What Causes Crusty Eyes?

What Causes Crusty Eyes?

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someone wanted to know about crusty eyes okay we’re gonna talk about that what’s behind that there’s some medical terms for crusty eyes sleep dust ice and eye gunk sleeps and I neuters or I buggers so the cause of this condition is a low vitamin A situation by the man a deficiency when you’re low in vitamin A your eyes do dry out but you at the same time get a thickened mucus around the eyes you can create itchiness so the fact that when you’re sleeping all night long you’re not blinking now I want to differentiate that from the feeling like you have sand in your eye but you don’t have sand or any crust that would be a vitamin b2 deficiency or a low blood sugar situation i po glycemia word is vitamin a come from vitamin a is a fat Seibel vitamin it comes from animal products mostly for talking about retinol which is the active form of vitamin A the pre vitamin a beta carotene and carotenoids which have the ability to turn into retinol those are from plants but the conversion is very very low but I do suggest consuming both animal and plant versions of vitamin A egg yolks have vitamin A beef liver cod liver oil it’s loaded with vitamin A and also vitamin D I highly recommend this right here now what will create a vitamin A deficiency would be having low iron that could do it or let’s say you don’t have the enzymes from the pancreas to digest fats it’s called lipase because the pancreas maybe is burnt out from consuming too many refined foods or consuming too many sugars or processed foods things like that gall bladder if there’s a gall bladder problem if you don’t have a gall bladder if there’s a liver problem you’re not going to be able to absorb the full amount of vitamin A so you can have a deficiency just from that I’ve done a lot of it is in the gall bladder I’ll put a link down below for more information alcohol will affect the liver and decrease the ability of jord varo may also if you have any type of IBS or irritable bowel syndrome or inflammation or : or damage in the colon let’s say for example you had gastric bypass where they removed part of the colon or bypassed it or damaged in the digestive system from antibiotics that can limit your absorption of vitamin A so these are all potential reasons that you could be vitamin A deficient despite consuming vitamin A in your diet or it could be that you’re just not consuming vitamin A maybe you’re vegan and you don’t consume any animal products so you’re just relying on the pre vitamin A compounds and that could create a deficiency right there so if you have this condition you would want to number one make sure you get it from foods this is a good source and then you want to isolate the factors that could be preventing the absorption could be any one of these alright thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About What Causes Crusty Eyes?.
What Causes Crusty Eyes?

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In this video, we’re going to talk about crusty eyes. What’s behind crusty eyes, and how can you improve your eye health?
People have different terms for crusty eyes such as:
• Sleep dust
• Eye sand
• Eye gunk
• Sleep sand
• Eye shnooters
• Eye goop
• Eye boogers
What causes crusty eyes?
It’s a vitamin A deficiency. This deficiency will cause you to have dry eyes. But, at the same time, you get a thickened mucus around the eyes which can cause you to have itchy eyes.
However, if you feel like you have sand or crust in your eyes, but there isn’t actually anything there, that is something different. That could be because of a vitamin B2 deficiency or a low blood sugar situation.
Vitamin A — is a fat-soluble vitamin. The active form comes from animal products. Pre-vitamin A comes from plants.
Get vitamin A from plants and:
• Egg yolks
• Beef liver
• Cod liver oil
What causes a vitamin A deficiency?
• Low iron
• Lack of essential pancreatic enzymes
• A missing gallbladder or a gallbladder problem
• Alcohol
• Not consuming enough vitamin A (especially the active form)
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