What Causes a Goiter?

What Causes a Goiter?

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hey guys in this video we’re going to talk about that glider okay let’s cut let’s kind of go through it first of all you have a hypothyroid case that’s a low thyroid that could come from a low amount of iodine in the diet okay now either you’re not consuming in the diet because it’s not in the food because it’s a trace mineral and our soils are so poor or you could be eating certain foods that are pulling it out okay so there’s even medications and drugs like sulfa drugs will deplete iodine lithium will deplete iodine perchlorate that’s in the water supply that’s why you need a house filter that will cause a depletion of iodine and then thiocyanate that’s from cigarette smoking if you smoke that can also that chemical can pull iodine out of your thyroid and then also different foods like yuca soy bean pine nuts strawberries peaches pears bamboo shoots sweet potato cruciferous vegetables all those have the capacity to deplete you of iodine so so it could be a thyroid situation coming from a lack of iodine or it could come from a liver problem or you’re low in bile because your gall bladder is removed in which case you can’t convert t4 to t3 so that could be the cause or it could be high levels of estrogen a lot of women that are pregnant and have a baby during the process the thyroid goes down that’s because the high mountain of estrogen that can block the thyroid regardless of that situation what happens when you’re low in iodine you’re not making the thyroid hormones and so therefore the feedback mechanism is going to go up to the pituitary and tell the pituitary to make thyroid stimulating hormone and that hormone from the pituitary makes the thyroid and large okay that’s the purpose of it so that sends back here because we’re not getting the feedback loop because when your thyroid is producing normal amounts of thyroid hormone it should act as a feedback and turn off the pituitary so it can stop producing but it’s not enough it just keeps sending communication it’s not a little bit of a circuit and the thyroid gets bigger alright then you have Hashimoto’s that’s an autoimmune situation where your Thyer is making antibodies that are attacking itself in which case it’s going to block the thyroid hormone so you’ll have low thyroid hormone low iodine sending a signal back up to the thyroid stimulating hormone or not sending a signal back and causing this the pituitary to stimulate the thyroid more to make it get bigger to the same mechanism but in this case it’s the actual iodine deficiency this is an immune reaction this is usually created by stress induced autoimmune type problems most autoimmune is stress-related in this case you would want to take iodine and you would also want to take selenium okay selenium is very important in the conversion process and also the production of making thyroid hormones it’s part of a certain enzyme that makes thyroid hormones also it’s very important in vitamin A to take vitamin A if you’re deficient in vitamin A either this one or this one if you’re deficient about M&A you’re not going to make thyroid hormones that well so you need vitamin A vitamin A is an animal products it’s not in it’s in vegetables as a pre vitamin A but not the actual retinol which is the active form which is mainly in color boil egg yolks and grass-fed dairy products things like that so or you might not have a gallbladder and you can’t pull in that vitamin A so that’s another source so if you’re taking selenium you need about two hundred micrograms and by the way what’s really high in selenium is wheatgrass juice which is interesting okay so we got those two mechanisms and then we have Graves which is a high amount of thyroid hormone production so it’s a hyper thyroid problem so that person is too much iodine okay so you’re not going to give more iodine to a Graves type situation and the reason why the thyroid is enlarging with Graves is because the immune system is creating another thing called thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin T F I and that is the thing that’s making this get bigger not the pituitary but this immune reaction okay so you never want to give a person more iodine or C help if they have graves because that’s going to worsen it you never want to give a person with graves like bowel support or gallbladder support because that will make more conversion and make more hormone okay so these foods are probably good not the chemicals but the foods would be good for Graves because it will lower iodine okay now I have a I use a sea kelp from Iceland which is a very pure organic certified seek help because there’s not many oceans left that are cleaned so that one is very clean it doesn’t have any chemicals in it it’s highly pure and you would take that in the morning of course not if you have Graves don’t take it before you go to bed because it increases energy okay so I just wanted to kind of give you a background of what is behind goiters and it doesn’t necessarily have to always be a hypo it could be a hyper alright thanks for watching

This Post Was All About What Causes a Goiter?.
What Causes a Goiter?

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Dr. Berg talks about Goiters and what causes them. You could have high or low iodine involved in this condition. You could need selenium, vitamin A or other trace minerals. However, a hypothyroid condition, Hashimoto’s or Graves in this problem. In most goiters, iodine is needed. Sea kelp contains iodine.
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