What Causes Tumors, Polyps, Moles & Pimples

What Causes Tumors, Polyps, Moles & Pimples

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hey this dr. Bergin in this video we’re going to talk about the anatomy of a tumor so a lot of women are getting these fibroids and general population men women are getting polyps some people get moles some people get pimples if you look very closely in the mirror at your face you may have all these little bumps that are occurring and then they kind of go away and they come and go and come and go so there are a lot of things are constantly changing in the body you have over 60,000 genetic errors in your DNA every single cell every single day so you have all these things that are growing and shrinking so your body is constantly keeping these cells in check and they’re actually controlling the cellular growth so it doesn’t get out of control and create tumors today I want to talk about what’s behind the scenes there is one interesting thing that occurs before you get a tumor or a fibroid or a polyp and that is low calcium now calcium is the main mineral that controls all of the communication in between the cells because you have these things called calcium channels and calcium carries nutrition and information between the cells and that’s why a lot of people with low calcium start to get all these issues with extra cell growth but it’s not just hello calcium it’s a lot of other factors but I wanted to mention that what’s but what starts this process is a lack of communication in the cell the cells these tight junctions right beneath the tumor they lose control and then your body starts making more and more and more cells and out of an out-of-control fashion and it starts growing a tumor and what happens is that this will occur if the soil of your body the terrain of the body is fertilized with these other factors as well nutritional deficiencies sugar did you know that cancer in and tumors live on sugar and fact they depend on sugar but we don’t have to worry about that because I know you don’t need trigger so even the PET scans that monitor and screen for cancer look for those cells that are eating up all the sugar in the body that’s how they detect cancer so by not eating sugar you can basically starve off these these cancer cells stress stress will set the person up for all sorts of problems with the immune system and more genetic defects chemicals you have pesticides insecticides herbicides and even chemicals and smoking chemicals in our food I just found out that the the binder that they feed a lot of chickens are fed with formaldehyde yeah that’s right so what happens is these chemicals create alterations in your DNA those are called mutations so mutations are sudden changes within this lifetime there’s sudden errors that go out of control and they can alter your immune protective DNA repair mechanism so now we can’t suppress the tumor anymore and so it grows out of control and then you have radiation now chronic inflammation let’s say you’re having a menstrual period every single month while you’re setting yourself up for great growing tumors from that terrible heavy crampy cycle so it really is a combination of all these things but it all starts with this calcium right here so let’s just kind of get into a little bit more on this calcium first because in order to transport the calcium into the tissues you need vitamin D and there’s even a lot of studies that show that vitamin D reduces cancer simply because it will help you regulate the calcium so the way it works is vitamin D is absorbed in the intestine by 20 times so that’s the purpose is to get a lot more absorption into the small intestine so it can combine with a certain protein and now once it’s connecting that protein and go through the blood and it can transport through the body just straight calcium like if you take calcium carbonate that urn most supplements it does do anything is like eating a rock it’s hard to absorb it’s not transported so you need vitamin D to break it down and to get it absorbed into the blood so vitamin D is very very important if we take a look at the world and the equator right in the center where there’s a lot of Sun there are very low rates of cancer in this area of the world as you go north in the colder weather is when people don’t get as much Sun there’s much greater higher incidence of cancer and tumors now exception Japanese women have low rates of breast cancer and that is because they eat a lot of fish which have vitamin D and a lot of eel in their sushi you don’t eel has the most vitamin D like three ounces is five thousand international units of vitamin D it’s incredible so so we need vitamin D from the Sun or a supplement always take vitamin d3 and then we also need vitamin F okay now what is vitamin A vitamin F is another name for the omega-3 fatty acids like in fish oil those are the polyunsaturated fatty acids there are omega-3 fatty acids and that’s why fish oil is also good for anti cancer because it helps you absorb that calcium so we have vitamin F transports calcium into the tissues and then vitamin k2 and I’ve done a video on this vitamin k2 drives the calcium all the way into the bone and it cleans up the arteries and it helps you modal mobilize calcium through the body and if you notice vitamin d3 vitamin F k2 those are all fat vitamins so we need fat to mobilize calcium and what are people telling you to avoid fat there’s also another vitamin that’s very essential for calcium and I forgot to put that that’s vitamin A yeah and these vitamins vitamin D vitamin A if you look them up control what’s called the differentiation of what cells turn into so if you’re for example deficient in vitamin A you’ll have all this rough skin because the cells can’t be duplicated exactly like they should so again these vitamins are very very important in the transportation of minerals and the protection of tumors now I just want to get into one more thing and that would be the tumor cell and the cancer cell will hijacked your blood flow to because they need blood they need oxygen in some cases to feed that tumor and grow it and that’s called angiogenesis if you want to look that up but that’s basically the all these blood vessels are started feeding the tumor and the cancer and it just starts growing out of control but what’s interesting is what will stop the process of going from a benign to a malignant tumor or cancer would be phyto nutrients so there’s a lot of studies being done now on these vital nutrients that would be all those great cruciferous vegetables that you’re eating right now the kale those are essential for the blockage of this blood flow to the tumor and to cancer and that’s why phytonutrients are very anti-cancer so those are some of the the points and the highlights of tumors and your skin with these little pimples and then how your body is constantly trying to counter this it’s very very important to keep the soil of your body the terrain very help-help very healthy through these factors right here so I hope that kind of gave you some insights on why people get tumors and why they might not so apply this information and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About What Causes Tumors, Polyps, Moles & Pimples.
What Causes Tumors, Polyps, Moles & Pimples

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Dr. Eric Berg, DC teaches you the mechanism behind tumors, polyps, moles and pimples. Low calcium is most likely “hypercalcemia (high calcium in the blood), which clogs up the tissues, which is unavailable calcium to the deeper tissues. In other words, low calcium is “calcium that is not able to be transported through the body”. So we are not recommending adding calcium, but taking the fat soluble vitamins to mobilize calcium (fish oils, DHA, D3, K2).
Calcium deficiencies can trigger cancer and tumors in the colon and other body parts. Vitamin D deficiencies can also trigger cancer and fibroids (tumors). This is another good reason why getting your daily dose of sun is beneficial. But it all starts with a loss of communication within the cells and this occurs with calcium. Vitamin D and vitamin F help transport calcium. Vitamin K2 also a fat soluble vitamin helps controls abnormal cell growth.
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