What Causes Cataracts?

What Causes Cataracts?

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all right in this next question a person asks dr. Berg what causes cataracts all right so I want to discuss cataracts and has to do with a person’s pH their acid alkaline levels and I talked about this in my book on page 50 under the adrenal gland chapter because when the adrenal gland over acts and produces too much cortisol that’s the stress hormone what happens is it it causes the release of a lot of acid from the urine so when you check the urine the person’s pH is very very very acid it’s overly acid so you may look at that and go wow the person is too acid we need to alkalize them that would be a big mistake because when you lose your acids your pH then starts becoming more alkaline so 7 is neutral when you go above 7 you’re becoming more alkaline and when you’re becoming low 7 below 7 it’s more acid okay so if you’re losing all your acids your page is going to rise upward and because the blood operates at a very narrow band between 7.34 and 7.45 so it it it’s like within just like a very small range and if the ph of that blood goes too high you’re going to develop something called alkalosis now what is alkalosis that just means that your Bloods to Lockland and that is a condition that it happens with adrenal gland problems and stress so but when you measure the urine it’s excessively acid that’s because you’re dumping all your acids and your body is becoming to on the opposite and bloods becoming too alkaline when the blood is overly alkaline you you’re going to have a big problem with calcium calcium will not necessarily go this doesn’t even work go in the body anymore it goes on the tissues ok so it develops on the nerves as neuritis like like all the itis is implement the heels as heel spurs on the joints is arthritis on the bursa as bursitis that’s little sac around the joints on the tendons is tendinitis on the eyes is cataracts that’s a calcium plaquing because the body is too alkaline I’m talking about the blood I mean there’s books that say you have to alkalize or die and that’s actually a myth because you’re here you’re going to create a worsening of the problems calcium develop develops on the arteries as plaquing on the kidneys as kidney stones and the gall bladders gall stones on the nerve on the left actually it could be on the right or left as a little twitching on the eyelid that’s calcium because the pH is too alkaline and the calcium is not going in the bone the muscle that’s why you get cramps in your calves work tight shoulders up here so all of it from the Drina Glenn overacting you can have all those conditions could you imagine treating each one of those separately we have to get to the root problem the cause and so doing that you would want to acidify the body now how do you do that well people that are excessively alkalyn tend to crave acids like they might like the what’s that outside of it another cider vinegar chips the vinegar chips they might like carbonated water or sodas because it is carbonic acid so they want that what they should do is do Pellegrino or Perrier because the carbonated water will acidify them as well but the best thing to do is to take a little lemon in your water or maybe some outside of vinegar in your water or even cranberry all those are very acidic and of course I recommend that in my book on the Drina lap tur you’re going to do a drink with unsweetened cranberry outside of vinegar and a little lemon in some water to start to acidify you and sometimes people say well dr. Berg why are we trying to certify because most people are actually too alkaline in the blood but they’re too acidic coming out because they’re losing all their acids and when the calcium doesn’t get absorbed your breathing becomes off so you you can’t you like your can’t get enough air you don’t sleep that well you can’t why down at night because you don’t have the calcium to wine you down so there’s a lot of other problems that occur but that’s definitely one of them so this is some extra background data help that help I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About What Causes Cataracts?.
What Causes Cataracts?

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Dr. Berg discusses cataracts. It has to do with PH balance. In this video, Dr. Berg explains how adrenal gland overacts and has a lot to do with the condition of cataracts.
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