What Causes a High Pulse Rate?

What Causes a High Pulse Rate?

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hi guys dr. Berg here listen I wanted to do a video on high pulse rate because I talked to this one lady on the phone and she went to the doctor and they said they ruled out heart problems from her symptom of high pulse rate she has no heart problems and they don’t know what’s going on so I wanted totally I’d create a video to show her all the possible causes ok so a lot of times if you’re stuck with one thing we need to kind of know all the potential things that it could be number one you have to realize that in average a normal pulse rate of 72 but it could range between 60 and 80 or higher or a lot lower if you are a really professional top athlete it keep the pulse rate can go down to 35 sometimes even lower that’s incredible but I’ve seen people have a resting pulse rate of 110 just like when they’re resting Bom Bom Bom now in a little infant normal is 120 but as you get older it should come down and what creates a pulse rate is part of the nervous system it’s called the parasympathetic nervous system that’s in the background that’s literally developing and pushing your pulse rate down and an infant they haven’t developed that system strong enough to keep the pulse rate in check so everything is a little bit higher I know my dog Charlie has a pulse rated probably like 200 when he’s at rest I don’t know that guy’s that little guy is hyper but here’s some here’s some causes hyperthyroidism okay so the thyroid is in hyper mode it’s working too much that can cause be a potential cause of high pulse rate okay low potassium very very common that the tascam is a supports the parasympathetic nervous system so it pushes the pulse rate down many people that have high pulse rate have really dis low potassium and that would be a simple solution to fix that medication so let’s say your pulse rate is high right after you got on certain medication that could be causing it or it could be a food allergy something you’re allergic to epinephrine let’s say you’re an EpiPen because you have allergies boom that could be one of the causes or caffeine you drink five pots of coffee a day you know that’s the obvious one or your nicotine years chain-smoker well that can increase the pulse rate and then the heart problems it could be some dysfunction in the heart itself or adrenal issues adrenal controls a lot of hormones related to the flight or flight mechanism you can either increase adrenaline the kids increased cortisol it can deplete potassium a lot of things these are just things to look at if you’re trying to get your pulse job thanks for watching press it ok Jesus let me do that over again press the subscribe button press just press this button right here subscribe ok that one right there just do it right now

This Post Was All About What Causes a High Pulse Rate?.
What Causes a High Pulse Rate?

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Dr. Berg talks about high pulse rate. Here are the possibilities:
1. Hyperthyroid
2. Low potassium
3. Medication side-effects
4. Epinephrine
5. Caffeine / nicotine
6. Heart problem
7. Adrenal stress
Normal pulse rate should be 72, however, it could be a lot less if you are very fit. High pulse or high heart rate is called tachycardia.
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