body so this explains why portion control doesn’t work or everything in moderation because just a little bit of the bad stuff can wipe out all the good stuff and I’ll have people that will say well I’m just going to eat what I want and exercise more well sorry that may work if you’re 18 but not when you get close to 40s and 50s because these hormones are involved so there’s six fat burning hormones there’s three hormones that actually dominate and make fat first we’re going to talk about is cortisol cortisol is a stress hormone it’s made by the gland on top of your kidney you got two of them right here and it’s activated by all forms of stress emotional stress physical stress and other types of stress food stress so cortisol is a stress hormone in the presence of cortisol it’s going to be really hard to lose your belly fat in the presence of sustained cortisol over many many years it will literally make you age very very fast and it even will keep it’ll turn your muscle into sugar so if your diet is good your body is actually being converted to sugar as fuel even if you’re not eating sugar so it’s a very deadly hormone so what we want to do is two main things to focus on number one we want to reduce stress all right let’s just go a little bit deeper and how to do that number one exercise obviously will decrease stress especially if you’re sitting me on a computer all day you need to get out there and exercise you get it off but you want to exercise based on your fitness level your physiology don’t overtrain in the next couple of videos we’ll get more into like how to exercise but in this little video I’m just going to be make you aware that you need to exercise walking would be good if you’re not sleeping that well so I would exercise to the degree that you’re sleeping so if you’re not sleeping in your fatigue you want to exercise lower lower intensity like walking if you’re sleeping of energy you can increase the intensity so go based on how you feel if you don’t feel like exercising then do it very light but walking is very very important when reducing stress and you can do yoga and stretching and things like that secondly the sleep the sleep is very important because sleep is where you extract stress as well but you want to get in bed by 10:30 because that’s the first wave of sleep and ideally we want to sleep for seven hours if you have a problem with sleep and you’re not able to sleep because you’re stressed out I recommend taking adrenal support formula because one of those before bed will help you get into the deep sleep that says as a little solution to that number three nutrition there’s three main key nutrients that help people sleep number one the B vitamins and I like to get my B vitamins through nutritional yeast and not brewers yeast but nutritional yeast from the health of store take a tablespoon and put it into your food you could put it on a little plain yogurt and then consume that once a day that will help that internal anxiety stress build up and it actually will help vivid very vivid dreams and very active dreams and nightmares if you have that we know your deficiency you’re deficient in B vitamins second one is calcium calcium do not take calcium carbonate get a calcium citrate or calcium lactate and take that before bed because calcium will help wine you down so calcium and D vitamins and then potassium I like to take my potassium from the vegetable source you need seven cups because not only we get the potassium from the vegetables you’ll get a lot of other nutrients as well from those vegetables so we need that potassium very high if potassium goes down then stress goes up because potassium is a physiological relaxer that helps you sleep okay so we got that next one decrease stress from people I would say that out of all the things that stress people out other people that are on the top of the list here you have a situation between you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place you’re working in a place where your boss is a jerk and you can’t control the situation so any situation that you’re in out of control you can’t you can’t quit you stuck in a sit in such situation let’s say you’re married to someone who you’re not really happy with that could be an ongoing stress and even let’s say you’re stuck taking care of a sick parent who’s slightly irritable and you’re taking care of a child at the same time and you’re right in the middle so that is a situation there’s basically two types of people people that bring you up and people that bring you down and I really kind of regardless of what people say I pretty much go by how they make me feel when I’m around them and not necessarily I’m instigating something but there’s certain people that you around them that you feel like crap and they’re usually invalidating you and they might do it covertly they might say something like oh yeah you’re kind of a cute chubby person or you if you lost a little weight you’d be really cute like these little critical comments those people you just need to avoid them because these are stressful personalities and then you have the physical stress physical that’s the body problems you have maybe diabetes you have pain you have sleeping problems you have menstrual problems that will keep the stress high as well so that will also increase quarto so let’s some things that I work with on the physical level but now we get to the next thing you want to do two things you want to decrease stress and you want to increase pleasure that’s right pleasure will decrease cortisol but very few people are really focusing on getting more pleasure in their life they’re focusing on eliminating or avoiding stress so that’s cool but I’ll see this like with a female single mom pushes themselves take care of the kids a husband you know going to school working and pushing pushing pushing but there’s no time for her or any pleasure at all I see this on a daily basis and they’re stressed out to the max so you want to find things that you enjoy doing and start doing them and in acts of therapy increase the pleasure of your life whatever that might mean to you one way people get pleasures through eating but what we want to do is we want to replace those sweet carbs with fat the reason why people don’t do that is that they don’t realize that the sweet carbs will spike insulin
but the fat doesn’t but we’re taught that most diets you need to stay away from the fats but believe it or not the fat burning hormones actually the fat making hormones none of these actually are influenced by fat so fat is a neutral food it’s something you can consume as a pleasure source so people do get pleasure from bacon and eggs fattier butter cream so any of those foul to your recipes deep fried chicken or shrimp in maybe some coconut oil with some almond flour right with spices not a problem with that at all so we want to replace the carb with more fattier foods okay so those are some of the tips to lower cortisol okay so the next dominating fat making hormone is called insulin and now insulin is a hormone that regulates the sugar in your blood so when you lose the ability to regulate sugar it tends to go high okay and that’s called diabetes low sugar is called hypoglycemia but high would be diabetes okay so what triggers insulin is sugar and you may already know that okay so you know you need to avoid sugar but what I want to talk about is an interesting fact that I want to put more emphasis on because it’s very very very important in the presence of just a little bit of insulin I’m talking about a little bit of tiny bit especially as you age and your metabolism slows down a little bit of insulin will cancel a lot of good work that you’re doing in fact for some people all it will take is about 80 calories that’s like one cookie half a glass of juice I have a glass of wine which basically is sugar to block that burning up to 72 hours yeah I know so this is this is the problem is that the philosophy of everything in moderation or portion control does not work when you’re talking about hormones so insulin is a very powerful blocker and and I’m just I’m not just talking about actual sugar in handy I’m talking about all the hidden sugars like breads pastas cereal crackers biscuits waffles pancakes muffin soda and then you have juice you have what else you have MSG monosodium glutamate it’s in a lot of foods it’s hidden now as modified food starch I created a whole video on that in in somewhere on this blog so you can check it out but insulin we need to avoid that okay now lastly the last one is called estrogen now estrogen is also dominating hormone it’s not as important is insulin but it’s a factor that can keep you from losing weight number one if your menstrual cycle is too heavy if it’s too long if it’s too painful if it’s irregular chances are your estrogen dominant too much estrogen will make you get fat in the hips in the butt and lower pooch below the belly button and it will eventually cause a fibroid which then will make more estrogen yeah so it’s just kind of a never-ending cycle and of course there’s there’s environmental estrogens like you would take birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy or even a pregnancy could spike the estrogen environmentally it could be also the hormones in the food supply that you’re consuming and it also could be soy soy is very estrogenic so these are just some common things that you have to be aware of when you’re trying to do lose weight and nothing’s working you want to look at anything that’s triggering these counter hormones not just these right here so I hope I increase the awareness of to take to look at other things outside the box because you have to be able to look very lateral to see what’s causing your situation I’ll see you the next video

This Post Was All About What Do You Do When Nothing Works For Weight Loss.
What Do You Do When Nothing Works For Weight Loss

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Dr. Berg discusses what to do when nothing is working while trying to lose weight. In this video, Dr. Berg explain why attention to your hormones is the key to weight loss. He also speaks on why focusing on boosting your metabolism only will not help to keep your weight off.
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