Weight Loss is Not Natural

Weight Loss is Not Natural

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okay so I wanted to create a video just explain that weight loss in general is not a natural thing for your body it goes against its main purpose the body’s purpose of surviving so surviving is not losing anything so weight loss is not natural and that’s why when people say you know all I have to do is balance your meals everything in moderation very bad advice because they don’t differentiate between the hormones and the nutrients they don’t look at those factors each type of calorie influences hormones differently proteins do stimulate the fat burning hormone but not if you have too much if you add sugar to proteins like let’s say I have a burger and fries or burger and a bun or a burger and a milkshake what you’re doing is you’re quadrupling the amount of insulin that’s being pumped out insulin is the hormone that blocks all the building of burn fat so we want to keep insulin low we want to keep the sugar down protein moderate but you can do frequent meals and then also MSG monosodium glutamate that actually triggers insulin by 300% so that’s a lot of hidden chemical in a lot of different fast food places and it makes the food just tastes better but really it’s a spike in your insulin of course stress we want to keep the stress low but you really have to treat each type of calorie differently you want to leverage your hormones and not necessarily have a balanced diet so when I talk about get healthy to lose weight not lose weight to get healthy I’m talking about the health of the endocrine system you might need to and when I talk about health I’m not talking about balancing your diet a balanced diet is not a healthy diet the key is at the end of the day you end up with the amount of nutrients that you need so I’m just going to give you one little tiny example we’re going to take vitamin A so we need about 300 to 4 hundred micrograms of vitamin A every day now typically you’ve probably been taught that eating carrots yams spinach kale is very very high in vitamin A and it is but the vitamin A is it’s called a pro vitamin A it’s not the real thing it’s not the active form it’s kind of like a pre vitamin A and your body only converts a little bit of it so really all the active forms of vitamin A are in animal products okay so what’s wait a minute good form oh my gosh well if you revita Monnaie deficient you’re going to get acne you are going to have rough skin in those little bumps that looks like chicken little bumps like this rough xxs scaly skin you get psoriasis scaly skin dry skin look at all these women that are by the the makeup creams what are they put in that makeup cream retinol vitamin A different forms of vitamin A what accutane that’s a very high concentrated vitamin A it has a lot of side effects to the liver because too high but the point is that vitamin A deficiency can create a lot of problems with skin not to mention blindness at night can’t see in the dark because you need vitamin A for the eye so where do you get vitamin A mainly from egg yolks which is a healthy fat you get it from butter but the problem is sometimes when you’re trying to leverage and lose weight you want to keep your fats a little bit lower if your metabolism is lower so how are you going to do all this butter and egg yolks you know well you can have a small amount of egg yolk and look for foods that have the new have the higher concentration of vitamin A and that would be fish oils specifically cod liver oil cod liver oil because remember it’s in the liver right cod liver oil and liver itself if you want to eat some of it I can’t eat that cod liver oil is just loaded with vitamin A makes your skin really really nice so the point I’m trying to make is that we’re trying to be have a healthy diet not necessarily a balanced diet we’re being smart with our calories and our nutrients we want high density nutrient foods we don’t necessarily just want to eat constant butter because that might not be the concentrated version we need because we’re trying to lose weight as well so the point I’m trying to differentiate is that healthy diet doesn’t equal balanced diet but what I’m talking about is you can have a healthy diet with nutrient rich and leverage your hormones but you have to have all these factors in the eating plan and that’s exactly what we’ve created as we put together an eating plan that has the nutrition and it leverages the hormone so it’s very very intelligent and smart and strategic to help you maximize weight loss and not have your hair fall out all right so I hope that helped see in the next video

This Post Was All About Weight Loss is Not Natural.
Weight Loss is Not Natural

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Dr. Berg talks about the fundamentals of weight loss. Losing weight is not a natural process for the human body. For extreme weight loss, we should follow a weight loss diet which keeps the sugar low, eat frequently, MSG low. Stress should be avoided at all times.
Dr. Berg discusses about useful weight loss tips and the things to keep in mind while doing a weight loss workout. He also talks about different strategies on how to lose weight fast. But having said that, losing weight should always be done in a healthy manner and to stay fit and active.
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