What Causes Hypoglycemia?

What Causes Hypoglycemia?

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Hey guys. It’s Dr. Berg here. I had a patient recently who wanted to know
what causes hypoglycemia and I want to create a little video on that. Hypo mean low, glycemia, which means sugar
in the blood. When the sugar goes down to low, you feel
dizzy, irritable, a craving for sweets, thirsty, depressed, all these different symptoms. Okay? If the sugar goes low, it’s not good. If the sugar goes high, it’s not good. Here’s what initially happens. You start, even in my case, you start off
eating a lot of sugar. As a child you eat a lot of sugar and you’re
eating large quantities of sugar. Now, if you think about it, when you measure
your sugars it should be like between 80 and 100. Let’s say 100 is normal roughly. 100 units of sugar in your blood. What does that mean? It means that equivalent to roughly around
one teaspoon of sugar per gallon of blood. It’s not a lot. It’s a little tiny bit. You can imagine if you consume, I don’t know,
a cup of flavored yogurt, a glass of juice, that’s 38 grams of sugar. That’s 38 grams of sugar in one small period
consuming them. I mean, I remember myself, I had hypoglycemia. I remember going trick or treating, coming
home with a bag this big of candy, sitting down and eating the whole thing in one sitting. What was I thinking or not thinking? It was crazy. I mean, talk about a massive whiplash to that
pancreas. That’s a trauma situation. My body had to raise insulin so high to get
this out and work so hard. If you do that a few times in a row, it’s
going to create a whiplash effect so it’s going to over-react and bring it down and
keep it down there too long because I’m creating a kind of stimulus response then. I’m just like hitting that thing. It’s going up and it comes right down. That’s an over-reaction. That’s hypoglycemia. Other causes of hypoglycemia could stem from
adrenal stress as well because the adrenal gland can create that as well, but also just
sugar in general. I’ll have people like they’re don’t eat sugar,
but they have hypoglycemia because the adrenals are stressing out and that’s turning your
protein into sugar. That happens when you get a little bit older,
but when you’re younger, it’s just the sugar. Sugar goes into the bloodstream. Your body can only maintain one teaspoon per
gallon so it has to trigger insulin to pull it out. If you start doing too much, it converts to
fat. Okay. Then basically what happens over time is hypoglycemia
then turns into hyperglycemia, high sugar, because this gets exhausted. The other thing is that your body considers
that much sugar toxic, so it’s going to start to repel and block and resist insulin. They call it insulin-resistant, so the cells
in the liver are going to block it and not accept that sugar, and so might have the high
spike of sugar from the pancreas, but it won’t allow it in the liver. Okay? Now, if it won’t allow the insulin to be going
in the liver, and insulin suppresses sugar, then the sugar stays high so we have hyperglycemia. Diabetes. Okay? That comes from doing too much of this. Sometimes somebody will have a comment on
YouTube, where people make these comments to which they have no clue, they’ll make a
comment like, “Oh, eating sugar doesn’t cause diabetes. It’s all genetic.” Really, just genetic? We’re born with that? This doesn’t make sense. And also they say, “Well, you can’t ever cure
diabetes type 1 because it’s all just autoimmune.” Well, what happens over time, is you do this
over a period of time, you are going to burn this out because even when people are diabetics,
they never really correct the diet. They just take the medication. Then you burn this out and now you have to
take insulin. Why? Because this has stopped working. That’s type 1. That wasn’t created from an autoimmune. That was created from bad diet. Okay? The point is that what we want to do, is we
want to avoid sugar. That’s the goal. There’s various videos I have to actually
improve the pancreas and the blood sugars and all that, but I just wanted to talk about
what causes hypoglycemia in this video. I will see you in the next one.

This Post Was All About What Causes Hypoglycemia?.
What Causes Hypoglycemia?

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Dr. Berg talks about signs and symptoms of Hypoglycemia. “Hypo” means low and “glycemia” is blood sugar. So when you have low blood sugar, this is the time when you have Hypoglycemia and you might show hypoglycemia symptoms like feeling dizzy, irritable, craving for sweet, thirsty, depressed etc. Having either low or high sugar in the body is not good for health. Stress in adrenal glands can also cause Hypoglycemia. Too much sugar in the body causes the reverse effect and is called Hyperglycemia.
There’s a big confusion on the deeper cause of hypoglycemia. If someone consumes excess sugars it creates a whiplash effect of the pancreas pumping out the insulin. This over-reaction will create a drop in blood sugar. But never then add sugar when you have low sugar unless you want to continue this problem. These are some signs of hypoglycemia.
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