What Causes Liver Spots (Aging Spots)? Hint…it’s NOT the liver

What Causes Liver Spots (Aging Spots)? Hint…it’s NOT the liver

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More specifically, you want help with What Causes Liver Spots (Aging Spots)? Hint…it’s NOT the liver?

hey dr. Berg here we’re going to talk about what’s really behind liver spots okay they’re also called aging spots or solar Lenti go it’s not really the liver now if the livers bad or dysfunctional yes it can create all sorts of problems with the skin but if you have actual liver spots it’s coming from the vitamin C deficiency okay vitamin C protects the skin from the Sun okay it’s called photo damage or damage from the Sun or light so vitamin C protects the skin from the Sun the skin is collagen the epidermis is all collagen and vitamin C is highly involved in the formation of collagen and if you look at some of the natural creams out there they have serums for the skin to get rid of aging spots what are they they’re vitamin C based they work on the external though you really got to work on the inside out like consume the food high in vitamin C not necessary just put on the surface of skin because it’s going to come back next time you go to the Sun so as you age and you have the accumulation of Sun and you actually have a vitamin C deficiency the combination of that gives you these little brown spots so why why are you vitamin C deficient as time goes on it’s either two reasons number one you’re you’re not consuming enough vitamin C and I’m not talking about taking vitamin C as a supplement most vitamin C supplements are synthetic they’re made from ascorbic acid and they’re made artificially from cornstarch and sulfuric acid so especially if it’s over like 100 milligrams we know it’s synthetic okay it’s artificial it’s not going to fix it vitamin C in nature is a complex of a whole bunch of different parts and so you want to get it from the food or our concentrated food so vegetables collard greens cabbage bell pepper chili pepper parsley all those are very high in vitamin C large salads high in vitamin C pasteurization when they cook vegetables if you heat them you destroy the vitamin C so like orange juice for example has like not a lot of vitamin C because it’s pasteurized so so that’s one thing all right now number two the probably the more likely reason why you’re deficient vitamin C is not necessarily you’re not getting the vitamin C it’s because of a condition called insulin resistance this is a lot of other videos I have let insulin resistance of the condition where your cells are blocking insulin because of too much too many carbs okay and then what happens or too many frequent meals what happens it sends a signal back to the pancreas and it tells the body to make more insulin so insulin resistance is a state where you’re producing a large quantity of insulin which then depletes vitamin C okay in the presence of too much insulin you’re not going to be able to absorb or use vitamin C in the quantities you want so you’ve got in the Sun you get this aging spots liver spots of course not the liver and that’s what’s causing it so if you want to correct it don’t use the external serums fix it from within and correct the insulin resistance and consume enough vitamin C I’ll put some links down below how to do that but that’s really what’s behind liver spots thanks for watching hey you probably already subscribed but if you haven’t press this little button down below and I will keep you updated

This Post Was All About What Causes Liver Spots (Aging Spots)? Hint…it’s NOT the liver.
What Causes Liver Spots (Aging Spots)? Hint...it's NOT the liver

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Dr. Berg talks about what liver spots are. Liver spots are not really caused by your liver, but it is caused by vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C protects skin from the sun. You want to consume vegetables that have high vitamin C not just used cream and serum on you skin. Most Vitamin C are synthetic and I do not recommend it. Eat vegetables with high concentrated vitamin C such as collard green, cabbage, bell pepper, chili pepper…etc.
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