What Are The 4 Body Types?

What Are The 4 Body Types?

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hey dr. Burke here in this video I want to talk about the body types I want to talk about how to differentiate certain body types I want to talk about the cause the underlying cause and some important tips on each body type so let’s get right into the first number one is the adrenal body type as you can see there’s a sagging belly now that belly is fat coming from a hormone called cortisol it is not necessarily diet related it is stress related and that’s why when you go on a diet sometimes it doesn’t work until you deal with the stress part of it and there are techniques to pull stress out of the body but I just wanted to point that out renal cases have problems sleeping they have problems with a lot of issues with stress responses feeling calm memory issues craving for salts and chocolate the list goes on and on and on but they mainly have the sagging belly and if you were to recommend important things the most important thing is reducing stress and getting asleep as far as dietarily they would need to not go on a low protein diet why because the body is breaking down more protein instead they should eat a little more protein with each meal and they should also have enough vegetables – given the potassium they need because they are if it’s lots of stress they’ll be depleting the potassium Reserve and they need that potassium okay just to get the adrenals recharged so those are some couple a couple things with the adrenal now and number two we have the thyroid body type now if you look at that type you can see that the weight is all over not in any one location they’re just big everywhere but the thing to know is that if you’re diagnosed with a thyroid problem and the doctor says you have a thyroid problem and we just need to give you thyroid hormones and many times you don’t feel any change or lose the weight then that is a secondary problem not a primary problem because again if if someone diagnosed you with the problem they give you that thing it should solve the problem so if it’s a secondary problem you never get better so what happens what’s the primary thyroid a primary thyroid condition would usually come from too much estrogen from having heavy periods or from the environment it could also come from a lack of digestive gallbladder release so if your liver is not doing well and you don’t have enough bile bi le that’s a digestive juice that comes from the liver then you can’t convert t4 to t3 so you can’t have those converting activating hormones in other words 80% of that thyroid is controlled by the conversion from t4 to t3 through the liver and gallbladder if there’s a problem there you won’t get the conversion and then you don’t fix that problem you never fix the thyroid so we got a high estrogen issue secondly we have a conversion issue from the liver and gallbladder and thirdly we could have a stress adrenal issue which is right up number one so bad to the point where let’s say youth develop an autoimmune problem that would be either Hashimoto’s or Graves again these are just things to ask your doctor and talk about because a lot of times they don’t look beyond the actual hormone issue so thyroid issues can even come from the adrenal because most all autoimmune cases are stemmed from in caused from the adrenal and that’s why the treatment for all of them our adrenal hormones cortisol prednisone that’s what they use in autoimmune it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory it also is intimately involved with your immune system so anyway I’m just giving you tips on what could cause potential thyroid issues it could be a primary thyroid but typically there is something that caused that so we want to look deeper people just don’t one day end up with a thyroid issue it’s triggered by something okay now what foods should they eat if it’s a thyroid it really depends on what caused it if it’s more of a gobbler issue they should eat foods that support the liver if it’s a more estrogen sure they should eat foods to support balancing estrogen so it really depends them again the source of it now number three this body type down here is the liver this is mainly seen in men it’s a protruding belly it’s a potbelly but it can also happen in women as well these cases do not want to consume alcohol and wine before they go to bed every night because that alcohol destroys the liver they also do not do not do well on heavy protein so you they do well being a vegetarian with some small amount of protein but they need to increase their vegetables because that is the food that helps the liver but again we want to find out the source of where that’s coming from so instead of treating a liver let’s just look at the eating and get the eating straightened out and support it that way okay the next body type would be number four the ovary type the ovary type holds weight more in the hips and a little pooch below the belly button that type is more of an estrogen dominant case and those cases need to support estrogen balance well what would that be well cruciferous vegetables are the key food to help balance estrogen and also in their food they want to make sure that they’re not consuming just commercial food that has hormones in it they want hormone free type foods especially dairy and meats and those are just some general tips on supporting your body type I hope this helps you differentiate there’s a lot of videos I have that go into each individual body type but I wanted to kind of show you all of them in one short video I’ll see you next video

This Post Was All About What Are The 4 Body Types?.
What Are The 4 Body Types?

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Dr. Berg discusses about the body shape, the different female body types and other male body types and tips on the ideal body types. The first body type is the adrenal body type (sagging belly). These people need to reduce stress and sleep and have a little more protein with each meal. The next body type is the thyroid body type (the weight is spread all over). A primary thyroid problem could come from heavy estrogen or heavy periods or a lack of digestive ball bladder or a stress issue. The next body type is the liver body type (mainly men). The last body type is the ovary body type (estrogen dominant cases).
Dr. Berg talks about the body types and differentiates the differences between the adrenal body type, the ovary body type, the thyroid body type and the liver body type.
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