What Causes Hot Flashes or Hot Flushes?

What Causes Hot Flashes or Hot Flushes?

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hey guys in this video I want to talk about the anatomy of a hot flash okay what actually is it with the common remedy in medicine is estrogen like hormone replacement therapy or just estrogen I’m going to tell you why that works but it comes with a package and I’m not recommending it okay but again anything that I recommend just check with your doctor that’s my disclaimer okay you have this this endocrine pathway in the body starts from the hypothalamus it’s a little tiny little gland up in the brain with a bunch of little cells that have pre-programmed messages that run different functions and then this is like the master gland it’s like the owner of the football team then you have the pituitary okay that’s like the coach of the football team so we have the owner that says sends the message down and the pituitary then sends down messages to the different glands so it kind of splits off so you like maybe have the CEO and the office manager okay so they both in coordination so the message is up here and this little tiny little tiny speck of a a nerve bundle up here has messages that are in a timing system okay every month okay release the egg release the egg from the ovaries down here and we have this whole communication that’s the messages are sent down it gets received and then once it gets received it sends back the message telling it I got your message you can turn it off okay so that way we have this on/off feedback loop okay that’s why even if you talk to someone and they’re ignoring you you might continue to talk or increase your volume because the acknowledgment is the turn off switch it’s like okay I heard you thank you you can stop talking now okay so we have this whole thing going and then at age 52 maybe a little bit for a little after you run out of eggs okay you have 400 eggs you’re done you’re in retirement the ovaries are retirement and so they turn off okay so what happens so now the message should normally just shut this off and everything should be fine because there’s a backup organ the adrenal glands which are on top of the kidney produce the same the ovaries they’re the backup to the ovaries and typically what happens during menopause you don’t need the full set of ovarian hormones you need some but you don’t need a large amount because you’re not going to have babies anymore well maybe you might but maybe you might not but the point is that if these Drina glands do not back up the ovaries with the hormones if they don’t supply enough let’s say they’re weak adrenal fatigue and you go into menopause you get the failure to the backup and you kind of sort sorts short-circuits this whole pathway so now we don’t get this feedback loop so now the hypothalamus is sending down excessive signals down to the down to the adrenals try to kick them in gear and that over stimulates the inside adrenal which creates a little spike in adrenaline so your heart rate starts going up here you start sweating so you have all these these flashes of heat that go down so that’s really what causes hot flash is a failure for the adrenals to back up the ovaries okay and so what can you do well you want to support the adrenals I put a link with some ideas down below if you want to check it out and read up on it but in this video I just wanted to show the anatomy of what a hot flash really is it’s really simply an adrenal weakness that’s it all right thanks for watching 

This Post Was All About What Causes Hot Flashes or Hot Flushes?.
What Causes Hot Flashes or Hot Flushes?

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Dr. Berg talks about hot flashes and what causes them. The hypothalamus runs the glands in the body, and then the pituitary to then send messages to the ovaries. This happens on a timing system. Each month, release the egg from the ovary. There is a feedback mechanism that is circular. So if one part turns off (ovary), the back up organ kicks in because they make the same hormones. If the adrenal gland do not back up the ovaries, you will get a flash of heat.
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